Build Online Wallet

Get a tailor-made safe and secure platform to enable fast online transactions with peer networks. We provide a fully protected digital wallet app development service for Android, iPhone, Websites, and more. We focus on making everyone financially strong, therefore, we make an e-wallet solution that enhances your enterprise-market value.

cashless society

Build a cashless society

We develop solutions that will help you in storing and transacting money.

become a fintech leader

Become a FinTech leader

Choose for our services to become the sole FinTech digital wallet service provider.

Accelerate Digitization

Accelerate Digitization

Stand out from the crowd by providing 24*7 scalable and secure digital payment solutions.

Mobile Wallet App Upgrade

We deliver digital wallet software, with regular upgrades for fast, secure, and smooth transactions. At Awapal solutions, we foster e-wallet app development services for our clients to make them grow in the digital sphere.

We infuse the latest and modern technology such as various payment gateways, biometric security, high transfer limits, history sheets, etc. With the upcoming of new technologies and renewed mobile OS, we upgrade your digital wallet development with new features and functions.

mobile wallet

Wallet Usability

Digital wallets allow anyone to pay online without a ledger. Simply store money in your digital wallet in instalments. Advanced digital wallet instalments are accepted by online merchants and service providers, e-retailers, and for other services like mobile bill instalments, cab management, etc.

withdraw money

Withdraw Money

postpaid mobile bills

Postpaid Mobile Bills

merchant solution

Merchant Solution

dashboard analytics

Dashboard Analytics

utility payment bills

Utility Payment Bills



rewrds offer

Rewards & Offer

accept payments

Accept Payments

Types of Wallet Solutions

Leverage your digital wallet development with unique solutions that are inclusive of strong codes, and exceptionally creative designs. Therefore, we create the following e-wallets that are inclusive of the latest and modern features:

closed wallet

Closed Wallet

Our strongly-coded digital wallets offer contactless payment between a POS device and an NFC-enabled smartphone.


Semi-Closed Wallet

Get your semi-closed wallet developed by our expert developers for enabling peer-to-peer transactions without opening the app.

open wallet

Open Wallet

We also develop open wallets to allow you to buy goods and services, withdraw cash from ATMs, and transfer funds.

Key Features of Awapal Digital Wallet Development

With every unique development, we include its unique features that make us stand out from the rest. Therefore, we are a top-level mobile wallet development company, and the following features are included:

2 factor authentication

2-Factor authentication

We maintain the top-notch security of your customer’s account by integrating apps with two-factor authentication.

qr code

QR code scanner

For enabling seamless and single-click transactions, we coded your e-wallet with a QR code scanner.

push notifications

Push notifications

Our online wallets are enabled with push notifications so that users never miss out latest cryptocurrency updates.

transaction history

Transaction history

Know your transaction history from the log sheet as maintained in the application, and keep the log secured by biometrics.

beacon technology integration

Beacon technology integration

Set up in-store beacon notifications to integrate beacon technology in the form of lock-screen notifications.

create profile

Create profile

Set up in-store beacon notifications to integrate beacon technology in the form of lock-screen notifications.



Put restrictions to your offering to your customers by using extensive restrictions, limit offers such as one offer per user.

effortless onboarding

Effortless onboarding

Allow users to initiate their services effortlessly, just by sharing their details with KYC documents to be verified by admins.

flexible commission

Flexible commission

Our mobile finance solution enables you to set flexible commission rates along with easy management of your merchant fees.

Ideal Process of Mobile Wallet App Development

Awapal is the best digital wallet development company that offers unique and custom software designs and functionalities. Our tailored solution for ready-made e-wallet development enhances your business growth:

Benefits of Awapal Digital Wallet Development

Digital wallets are exceptionally the most preferred service in our diaspora. Therefore, integrating the e-wallets with basic functionality would enhance the future growth of your business. Hence, you enjoy the following benefits:



We deliver ready-made software with add-on options for customized features.



Attain scalability and pay-off with our digital wallet cloud-ready applications.



Compose business rules, features, and services in accordance with your business requirements.

cost effective


Reduce your development costs with our centralized, streamlined, and automated processes.

multi channel

Multi-Channel Access

Access your applications over multiple devices such as Android, iOS, browser, etc.



Accomplish higher marketing strategies with our ready-made e-wallet solution.

Tools & Technology Used in Mobile Wallet App Development

We create mobile wallet apps that are designed with creative architecture and unique features that are latest and modern. Take advantage of the following technologies and get us on board with your project:

  • java
  • kotlin
  • android tv
    Android TV
  • sqlite tech
  • realm tech
  • android studio
    Android Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous benefits of digital wallets for your business, these are as given below:

  • Ease of bookkeeping process
  • Improved user experience
  • Understand the behavior and spending capacity of the user
  • Integrative loyalty programs

Till now, there are no fixed amounts, but the price of full-fledged development depends on the integrated features, wallet apps, time taken for development, and more. Whereas, ready-made software may cost less than building wallets from scratch.

Of course, we design and construct a rigid and scalable app back-end with tailormade API, helping you to manage the app process and data control access with ease.
To build a digital wallet development platform you need to bring forth your initial unique idea to our expert team. Your shared idea will then be visualized and wireframe with inclusive working features.