Our Major Blockchain Technology Offerings

Awapal Solution is an enterprise blockchain development services company. We have the potential to develop blockchain software technology & provide blockchain consulting services to leverage your business with prevalent Digital Information.

Nowadays developing blockchain is a highly preferred service among many companies that are racing up in the market. Blockchain technology is the most promising technology to facilitate data transfers in the most secure and transparent manner. A number of industries follow a proficient, democratic, and decentralized system for recording and transferring data.

Blockchain Applicability

Blockchain Applicability in Organization

Blockchain development has enormous potential for application in the business environment. Many businesses are enjoying the benefits of adopting blockchain technology including secure processes and cost-effectiveness.

With the major applicability of blockchain systems, also comes a wide range of features such as business order tracking, banking & finance, supply chain, e-learning, online shopping portals, healthcare, and so on.

To survive in this fiercely competitive era, adopting blockchain technology is crucial. Most businesses are adopting it. Various companies are now racing up and considering it as an important set by significantly improving their performance.

Blockchain : Future Prospects

Blockchain technology is undoubtedly a genius invention, it is natured as a decentralized database that is associated by millions of servers at the same time. However, the data is accessible to anyone over the internet but there are no chances for a hacker to disrupt the system.

As a future prospect, blockchain development is a crucial part of IT because it has the potential to change the way we treat online interactions. Awapal Solution is fully set up to develop your Blockchain and ICO requirements with its years of experience. Our advanced technology is based on cryptography techniques that can make your blockchain experience more secure and reliable.

Blockchain Future Prospectus

Why Blockchain For Business?




The distributed ledger under a decentralized blockchain system allows a shared system of records among businesses network members. Hence, there is no need to reconcile different ledgers.



Under a decentralized blockchain system, network members can have the privilege to access and the information shared with them is on a need-to-know basis. The permissions are restricted to the associated network members.



To amend any part of the decentralized blockchain technology, a consensus is required from the members of the network. These transactions are permanent records, hence even system administrators cannot change these transactions.


Cost Reduction

Blockchain development reduces the operating cost by one-third in the banking payments system and other financial services. As a result, the cost optimization feature will enhance profits.

Various Branches of Blockchain

  • stratis


  • stellar


  • ethereum


  • hyperledger


  • multichain


Programming Languages

  • Go


  • Rust


  • Python


  • Scala


  • Java


  • Haskell


  • Stratis


  • Stellar


  • Ethereum


  • Hyperledger


  • Multichain


  • Azure


How does Blockchain App Development help?

value creation

Value Creation

Modern enterprises are value-driven in nature so they focus on refurbishing processes and opportunities. That’s why custom blockchain development services create optimized business models.

efficient ecosystem

Efficient Ecosystem

Customized blockchain technology streamlines business processes and transactions with partners, contractors, suppliers, and predominantly with customers.

risk management

Risk Management

Due to the distributed, permission-oriented, and non-corruptible enterprise blockchain technology, the risks of transactional deformities are decreased.

end to end blockchain platform

End of End Blockchain Platform

We will value add your network through a highly secure BAF platform, consisting of Hyperledger Composer and Hyperledger Fabric. Furthermore, these techniques allow to industry to move with high competition.

ease of operation

Ease of Operation

The Hyperledger network reduces the development time of blockchain and advances the administrative tools that support critical assignments. Moreover, these tools are backup by 99% uptime operational technology.



Awapal security solutions offer defense-grade protection facilities against malware and inside attackers. However, these security features won’t affect the mainframe, data, and performance of your blockchain app.

Hire Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Developers

We are a top-tier customized blockchain development company, so we employ skilled professionals to resolve your prevalent business problems. Our team develops industry-specific solutions like healthcare, supply chain, and food industry among others.

Cryptocurrency Developers

Our cryptocurrency developers minimized the cost of cryptocurrency development by generating unique digital assets. They are specialized workers on Litecoin Fork, Monero Fork, Ethereum Platform, and Security Token Developments (STOs).

Cryptocurrency Exchange Developers

Our cryptocurrency exchange developers prefer to manage precisely the security of the exchange that supports both utility coins and security tokens. These security architects have experience from various companies in protecting their servers and exchanges.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Developers

Our cryptocurrency wallet developers use industry-based elliptic curve cryptography and blockchain wallet creation features. Our experts create safe Multi-currency, and Multi-signature custodial wallets to hold utility coins and security tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain app development can be applied as a business solution in the given ways:

  • Use of smart contracts for business
  • Cloud storage system
  • Blockchain for supply-chain communications & Proof-of-Provenance
  • Secure crypto payments
  • Electronic voting mechanism

At Awapal, we have a team of professionals who work on an Agile methodology, rather than on waterfall and lean concepts for enterprise blockchain software development. Moreover, for better production value we use DevOps technology.

The best blockchain development company in India hires professionals and the following qualities are included:

  • 10 years of experience in the industry
  • Developed more than 100 applications
  • Team constituting of 20+ blockchain experts
  • National and international elite, MSME, and startup clients
  • A transparent system of the selection process

We are a top-notch blockchain development company in India, and also in International markets. Therefore, we duly sign an NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement before taking up your project. We respect our client’s idea privacy, that’s why we take full responsibility of your project even if any vulnerability incurred.

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