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Meet Our Awapal Family!

Awapal Solutions – the name that believes in walk the talk — is really blessed to have an affable team of visionary dreamers, out of the box thinkers and enthusiastic doers who have ample experience in handling different clientele base with varying business requirements. Accountability, cooperation, sound knowledge, flexibility and reliability factor- we’ve everything that distinguishes us from the crowd. Every individual in our Awapal family is ambitious, conversant and strives collectively to build a better tomorrow you are dreaming of.

Awapal Managing Director, Founder – Business Analysis, Research & Development

Mr. Jasbir Singh Awapal– Managing Director Founder – Business Analysis, Research & Development

A self-described "man of few words," he has time and again proved that actions speak louder than words. Founder and one of the driving forces behind Awapal Solutions, he is a self-made successful entrepreneur with over 14 years of business and technology management practice. He is a constant seeker of new technologies for creating new business opportunities. Nonetheless, he is an aggressive problem solver with an undying passion for delivering exceptional client experiences.

Primarily focused on potential markets, business development and building future road-map, he focuses on leading the company's transformational growth and strategic initiatives. Mr. Jasbir is dedicated towards the best of Awapal Solutions and his customers to scale quickly, to excel operationally and to increase the bottom line. He outlook is great and optimistic one and wants to help change how the business world operates. He is a true inspiration and a guiding force for Awapal Solutions business success, planned investments and impending expansion plans.

Awapal Director Co-Founder – Architecture, Implementation, Resource Planning

Mr. Gagandeep Singh Togar – Director Co-Founder – Architecture, Implementation, Resource Planning

With over 12 years of experience, his prior experience includes serving at top management positions in both public and private companies. As Awapal's Operations Director, he is solely responsible for managing and executing the new projects of the company along with serving as the primary contact throughout the entire implementation process. By developing a comprehensive implementation design and strict timeline, he ensures that all the customer's requirements are met and provides suggestions as and when needed. Gagan has an exceptional track record in the management of a number of obscure software development projects.

His commitment to achieving precision and following management principles has made him strategically plan and manage new opportunities. He single-handedly supports clients nationally, internationally and even those in cross-functional businesses.

Awapal Director, Co – Founder – Branding, Marketing and Research

Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur Awapal – Director Co – Founder – Branding, Marketing and Research

With over 14 years of experience, passion and creativity for developing and enhancing brands. She primarily focuses at improving marketing performance for driving revenue growth of the company. Mrs. Paramjeet is responsible for the management of strategic marketing initiatives including branding, reputation, digital marketing and overall digital domination! She leads every aspect of the company’s global go-to-market strategy, demand generation and branding initiatives.

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