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eCommerce Marketplace Development Services

Accelerate your brand reputation online with our eCommerce marketplace development and gain potential website traffic and buyers to generate global market reach. Get your eCommerce marketplace website and mobile application developed with the latest technologies and modern features by our expert developers.

Why should I need a Multi-Vendor Marketplace?

As per Gartner reports, Retailers, Manufacturers and Brands owning 1st & 3rd eCommerce marketplaces are following an important and successful digital strategy for their growth. Currently, due to sudden pandemic-driven inconsistencies, eCommerce marketplace growth has boomed up making customers lure for more varied products and services. Startle customers by developing your eCommerce marketplace platform through Awapal. Expand your product range with us, compile other brand’s products and services within your eCommerce platform. Moreover, cut short your CAC and IT spending costs by adapting our marketplace approaches


Start with Website Customization

Website customization is a preferred service by Awapal, as clients can benefit from on-time eCommerce portal development with personalized features. Moreover, our eCommerce website customization service is unique as it is inherited with the following features :

  • Attach high-quality images on your website
  • Upload appropriate and unique content
  • Integrate software with payment gateways
  • Remove videos and popups
  • Mobile responsive custom website with professional look and feel
  • Web Compatibility with high-speed web pages
  • Identify your selling product with its attributes
  • Scalable eCommerce platform with clear, user-friendly navigation & newly added features
  • Optimize your website according to Google search engine with code and layout
ecommerce consultancy


As a top-level eCommerce development company, we offer an accurate knowledge base to grow your product market value.

web solutions

Web Solutions

We develop a B2B website as per our client’s requirement, inherited with the latest and modern features and technologies.

mobile app

Mobile App

Get your iOS & Android mobile app developed using Native, Xamarin, Flutter platforms for fulfilling your all business needs.

ecommerce upgrade and migration

Upgrade & Migration

Our eCommerce web development solutions provide verification and backup of your data for seamless upgradation or migration.

ecommerce integration solutions

Integration Solutions

Get custom eCommerce development integrated with REST or SOAP API frameworks for seamless integration with third-party software applications.

ecommerce custom theme design

Custom Theme Design

We house a team of UI UX designers who are specialized in making customizable unique themes for your website.

B2B Marketplace Business Segmentation

Get Awapal business consultancy to assist you with the growth of your B2B online marketplace globally. We help our clients to filter out business development opportunities and estimate target groups for achieving specific marketing objectives. You can improve marketing efforts, meet requirements for web traffic and get product offers.

Online Stores

Get your custom eCommerce online marketplace at a reasonable price to allow users to buy and sell their brand-specific products.


Tailor-made marketplace to connect buyers and sellers on a single platform with full authentication and security for safer transactions.

business segments

B2B Portal

We design your B2B eCommerce site to help you manage generation lead forms, handle automatic lead forwarded to vendors etc.


Constitute retail dropshipping from your eCommerce marketplace to sell your products from any store to customers using our automated features.

eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Enterprise Use-case

Awapal top-notch eCommerce marketplace platform drives success to major industries by extending their public traffic on websites. Moreover, our eCommerce service operates in the B2B market areas.

restaurants and takeways whtie Restaurants & Takeaways

Utilize our eCommerce platform development service for starting your own restaurant service that will enable end-to-end automation with customers and delivery agents. Add unique sections to provide offers and discounts and add complementary and essential services within the platform.

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • GoDaddy
  • Wix

Online Grocery Store

Transform your general store to an online grocery store in a lesser time by buying our extensive ready to use eCommerce marketplace at a reasonable price. Add products with particular discounts and attributes and get product queries and customer reviews and feedback on time.

  • Compare a single product from a variety of brands
  • Instant payment transactions
  • The simple and ultimate shopping experience
  • Avoid huge queues in front of your store

Fashion & Clothing

Get a customized eCommerce platform for fashion items and clothes structured into numerous categories for both men and women. Add numerous brands, items, item codes, attributes, discounts and offers within your eCommerce marketplace store. Our developed eCommerce marketplaces show order summaries, cancellation summary and more.

