Customize IoT Development Services

Customize IoT Development Services

Get your enterprise ready, market-oriented internet of things based software and web portal built by our top-level expert developers. Furthermore, using our IoT integration techniques you can convert your end product into a digital product and amplify your business. Get your IoT development from Awapal to include your software with high quality sensors for responsive apps and real-time data enhancements.

We offer an extensive range of IoT software development services that help in building simple and practical web and mobile applications. Our IoT software is architectured using middleware engineering and IoT pipeline technologies that enable a connected experience.

Our experienced developers design a customizable IoT application that is integrated with advanced algorithms for better business performance. Moreover, our full-stack IoT application development company builds custom applications as per the client’s requirements. As IoT development is our essential development part we use high-security features to keep our software and applications safe from viruses and prevent a data breach.

Our IoT Development Services

Our unique internet of things development services is of a unique kind as it helps users to get a host of the following services:

Iot Hardware Design

IoT Hardware Design

Before the initiation of the full-stack development process of smart IoT devices, our experts design a look-a-like prototype of the project. Moreover, our prototypes are designed with the utilization of all modern functionalities.

Iot Firmware

IoT Firmware Integration

Our expert software developers integrate applications and firmware such as microcontrollers, processors, sensors, and gateways into IoT devices. This helps in the efficient automatic workflow of your developed application.

Iot Mobile App

IoT in Mobile App Development

We construct native mobile applications that are integrated with IoT technology to facilitate cross-platform features. This helps the users to access captured data instantly anywhere and use the IoT solutions as a remote control.

Iot Dashboard

IoT Dashboards

Our professionally designed IoT development solutions analyze sensor data through business intelligence tools. Moreover, we manage IoT integrated systems anywhere and display them via responsive dashboards.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing

We accelerate our workflow with edge computing features based on internet of things integration. Moreover, the discontinuation of traditional cloud computing has leveraged us to ensure low latency rates and fasten the data offloading time.

Custom IoT Development

Custom IoT Development

Our customizable IoT products consist of the latest and modern features that are constructed efficiently. Hence, our IoT devices are ensured to support the hardware functionality seamlessly on any platform.

Outsourcing IoT Development Services Use-case

We use technology with its full potential to deliver our services to various ends. This ultimately benefits our clients in their business upliftment and society in general. Therefore, the following use cases are important to understand:



With our IoT development services company you can gain the knowledge of real-time fleet management and allow better transportation facilities. Get optimized routes, security and on-time monitoring of your logistics.

healthcare iot solutions

Healthcare IoT Solutions

We develop IoT applications for the healthcare industry allowing them to monitor services from anywhere, and deliver better patient results. Report & monitor services, analyse data and track & get alert.

Smart Home & Workplace

Smart Home & Workplace

Enhance the beauty and intelligence of your homes by using our IoT enabled applications made for your smart homes & workplaces. Leverage home automation by controlling, managing and monitoring home appliances.



In retail services the use of IoT development has boomed exponentially by analyzing customer behavior, and providing better in-store services. The retail IoT services help improve the customer experience, and allow inventory management.



Our IoT application development services facilitate high production flow, enable automatic monitoring and managing warehouse and inventories. Users can leverage package optimization, quality control and production flow.



The usage of IoT enabled services in the agricultural sector can help in monitoring crop production and getting real-time field conditions. Whereas monitoring climatic conditions and automated greenhouse can be leveraged.

Our Approach to Internet of Things App Development

We are a top-notch IoT software development company, as we build software based on high use of coded algorithms. Moreover, we hire experienced developers who are capable of developing responsive software inclusive of modern features. Therefore, we satisfy our client’s requirements and needs by fixing our software with IoT sensors for real-time automation.

You can hire IoT developers to get your responsive software developed with high technical sensors. Therefore, our full stack IoT software developers create market specific utilities based on the latest and modern technologies you work with. Get your software IoT development within a specific timeframe and with cost-cutting specifications. The following process is necessary to understand how IoT software is developed by top tier software developers:

Understanding Requirements

Understanding Requirements

Initially we construct a mutual understanding with you by learning your requirements by listening to your hypothetical product ideas.

Research and Development

Research and Development

After understanding your requirements, our team will conduct a research process and will instruct you on the features that can be included.

Wireframing Product

Wireframing Product

Our expert developers will then create a prototype of your product consisting of all the technicalities and functionalities

IoT App Development

IoT App Development

After your approval for the feature implementation, we will create a full-fledged working application or software or website.

QA Testing

QA Testing

After the proper development of your application, our quality assurance team will check your product on several verticals for bugs.

Product Deployment

Product Deployment

At the end, when we certify your product to be fully functional and bug free, we will deliver your product.

Sensors Used

Within an IoT application, there is a high use of sensors that are used for automation and real-time service enhancement. Therefore, the following sensors are included in your development platform :

Proximity & presence


Humidity & moisture

Water quality

Smoke detection

Motion & velocity

Chemical & gas

Infrared radiation

Acoustic, sound and vibration

Force, load and pressure

Electric and magnetic

Light (LDR), machine vision

Technologies Used for Machine Learning & AI Software Development

Our highly competent technology solutions are comprised of programming languages used for your AI/ML development. The following technologies are used for the creation of your software integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android Tv
    Android TV
  • Sqlite
  • Realm
  • Android Studio
    Android Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

Our IoT developers use the most latest market oriented development platforms, to give you a wonderful experience on working on your software. The following platforms are:

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AWS IoT Core
  • Google Cloud IoT
  • ThingWorx

Just like most IoT product development companies, we are also composed of the following four extensive components:

  • Sensors
  • Connectivity
  • Data processing
  • User interface

Whereas some other use-case may be engraved with other components like: But we use the basic four components until there is a requirement of other components for your IoT software development.

  • Security
  • Technology
  • Governance standards and more.

But we use the basic four components until there is a requirement of other components for your IoT software development.

Generally, devices are connected via IP network used for internet connection, but locally NFC and Bluetooth are standard connection protocols. But the major protocols used for establishing connection within IoT development are as follows:

  • BLE, Bluetooth
  • Cellular Networks (G, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G)
  • Mesh protocols
  • WiFi
  • RFID
Your IoT application development project is of utmost importance for us, as a client you hold our priority concern. Thus before initiating your project development process, we duly sign an NDA which is a Non-Disclosure Agreement that will ensure your software development project safety. We define the terms and conditions on which we will ensure your project safety and if we break the NDA, we will be responsible for the concerned consequences. But still, your project won't be at stake.