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It's a new generation software, loaded with a highly secured blockchain decentralized system. Completely transparent, no need to maintain any server infrastructure, its works on decentralized cloud-based platforms. Awapal Solutions can develop MLM smart contracts on Binance smart chain, Ethereum network, and Tron network blockchain you can choose any plan type to be integrated with this, smart contract in Binary, smart contract in matrix plan, etc.

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Benefits of Smart Contract based MLM application

With blockchain at its core that runs on an open digital and automated network that has its own ecosystem that eliminates inefficiencies of the traditional MLM model:

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Blockchain-based smart contracts bring trust to platforms, users to invest with confidence.

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True Traceability

Blockchain stores everything on a distributed public ledger that allows users to monitor complete activity.

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Once the smart contract gets published it does not allow companies from doing any changes to their platform.

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Real-time transactions

Blockchain and smart contracts broadcast all transactions to the network on a real-time basis.

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Highly Secure

its high-level encryption makes it highly secure and prevents vulnerable hacking attacks.

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Reduced Costs

Reduces management costs involved in clerical work, tallying the records and transactions.

Our Offering

With years of industry experience we able to provide you the required business solutions from analyzing business needs, creating business models, prototyping, designing, development, and marketing

MLM Clone Scripts

Accelerate the Deployment of your Platform

Forsage Clone Script

If you are planning to build Ethereum smart contract software like Forsage, we can put your idea into action. We provide a Forsage clone script to reduce your development time and cost, enabling you to quickly launch your platform into the market.

Our Forsage clone script offers the following :
  • Tamper-free smart contract
  • Two types of matrix plans – X3 matrix and X4 matrix
  • Secure integration of Trust Wallet and MetaMask wallet
  • Peer-to-peer commission system
  • Intuitive Admin panel and user dashboard
  • Seamless user management
  • Multi-layer security

FAST Clone Script

FAST is a disruptive smart contract with a unique payment fragmentation payment protocol that distributes payments until the users triple their shares package. We provide FAST Ethereum based software script fortified with completely a decentralized smart contract.

Our FAST MLM clone script is underpinned by the following :
  • Immutable smart contract
  • Trust Wallet
  • Multiple referral share packages
  • Option of automatic re-invest
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Intuitive Admin panel and user dashboard
  • High-grade security

Doubleway Clone Script

Doubleway platform is built on Ethereum blockchain and offers an 8-level incentive program to its users. If you are looking to build an MLM platform like Doubleway, our Doubleway Ethereum script can accelerate development and deployment for you.

We provide Doubleway Ethereum MLM software script reinforced with the following :
  • Tamper-free smart contract
  • Binary plan
  • Secure integration of MetaMask Wallet, Trust Wallet, and MyEther Wallet
  • Intuitive Admin panel and user dashboard
  • Peer-to-peer, automated transactions
  • Multi-layer security

DAOZedXe Clone Script

DAOZedXe is a completely decentralized and autonomous smart contract-based software on Ethereum blockchain. With an immutable smart contract, makes human functions redundant and expedites processes like calculation of users’ funds and distribution of payouts.

We provide DAOZedXe MLM clone script fortified with the following :
  • Immutable smart contract
  • MetaMask wallet and ZedXe wallet
  • In-chat wallet transactions
  • Secure API connection to leading crypto exchange platforms
  • Peer-to-peer, smart-contract-driven transactions
  • A global pool of liquidity providers
  • Institutional-grade security
  • Intuitive user dashboard

DTT Exchange Clone

Pick, customize, and deploy a DDT exchange community-backed decentralized token exchange platform and arrive early in the business, and provide end-to-end white labeling of our DTT exchange clone script for you to surpass development time and cost. The MLM architecture is built on the Ethereum Smart Contract that assures complete encryption and persistent token growth.

Besides a tampered proof reference algorithm, the DTT exchange clone is pre-built with the following :
  • Advanced Order Types with transparent Swap & Exit Fees
  • Peer-to-peer staking & rewarding algorithms
  • Metamask and Trust Wallets Integration
  • Auto Market Making algorithm
  • Risk Mitigation protocols
  • Intuitive user experience

Plans offered by our Company

Binary Plan

Is a popular plan among network marketing companies and individuals. It is also referred to 2*n plan where 'n' shows infinity... Read More

Board Matrix Plan

Here the group of members in a board works together and achieves the set target within the set time. Once, the board is filled with the predefined number... Read More

Crowdfunding Plan

A Crowdfunding Plan is a systematic organizational structure that is established by multilevel marketing companies and is the most popular... Read More

Donation/Helping Plan

Also known as Donation or Help plan, this is one of the most popular plans in network marketing business that is based on giving and receiving help from each other in the plan... Read More


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which platform do you use to develop MLM smart contracts?

    We use solidity language to develop smart contracts and Binance smart chain, Etherscan, and Tron scan network to publish your smart contract tokens.

  • Can you develop hybrid MLM software with the smart contract and centralized backend calculations?

    Yes, we can create hybrid software where all the financial transactions will remain on the blockchain. the calculation part will be on centralized MLM software, you can enjoy the benefit of both and by doing this, you can reduce the unnecessary cost of blockchain transactions.

  • Which MLM plans can be built on smart contracts?

    Any plan can be developed on a smart contract, smart contracts are decentralized blockchain ledgers that cannot be modified once published. It proves high-end security and transparency to users. And for financial transactions, it directly connects with your blockchain wallets like meta mask, trust wallet, binance smart chain wallet, etc.

  • What's the difference between Smart contract MLM software and Centralized MLM software?

    Smart contact software is built on decentralized methodology, where any transaction that gets executed cannot be rolled back or modified. And all transactions get stored in a decentralized network. And gets publicly displayed by anyone on that network, whereas centralized software can be controlled and modified by developers from the source where data is being kept. It's fully controlled by the admin.