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We develop & design all plans of Multilevel marketing software packages in accordance with every MLM Network Marketing Business Initiators to achieve multiple requirements with more than satisfactory features and advanced tools developed using latest technologies like MVC,, MS SQL Server 2012, Jquery ,AJAX, Mobile app etc.

Binary MLM Plan

mlm binary plan image icon A binary plan is a business structure that is widely used in MLM organization where a new member join in the form of sub-tree. This has emerged with typical attributes and instrumental in reviving the growth of business. It allows the distributors to have only two front-line distributors.

Matrix / Unilevel MLM Plan

mlm binary plan image icon This plan allows a sponsor to only a single line of distributors with no such horizontal limits this gives a chance to build a long and strong chain. This makes the program more effective and of high importance in MLM plans.

Board MLM Plan

mlm board plan image icon It is one of the unique plans of MLM and based on 2*2 matrix cycle. It follows the sponsor Board/ Matrix Cycle. One of the key features of this problem is that one can earn benefits even from the other members of the board.


mlm x-up plan image icon It is popular as pass up or sales plan as each member is supposed to pass X number of sales to the upline X can be any number. It is also a purified form of uni level MLM plan. It can reach to different ups. It comprises one up, two ups, three ups four up and upto different levels.

Force Matrix MLM Plan

mlm forced matrix plan image icon It is simpler and easier to understand than other plans. In this plan the members are not required to join in breakaways and legs like other MLM plans. Here the limitations of the plan exists in both vertical and horizontal way.

Single Leg MLM Plan

mlm single leg plan image icon The unlimited plan makes the job simple and transparent and ideal for many Network Marketing companies and offering a chance of cluster of people to draw maximum benefits. It is ideal for new members who wish to join MLM Single Leg Plan.

Investment MLM Plan

mlm investment plan image icon It is one of the typical plans of MLM where compensation is based on investment again the change of interest. The interest is paid on the basis of interest made on investment where interest rate keep changes as per the progression.

Gift / Helping MLM Plan

mlm gift helping plan image icon It is primarily based on “gifting and receiving” plans which makes the job easier and comfortable. It is ideal for philanthropist that makes it one of the best plans for charity purpose. It is based on the concept of give and take which is good for joining people. This makes this plan ride on a “way ahead to charity”.

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