  • Hassle-free order placement
  • Easy price comparison mechanism
  • Users can manage their accounts anonymously
  • Highly secure payment and card details storing facility

Online Booking Solution

Lead digital platform by the development of an online marketing place for online booking solutions. Gather customers to book and pay through your website and other channels. We provide the best tools to run and expand your business, quality support from our 24hours product support team.

  • Get 24 hours customer queries
  • Increase the amount of booking
  • Generate faster payment
  • Sell services effortlessly

Real Estate

Get real-estate platform development service from Awapal, to allow easy integration of services by selling and renting houses. Your open-source marketplace enables your users to put up their selling and renting cards within the software. Get additional features attached within your platform for contacting owners and buyers on time.

  • Get simplified and customized search results
  • Safe and secure application
  • On-time contact mechanism
  • Customer-to-customer real-time queries management


revenue. Add gadgets and digital items to your eCommerce marketplace with automated selling procedures. You can manage your customer data and initiate safe and secure payments from your developed platform.

  • Add best costs, offers and discounts
  • Convenient features
  • Add a variety of electronic products
  • Hassle-free shopping experience

Ready to use eCommerce Platforms Creating from the Scratch

Lure customers with white-label ready to use eCommerce websites with attractive interfaces and modern features. Our custom eCommerce platform has the following advanced features that help the audience to use your software with ease:


Seller-Self Registration

Our eCommerce platform is integrated with self-registration features to enable your audience to make their unique IDs with custom and strong passwords.


Approval Workflow

Using our eCommerce platform you can perform actions to allow tasks to manually manage and process data further.


Admin Dashboard

We create a unique admin dashboard with an intuitive UI and appropriate shortcuts for server information, review updates and more.


Vendor Management by Admin

Our multi-vendor management system allows admin to add, access & manage vendor details for the promotion of services.


Commission Set Up

Our eCommerce marketplace solutions allow admins to set up commissions to entice peer members to influence the market.


Order and Shipping Management by Vendor

Admins can view real-time order and shipping details filled by Vendors and track customer orders using our online marketplace.


Sales Ledger

Maintain a sales ledger from our online eCommerce marketplace that helps to record payment of product and service received.


Support for Flexible Payments

Our best eCommerce marketplaces allow administrators to get support for flexible payments and receive timely updates.

Features of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

Boost your sales on your eCommerce marketplace website development through personalized features to allow users to easily make purchase and sale queries. Our eCommerce marketplace consists of the following modern features :

fatest transaction time

Fatest Transaction Time



integrted marketing

Integrated Marketing

cloud enabled


automatic backup

Automatic Backup and Restore

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

inbuilt offer discount

Inbuilt Offer Discount

multi channel

Multi-Channel Functionality

ecommerce security



Reporting and Analytics

seo friendly

SEO Friendly

order management

Order Management

prodcuct management

Product Management

social media support

Social Media Support

global language

Global Language & Currency Support

An Outlook of the Multi Vendor eCommerce Business Model

An integrated e-commerce platform enables your business to track sales from anywhere and also operate them. It is the collaboration between a business e-commerce platform and its back-end systems, like a CRM or ERP system.

vendor image

Advantage of Ecommerce Web & Apps Marketplace Development

expert design

Expert Design

Design an eCommerce marketplace that suits your business requirements, and take advantage of interactive user interfaces that drive simplicity.

streamlined customization

Streamlined Customization

Customizable eCommerce websites that change your customer shopping experience by optimizable features to enable flawless work and cross-platform operability.

seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Get a highly secure eCommerce website, to benefit from additional tools that allow ease of marketing, sales, and customer service.

cross device

Cross-device eCommerce Integration

Your eCommerce marketplace allows shopping from websites & mobile phones and users can get real-time notification access at any device.

data accuracy

Data Accuracy

We house a team of expert developers who can develop your eCommerce platform with smart codes that present accurate data.



