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The most common marketing compensation plan is called a Generation Plan and is a structured organisational structure created by Multilevel Marketing (MLM) businesses. It helps to manage Generation networks such as to keep track of down line’s incomes and expenditure. It lessens the amount of manual labour performed by MLM businesses. The members who want to start an MLM business, including businesses, part-time professionals, network marketers, and other members, find it to be highly popular. As a result, the members are only permitted to add two leaders. This plan's structure expands more quickly, which helps a business make money and expand swiftly.

Generation MLM Plan : Types of Income

This software is a complete package of utilities highly recommended for administrators, buyers & members for combining to their business needs. This MLM software offers the following type of income to users:

Quick Start Bonus

It is a direct sponsor commission. You will get paid directly for recruiting each member to the network. Generation MLM plan helps the new members to earn profit.

Performance Bonus

It is also known as a Rank advancement bonus. Distributors will get a bonus on the basis of their performance. The bonus increases as the level of your performance increases.

Director Bonus

Existing members receive this benefit when they attain a higher level or rank. It is the most used compensation plan of Generation MLM.

Travel Bonus

When you reach a higher level, you get a bonus as different funds. A travel bonus is one of them. MLM companies sponsored trips monthly or weekly to celebrate the achievement of their distributors.

House Fund

MLM companies raise many funds to their distributors according to their calculated earn profit. The distributors become eligible for buying their earned homes through MLM business. It is the best Generation plan to award distributors.

Car Fund Bonus

MLM companies give many cars to their distributors yearly as a bonus for the achievement of their high level.

How does the Generation MLM Plan work?

In Generation Compensation Plan one member can recruit unlimited members at its front line. Earnings in Generation plan is always calculated on levels like sponor to upline sponsor then his upline sponsor MLM Generation Plan software can also be combined with other mlm business plans that results in hybrid software MLM plan.

Generation Plan

Commission Calculation Example

Let’s Understand Generation MLM Plan with an example that is based on 4 levels, 5% to 18% as mentioned in diagram Consider a scenario where a company decides that the package will cost Rs. 500 and that Sponsor A would receive the generation level commission%. Sponsor A is only allowed to have two direct members: B and C. The left and right sides of B will each have two members, D and E.

We divide this tree into Left and Right sections for the purpose of calculating income.

  • A is on manager level he will get 18% from non qualified leg, 5% from assistment manager leg.
  • B is on Assistant manager level he will get 13% from non qualified leg, 5% from supervisor leg.
  • C is on Supervisor level he will get 8% from non qualified leg, 3% from assistant supervisor leg.

Generation Plan MLM Software Features

Looking for a reliable Software Development Company? Awapal is a trusted MSME and ISO certified company that provides custom-made MLM software for all types of MLM business plans. Some of its amazing features includes

Digital eWallets
Digital eWallets
Auto Closing & Payouts
Auto Closing & Payouts
Advance Genealogy Tree
Advance Genealogy Tree
Pre-integrated Payment Gateways
Pre-integrated Payment Gateways
Online AML & KYC
Online AML & KYC

Points to Consider About MLM Generation Plan

Our expert developed Generation plan MLM software package is strongly coded and highly secure for its end users. Within this package you will find the following benefits, that are easily accessible :

  • Each member can have two frontline dealers (legs) directly below him.

  • The balance between these two legs is very important, and it also affects the results, as the members try to get the highest income.

  • Generation Spillover is very attractive and plays a vital role in generating income for members.

  • For Every additional member, whole online members will get an appropriate amount of fiscal profits.

  • The focus of each member is on the level of welfare because income is more dependent on this level. And place the overflow limb on the power leg.

  • The plan depends on the team's efforts. Since the sales of upline members provide some benefits to downline members, it is different from other MLM programs.

  • This MLM plan supports unlimited depth, while the width remains the same. The plan focuses on balancing turnover while allowing the network to grow to an unlimited level.

  • The remuneration granted to members depends on the sales relationship between the two branches established in the direct network of members. This increases the importance of balancing between the legs.

  • The remuneration granted to members depends on the sales relationship between the two branches established in the direct network of members. This increases the importance of balancing between the legs.

  • In fact, some companies may carry over their upsells to the next commission period. In order to increase the stability of the power chain system, these companies can limit payments to a maximum limit.

  • The conditions in the generation plan are applied to form the third child node. For this reason, there is no need to compensate for matching pairs. This is called a conditional or Australian build software plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Generation MLM plan?

    It is the MLM compensation model utilised in network marketing. Generation MLM is a profit-sharing business. For your MLM company, we create the best Generation MLM software.

  • How does the Generation MLM plan work?

    It is a strategy based on a genealogy tree in which the profit is derived from the sales growth of your tree network. In the genealogy, members are listed in descending order of their network standing. The up members are their up-line, while the down members are their down-line.

  • Which is the best Generation Plan?

    The Generation compensation MLM plan gives you with a reward according on your performance and level of rank. When you reach the high-level rank, you are eligible to get different types of funds as bonuses like house and car funds.

  • What features does the MLM generation strategy possess?

    Generation MLM is a profitable network marketing plan. It is a customizable MLM that is simple to understand. A hybrid plan can be created by combining the generating plan with other plans.