Product Engineering Services

Since 2012, AWAPAL has been building impactful Customized Software Solutions for SMEs, Business Enterprises, Start-ups. Our unique expertise, ideas and implementation into a successful business make us different. Drive innovation in your business with our Product Engineering.

At Awapal Solutions, we cherish innovative ideas that influence the market trends and set new benchmarks for our competitors. We provide custom product engineering services that are budgeted and standardized to industry-specific demands.

How Awapal Helps to Build Customized Products

production modernization

Product Modernization

At Awapal, we have a team of experts who are specialized in product development. They transform your idea of a speculative product into a reality.


QA & Product Testing

For the betterment of product quality and reducing time to market, we also have a product testing team. Our QA specialists ensure no bugs and product UX enhancements.

end to end product developemtn

End-to-End Product Development

As responsible product developers and industry specialists, we care everything about your product engineering. Likewise, we ensure a range of services such as security architecture, cloud service, etc.

product maintenance

Product Maintenance

Before delivering to you the product is fine-tuned for maintenance and bug fixation. The product is also ensured for a smooth migration to other platforms at minimal costs.

How Does Awapal Approach Each Projects

Awapal has a specific pattern for achieving its project goals in a stipulated time. In fact, using these measures we prosper in the project at a faster rate without compromising on the quality. Following are the steps that we adhere to while product developing:

Project Analysis

In the beginning, we analyze the project by defining its business objectives and goals.

Designing Visionary Solutions

Our custom product engineering designs are in accordance with the product vision and business needs.

Software Development

We build UX and software applications that are based on design principles as provided.

Ensure Software Quality

Our quality control product management team ensures the stability and quality of your software.

Software Product Deployment

We serve our clients with a stable and successful solution without compromising their potential losses.

Maintenance & Enhancement of Product

Our product development engineers utilize user feedback and data analytics to improve product functionality.

Our full-cycle team consists of :

Project Manager

Project Manager

We have project managers who look after project constraints, increase communication, and improves effectiveness.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Our business analyst team share conventional wisdom on strategic technology consulting for seamless project execution.

Ui Designer

UI/UX Designer

Our UI/UX designers use modern product engineering technology to create innovative user interface designs and functions.

Backend Developer

Backend Developer

Our backend developers build a strong and secure structure of customized software applications.

Frontend Developer

Frontend Developer

Our software performs with apt functionalities across devices & browsers as designed by our front-end developers.

Qa Engineer

QA Engineer

We develop a bug-free solution because our QA engineers verify the software by multiple quality assurance processes.

Product Manager for Your Product

Our product manager makes us the best software engineering company. We work on agile development practices, with vast experience in product engineering. Moreover, we leverage our designs with excellent architectures that are industry-specific and conventional.

Here’s what our product manager do to shape your product:

Defining Business Mission and Vision

Envisaging Product

Product Manager

Prototype Designing and Development

Preparing MVP by Feedback Management

Why Choose Awapal for Product Development

Awapal is a reputed product development company, delivering top-tier utilities to its clients. We develop customized software solutions for website and mobile that works across devices without bugs. As a token of reference, below mentioned are some reasons why clients choose us:


Personalized products

Our products are well-personalized, designed, and coded in accordance with the client’s business requirements. Hence, customized technical products have become our main USP.


High-Quality Products

Our qualified team of professionals builds a solution software that has high-grade functions and UI/UX designs. That is why we never face quality maintenance issues.


Seamless Working

We ensure that we provide our clients with high-industry standards of business continuity. Henceforth, our clients never worry about our business continuity.


Cost Efficiency

Our product engineering methods help us achieve our main objective, ie. Delivering a product of the highest quality at a minimal cost. Our product support and maintenance model enhances our cost-efficiency.



At Awapal our product manufacturing engineering is so fine that the products are highly scalable and reliable. Moreover, with your business success rate, you can calculate our offerings.


Smooth Delivery

Our professional products are smooth and continuous for seamless delivery of data across platforms. Furthermore, we ensure that all the support processes are delivered smoothly as required.

Create an Impactful Product with our End-to-end Product Engineering Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find a product engineering service company?

    Awapal is the best software engineering company, as we develop a product that has industry-standard technology. Moreover, comprehensive research is included, by way of word-of-mouth advice and online research. While analyzing online about the companies you must check out their case studies and their online ratings.

  • What is a dedicated product engineering team structure?

    A dedicated product engineering team structure includes Project Manager, Business Analyst, UI/UX designer, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, QA Engineer. These teams can be structured in accordance to project requirements.

  • What if I hire Awapal as a product engineer, how will you offer the security for my project?

    At Awapal, we have a workflow for every phase of the project, so before taking up the project from you, we will duly sign an NDA with you. Moreover, we adhere to our promises.

  • Is the product engineering service stage different from custom development?

    No, both the services have the same stages, but their approach to building software is different. Hence, product engineers have a strong impetus for UX and product planning.