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MLM Software

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a marbalous business development method to promote or sell products directly through "word of mouth marketing". This concept is developing with every passing day and the web based Multi Level Marketing software gets all credit.

Awapal Solutions MLM MAGIC is the best online MLM Software available to power up your network marketing company available 24x7 without any down time. Awapal Solutions offers fully integrated custom-made MLM Software solution that effectively and effortlessly manages all the operations including member administration, sales, inventory management, commissions, and income distribution etc of all sizes Multi Level Marketing companies.

Our expert development team with years of experience is highly skilled and fully packed with great expertise and provides high-end data security and able tackle most challenging issues.

Just everything, that's you need with MLM Software

With MLM MAGIC, you get everything you need to successfully operate your Multi Level Marketing business at a cost that even the most modest of start-ups can afford to pay for. More importantly, you will have the software in your hands that allows you to
start making money instantly.

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MLM Web Applications

Online MLM Software web application with income distribution.

MLM Mobile Applications icon
MLM Mobile Applications

engaging, responsive MLM applications that work on any device.

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MLM Add-ons

Built your business thought in custom MLM business as MLM Add-ons.

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Ecommerce Solution

expand your Ecommerce solution business with MLM integration.

MLM Software web application

Web base applications or software are ready to use anytime over the internet through web browser. The user need not to install them by CD's, download any kind of software, install anything to their hard drives, or worry about updates, so no installation or maintenance required, hence it is non memory consumable. No installation means no-virus. The most updates versions are readily available in web base applications.

Business management with MLM web base application is most efficient and effective in the modern world, where people value time as they do for money. You can maintain your clientele directly in the web portal. Our MLM website software base application is developed by focusing on providing the user with friendly interface. It is compatible with all types of web browsers. Web application centralize your data, thus can be used in different locations. This readily available information helps you to retain your existing clients and procure new clients with continuous interaction 24 X 7 hrs. It can be "Accessed Anybody Anywhere Anytime". MLM website software applications are the complete substitute of business. Web base data is highly secured, backed-up on daily basis, always auto updated on our exceedingly protected servers. If any changes are held in your terms and conditions of business or any information is to be spread to your customers, it is easily and moreover instantly communicated in web base application. It is the easiest way to save and share your information to the customers instantly. The experts believe that, web base application has delivered tangible business benefits. All your business information is stored on web, so don't worry if you spill your coffee on your computer/laptop. Just remember your URL, username and password.

"Web base applications are becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow".

There are no administrative rights of the company are required to use such as in desktop applications. If we use MLM network marketing software as a web application, it has got lot less bugs, due to the fact that it does not depend upon the environmental settings of the operating systems. The record of each and every transaction can be perfectly maintained with the transparency in MLM web base applications, monetary swindle have no place in this technology.

"MLM Mobile Applications – Android,
IOS & Windows phone"

Mobile Applications are mobile friendly applications specifically designed to run on our mobiles, they can be of any product. More and more of our tasks, are done on mobile phones, it is established as smarter way of business. According to the studies, Cell phones are most common electronic gadget across the globe. Earth is becoming a mobile planet from top to bottom people are unable to survive without mobile as their habits.

Today the common usage of mobile phone throughout enforced us to make MLM as a mobile application. We build mobile apps for different MLM network marketing software because we see future in this. These apps are made up in personalized fashion for regular basis. Mobile app is easy way to showcase your product to your customers with the shortest period of time. The reason behind this is no one walks without a mobile now a days, it is the most condiment and handy way to be in touch with your business.

MLM mobile app is a new companion in MLM business. Customers can view their incentives, payments, down lines, e-wallet statements and even register new members instantly anywhere anytime. MLM mobile app is a new mobile tool in the market to help you find prospective leads using your phone. Through mobile apps you can retain your each potential customers by prompt response though auto responder facility. You can also captures the lead pages and become highly targets to meet your own integrated deadlines.

"MLM add-ons"

We offer add-on options in MLM software. There are variety of options present, which multiply the benefits of software. To facilitate the e-commerce system in MLM business e-wallet system is of essence software makes this option available with this online transaction of funds is a possibility it is a secure virtual money storage option. These transactions are trustworthy with the e-pin system.

We offer MLM software with custom languages and multilingual support, to make the business easier use the software in your language.

Our MLM Software price is affordable and reliable support for online payment processing. We have experience in all payment gateway methods and offer a wide range of options to facilitate the global payment process for our customers.

For effective business promotion, self-replicated websites are important parameter, each member gets own website. CMS system add-on is offered to manage the content comfortably.

Support system is part of add-on features of MLM software to ease your communication with customers. It includes ticket and priority based query handling system.

"MLM E-commerce Integration"

E-commerce integration provides an opportunity to flourish your MLM business online. It is possible to sell MLM plan at online stores with this integration. It helps to heighten sales and capture prosperous benefits of the e-commerce industry.

Multiple currency payment gateway option for international MLM customers helps in spreading the business globally.

MLM business plan promotion and sharing is possible via e-commerce helping to attain remarkable results. E-commerce is the future of MLM industry with immense potential, it attracts people by providing several business benefits.

This integration is offered by Awapal Solutions in its hybrid MLM software and is available for all business plans. Product purchase, repurchase, registration, order, and delivery is possible for MLM business online with this integration. We also customize this integration in the software as per the client requirement.

MLM Benefits

User Friendly Interface

It is is designed in a way that it is quite user friendly. Anyone with the basic knowledge in IT can operate it. Quick links & tabs will help in making each information easily accessible.

Hosted on World Class Servers

Our World Class Servers is our supporting backbone, enabling us to provide you the most reliable and stable product.

High end Security

It is designed to operate at a high level of security to meet your needs. Don't worry about any important data being stolen. Only administrator has been allowed to authorize & unauthorized users. Passwords are also stored in encrypted formats.


It handles the growing amount of work and data in an institution. Our single distributed system brings standardization and easier maintenance. Also, its flexible design to new features/modules, thus ensuring easy scalability.

Everything in the Cloud

Our Software is accessible anywhere. Your data is safe from disasters and kept secure!

Choice of Servers

We works efficiently on all the servers and does not compile its users to switch to our hosted services so, you can use the server of your own choice and avail incredible results.

Centralized Management

A centralized database that is located, stored and maintained in a single location.

Multiple Branches

It brilliantly binds up all your branches , magnificently managing and interlinking them.

Unlimited Users

All our plans support unlimited users. This way your institution can continue to grows without rising subscription costs.

Individual logins

It helps you to maintain separate employee logins, moreover providing you an option to give your suggested program access.

Eco Friendly

It makes your institution eco friendly as all data and your reports are stored on the cloud, the use of paper and files are necessary only when needed.

Activity Monitoring

It has Advanced Activity Log with user names and IP based tracking.

Data migration tools

It consists, Custom Data import tools for easy migration from your existing software

Secure password management

Easy recovery of lost password or change your password anytime for complete security

Broad feature spectrum

It is a complete suite with diversified set of modules and each of the modules possess a broad spectrum framework.


Our highly experienced trainers provide Remote trainings, Webinars and On-site trainings.


Open and professional staff that is ready to help you. Team Awapal is there to offer support 24/7 to help.

Intuitive & Modular

It has an intuitive interface. Each working component of the system has placed modular so that related data and reports appear where they need to be.

Resources Optimization

It overcomes the complexity of the day-to-day operations and to manage its resources with optimal efficiency.

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