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Voice Over Systeam

First in class
Voice Over System

mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive Interface

mlm class security

Unbeatable best in class security

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Android and IOS Application

An Insight of MLM Software

Multi-Level Marketing, also referred as 'word of mouth' marketing, is a marvelous marketing strategy that promotes or sell products directly and helps in business development. This concept is developing with every passing day and the web based network marketing software gets all credit.

Awapal offers complete solution to people who are involved in network marketing business. Having many years of experience in this domain, we offers fully integrated custom-made software solution that effectively and effortlessly manages all the operations including member administration, sales, inventory management, commissions, and income distribution etc. of all sized that ranges from large scale enterprises to start-up entrepreneurs. Our company is blessed with knowledgeable team of professionals who understand the business requirements of their clients and reciprocates the plan before starting it. We are capable of handling and completing the undertaken tasks within the predefined time without compromising on high-end data and application security.

To help network marketing companies in smooth running of their business, we offer MLM software in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc. In fact, direct selling companies located in Punjab, Amritsar, Jharkhand, Ludhiana, Nasik, Patiala, Pune, Patna, Bareilly, Bathinda, Surat, Ambala, Durgapur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Lucknow, Hyderabad and various other major cities in India, can also enjoy benefits of multi-level marketing software services for their business.

Awapal Solutions Offerings: At A Glance

icon-bg mlm bots voice

Bots: Voice Over System

It offers better task management from two-way exchange and can perform multitasks at the same time. You do not have to write anything, just speak out and the system will recognize it automatically. The speedy and rapid responses is what making it a preferred choice as it saves time.

icon-bg web app mlm

Web Application

In sync with latest technological advancement, our modern web application allows different business systems and conventional desktop applications to be accessed from anywhere across the globe. This eliminates geographical barrier and helps in expending business.

icon-bg mobile app mlm

Mobile Application

Mobile has become the latest frontier and therefore scalable & latest mobile app services are booming in the market. It allows fast and easy access of any online platforms within few minutes. Small business to large enterprises can reduce their time to market product/service with cutting-edge mobile application services.

icon-bg mlm data migration

Data Migration

We assure our clients that their data will remain intact and it will not be lost during its migration from one system to another. Our team makes use of world-class practices and industry-proven methodologies, whether in the physical data center or in the Cloud to offer best data migration software.

icon-bg mlm consultancy


Having several years of experience, we provide unparalleled services and create plan as per client's requirement. Some of our offered services are cooperate legal advisory services, business model structuring services and many more.

Various Modules Offered at Awapal Solutions

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation:
Grow Your Organization with Marketing-Sales Partnership

  • With our SMS marketing and Email marketing software, you can target audiences worldwide and enhance your business growth.
  • In fact you will get attention from visitors to customers with our customized creative website. This will help to improve targets and ROI.
  • Empowered by technically-qualified professionals, we are an acclaimed entity and globally known to offer latest marketing automation facility. Using this, it will become easy for you to capture leads and manage them.
Sales Automation

Sales Automation:
Automate and Revolutionize the Sales Process

  • We guide our valued clients through the process of putting them at the center of their business.
  • By implementing sales automation, you can eliminate the manual and time-consuming tasks of companies.
  • We have a knowledgeable team of expert who understands your business needs. Our offered sales automation services will provide you in-depth information about customer's portfolio and product management.
Support System

Support System:
Delighting Customer with Excellent Communication

  • Live chat helps you to get instant response for your customers’ issue.
  • Our system help companies in achieving complete customer satisfaction, builds hierarchy that keeps a complete record of all members.
  • Those customers who wants frictionless operations, we provide chat bots facility. Due to rapid responses they feel happy & satisfied.
Analytics & Monitoring

Analytics & Monitoring:
Track Your Visitors for Better Understanding

  • Using our software, you can track your visitors easily and subsequently analyze their requirements.
  • Based on that, you can reach your target audiences and understand what they actually need.
  • With our services, you can easily generate historic and real-time reports in order to correlate and summarize specific trends and events.

Help Build Your Business & Increase Your Wealth

  • There are no doubts that accounting is one of the major key features of any business that keeps a track record of financial transactions related to your business.
  • Also if you are looking for security and ease of payment, we offer fully-featured digital wallet.

Protects Your System from Malicious & Spyware

  • We believe in providing powerful secured applications to the client and ensure that their business does not suffer problems in downtime and data theft.
  • Our 360º security for database, network, server and software ensure confidential information & data remains intact.

Different Integrations Offered By Us

We have a wide range of Integration options that can be incorporated with different MLM software.
Choose any of them and get it integrated into your chosen plan.

Benefits of Using Direct Selling Software Offered by Awapal Solutions

User Friendly interface

User Friendly

High End security

End Security

Centralized management


Eco friendly


Data migration Tool

Migration Tool

Easy interface


Efficient Account Management

Efficient Account

Restoration of Data

of Data

Activity Monitoring


Individual login




What Makes Us Different From other MLM
Software Development Companies?

There are umpteen multilevel marketing companies in the market. However, we still have been able to cater unique services to our clients. We offer MLM software in Ajmer, Kanpur, Alwar, Bahadurgarh, Bangalore, Barnala, Batala and other Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities across the country. We offer customized MLM software in India, UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, UAE and other countries all across the globe.

Check out below-mentioned features of our company that helped in gaining customer's trust and meeting their expectations.

  • 24*7 customer support for software
  • Highly professional, committed towards work
  • Reliable and easy to understand software service
  • In-depth experience of latest tools and technology
  • Customized MLM software services based on client needs
direct selling software

Technologies we use

With the advancement in technology, it is important to keep oneself updated. Awapal Solutions understand the needs of ever-changing mind of its clients. Therefore, develops MLM software using the cutting-edge technology such as:

  • Visual Studio

    Visual Studio 2017

  • SQL Sever

    SQL Sever

  • .NET 4.5

    .NET 4.5

  • HTML5


  • CSS3


  • Bootstrap


  • jQuery


  • Node.js


  • SQLite


  • Android 3.0

    Android 3.0

  • AngularJS 4.O

    AngularJS 4.O

MLM Software Features Offered at Awapal

We understands your requirements and accordingly provide you with custom-made MLM software to boost your business and help you motivate your customers. Following are mentioned some of the best-in-class features of the software:

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