Our eCommerce marketplaces are designed in accordance with modern market requirements therefore, our platforms are flexible and expandable.

data security

Data Security

We use modern technologies and smart code algorithms to secure data and user’s privacy and prevent hacks and frauds.

ai solutions for ecommerce

AI Solutions for eCommerce

Get AI integration within your eCommerce platform for a better customer shopping experience and viewing your product in a 3D view.

Frequently Asked Questions

Awapal is the biggest eCommerce marketplaces development company globally that allows you to integrate your eCommerce software with multiple features. We use the latest technologies to automate your product development process online and configure bugs. Furthermore, our QA team re-test the end product on several platforms for removing bugs and checking the quality of responsive functions.

Of course, our largest eCommerce marketplaces development company make mobile-friendly eCommerce products. Our developers use smart codes that enable your eCommerce marketplace on smartphones, with functions that work the same on both platforms.

Being the top online marketplaces development company we provide an SEO package to help you market your eCommerce marketplace successfully. Get our digital marketing package to grow the digital outreach of your eCommerce business. Moreover, our marketing place online SMO helps you to generate a genuine audience using various platforms.

As an online marketplace company, Awapal dedicated developers hold years of experience in the development of your eCommerce online store. Because of which you can add 3rd party extensions and still the website won’t be damaged. Therefore, our capabilities are more upright to help you to get the hassle-free services and best from us.

A multi-vendor marketplace and a regular eCommerce marketplace are two different things, they have separate features, practices and business prospects. Understand them here:

  • In a Multi-vendor marketplace, vendors can sell their products and services on your admin’s platform. Whereas, in an eCommerce store, only business owners can sell their products.
  • An eCommerce marketplace consists of a range of products, high traffic, & a huge number of shoppers, whereby an eCommerce business take time to scale up due to limited inventory and audience.
  • From a marketplace, users can generate trust because of high-quality vendor listings, moreover, using an eCommerce, customer’s trust has to be constructed from scratch.
  • Within a marketplace, the vendor has to look out for order flow, inventory management, payments, logistics and more, but in an eCommerce store, the owner takes the complete charge to constitute the work.
  • Marketplaces can offer fixed sales, auction or mixed sales, whereas regular eCommerce works on fixed sales.

Our highly skilled professionals can develop the following marketplaces:

  • Vertical Marketplace
    A Vertical marketplace is created for a specific industry or a niche market. Here the admin will advertise its business on specific websites, online forums, etc. And make the ads reach a specific and right audience.
  • Horizontal Marketplace
    It is a B2B or B2C marketplace that sells multiple products and services. Admins could list products or services from a range of business options as offered by different sellers. It is known to be the most famous marketplace and attracts a wide range of audiences.
  • Service Aggregation Marketplace
    A Service Aggregation Marketplace invites vendors to list their services on your platform. This is also known as a network model that stores several unorganized service providers in one place. Using the SAM vendors can sell their services under the multi-vendor marketplace brand name.

One thing that you must know - Awapal is a top-notch eCommerce Marketplace development company. So, you are making the right choice, subscribe to our services now! Don’t worry, you will be getting the following benefits within your eCommerce marketplace:

  • A wide range of choices that you can offer to your customers and hence generate more traffic.
  • Generate more revenue for your business by incorporating high-quality vendors.
  • Do away with the tension of logistics management, inventory management, product inflow management and more.
  • Enjoy lower capital risks as costs will be covered under vendor commissions.
  • Scale your business anytime.

Driving to the market needs is your responsibility and you need to ensure that your business achieves the highest goal within the speculated time. You need to do effective marketing strategies or either collaborate with vendors or run discounts and offers or promote deals and announce free shipping to attract customers.

If you need the best marketing strategies for your boosting your eCommerce business you can always opt for the following strategies:

  • Lure your existing relationships through personal messages and freemium services
  • Bring out user-generated engagement through selfie contests, testimonials and more.
  • Execute inbound marketing tactics like storytelling, coaching or educating the audience on your business-related topics.
  • Find influencers and promote them to gather traffic.
  • Build your network on social media and online forums.
  • Network on popular online forums
  • Transact your business mission, vision and goal on social media platforms.