Mobile App Development Service We Offer

With our team of experienced mobile app developers and designers, we prosper the industry with ease. Application development for numerous elite clients and startups has been our backbone since its inception. We focus on workflow maintenance and functional integration to provide flawless organization productivity. Our team of top app developers comprises UI/UX designers, full-stack developers, and quality assurance managers. Our customized applications deliver high-end designs that can boost business to another level.

Skilled In-House Developers

Our custom mobile application development team responds quickly to clients at every stage of app development. By this pattern, we ensure the client must feel engaged and know the whereabouts of their project. This cross-connection with client engagement helps in designing the required specific applications.

User Interface

We are as simple as our user interface! With this feeling in mind, our mobile app developers design an user interface that is easy to understand and interactive. As per the modern application designing trend, customers won’t indulge in complexity. This is why our mobile applications attract more customers than anyone for you.

Mobile App Strategy

With our years of experience and having worked on numerous projects, we are able to prism your ideas to reality in simpler applications. Our mobile app development team spends considerable time in research and planning because they know every project is different and needs special attention.

User Experience Design

We enforce modern techniques to tackle traditional problems, which means we are always a step ahead of your competitors. Our hybrid app designers and prototype engineers always think out of the box and suggest creative ideas. Altogether, this profits you to increase your customer retention rate, dwell time, and app downloads.

Mobile App Development

To develop a sophisticated and innovatively designed fully functional mobile application a team of experienced developers is required. At Awapal, we house an award-winning team that has developed more than 200 mobile applications and offers no boundaries of excellence.

Mobile App Testing

Just like you, we also hate bugs, especially when it comes to enterprise mobile app development. Our testing teams do not spare mobile app developers after they check a single app on a range of devices. Just because of our strictness, we are told that we do not deliver experimental applications, yet a fully-working mobile application.

Benefits of Having Your Own Mobile App

Startups, MSME’s and Unicorn businesses follow the concurrent trends and adapt the trendy interactive mobile applications. In fact, most of the MSMEs have turned to mobile apps for customers interaction procedures and they enjoy the given benefits:

  • Single-channel for direct marketing
  • Encourage customer loyalty
  • Full statistical transparency to customers
  • Value enterprise customers
  • Forge brand and recognition
  • Ease business management
  • Strengthen customer engagement
  • Minimize expense
  • Decrease the system response time
  • Eases the customer processing
  • Promotes marketing products directly
  • Isolate from the crowd

IOS Development

Tools: X Code

Languages: Objective-C, Swift

Technologies: iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch

  • Support latest iOS versions, i.e. 14.7.1
  • MDM Integration (Mobile device management)
  • Custom API Integration
  • Building apps for Android TV
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • In-App Purchase
  • Porting and Migration from Other Platform
  • XMPP Chat Server Integration
  • Audio/Video Live Streaming
  • Material Design
  • mBass integration
  • Beacon integration
  • IoT (internet of things)
  • BLE Device Integration
  • Location/GPS Service Integration
  • QA Testing on real Apple devices
  • Widget integration
  • Social Login
  • Firebase Integration (Real-Time Database)

Android Development

Tools: Android Studio, Eclipse

Technologies: Android SDK, Android Native Kit

Languages: Kotlin, Java, XML

  • Support latest Android version, i.e. 11
  • Android Watch Integration
  • Android Widget Integration
  • Building apps for Android TV
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Porting and Migration from Other Platform
  • XMPP Chat Server Integration
  • Audio/Video Live Streaming
  • QA Testing on real Android devices
  • Material Design

Your Customized Mobile Application Needs To Be

Enriched with structured and well-programmed codes.

Follow Attract, Convert, and Retain circle.

Secured with due security protocols and guidelines.

Manage timely increasing user base data.

Comply with the rules and regulations.

No Bug Assured and Well Tested

Our App Development Process

Analyze Client’s requirements
Wireframe the App
Design and Code the App
Test and Deploy the App

Technologies We Use

With the prevalent patterns in computer programming technology - we moded our knowledge to meet the latest requirements. At Awapal Solutions, we understand what are the needs of our clients and why they need them. Hence, we’ve deployed the modernist approaches to fuel our online system.

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Android Wear
  • Android TV
  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • Android Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost for mobile app development?

    Mobile app development is a design-oriented professional task that can range from 1,50,000 INR to 23,00,000 INR. Mobile applications are built sophisticatedly at Awapal considering the factors like app platform, features, UI/UX, development company, and developer’s charge among others. Simple applications are charged less while complex apps may cost more according to the client’s requirements.

  • Do I get access to project management tools and timesheets reports for mobile app development?

    At Awapal Solutions, we take responsibility that each client gets timesheet reports along with a mobile application development project management tool for monitoring the progress of the project.

  • How much time does it take for the mobile app development process?

    Customized mobile application development requires considerable days that may range from 2-3 weeks to 9+ months. The end result will always make you trust Awapal for its service including the number of features, design uniqueness, development complications, use of third-party services, and counting.

  • What is the documentation procedure for securing my mobile app development project?

    At Awapal Solution, for mobile application development, we sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before starting the project and adhere to it to the end. In case there is a violation, we take full responsibility for it.