Smart Contract Defined

Smart Contract works as an agreement between two or more parties. These parties are virtually independent and sit separately over blockchains, like Ethereum and Tron. Smart Contracts are coded programs that run over blockchain technology when the pre-determined conditions are met. It’s a collection of codes and data that sits over defined addresses on the Ethereum blockchain. These codes are required in order to automate the execution of an agreement because of which participants can be clear of the outcome, without bearing any time loss and involvement of an intermediary.

Smart Contracts Development Solutions are a type of Blockchain Account that holds a certain amount of balance to execute transactions over the network. They are not controlled by any user, instead, they are deployed to the network and operate as an automatic program. It cannot be altered by any individual unless the whole network approves of the change.

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For any blockchain-based business, Smart Contract Development Service is an essential service, as these self-executing digital contracts serve the purpose of automation of processes, execution of transactions & agreements, hence reducing the costs. Evidently, these Smart Contracts end the use of confusing & non-reliable paperwork, shackling off the intervention of intermediaries. You can automate operations, accelerate the processes, streamline your workflows, and ensure the safety of services.

Get a reliable Smart Contract Development Solution from Awapal Solutions, to foster great designs and implement the use of DApps services over Hyperledger, EOS, and other Smart Contracts. With deep knowledge of Solidity and the experience of working over the Ethereum Smart Contract IDE platform, we serve the solutions that are safe and secure.


Areas of Expertise in Smart Contract

Smart Contracts are the most integral part of a blockchain. It is the backbone of automation in the entire process providing the accurately coded information. We enable the automation of your business operations with our Smart Contract Development Services. We develop protocols that help to optimize the services and validate the legal contracts between private and public blockchain members. Our Smart Contract developers possess expertise in Smart Contract Development solutions over Ethereum, EOS, Hyperledger and many more platforms.

Smart Contract Optimization

Optimize your business deals by enabling Smart Contract development services digitally.

Smart Contract Auditing

We review technologies to deliver bug-free solutions without vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Design and Development

Our DeFi Smart Contract development inherits unique designs and responsive functionalities.

Smart Contract Documentation

Develop an engaging digital architecture for your digital contracts.

Build Decentralized Application

Get a decentralized application built for your Smart Contracts to secure network deals.

Smart Contract Layer Two

We efficiently use the Layer 2 Smart Contract Development technique on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contracts are essential for users as they can easily construct concrete agreements and the process of Smart Contracts Development is executed in various folds.

Tron Smart Contract Development

Get your Tron blockchain Smart Contract development with self-executing programs supported by Solidity programming language. Once a Smart Contract is made, the subsequent functions will be automatically executed.

Smart Contract-Based MLM

Utilize the benefits of Smart Contracts MLM software to grow your business and receive rich incentives. This ensures enterprise mutability, distrust, and inefficiency and gives impressive referral amounts

Smart Contract For Dapp

We develop a Smart Contract with complex tasks sequences that can be accomplished using these resources appropriately. Therefore the new applications make the contract scalable.

Smart Contract for Digital Wallet

With the high usage of FinTech solutions, digital wallets have become mandatory. To develop such wallets constant information exchange and bugs removal is necessary.

Smart Contract For DEX

We build DEX platforms supported by Smart Contracts that benefit a plethora of benefits including privacy, security of private keys and digital assets, and immutable businesses.

Smart Contract On Ethereum

Our well-equipped Ethereum Smart Contract development ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens are written in Solidity programming language that is used for stablecoin development. Our Ethereum based Smart Contracts are efficient for industries.

Smart Contract Optimization

Our decentralized Smart Contracts can be optimized to improve your business performance, whereas, the outcomes are estimated faster without wasting time in updating the backend.

Smart Contract on DEFI

Our automated DeFi Smart Contract development services are coded in solidity and can be used for claim settlement, invoice creation, asset tracking, and insurance.

Smart Contract Development Use-Case

By the implementation of secure methodologies, faster transactions, and auditable mechanisms Smart Contracts can revolutionize the face of global industries. These are the major industries but are not limited to here.

  • Healthcare
  • Internet of Things
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Securities
  • Government
  • Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • Recruiting
  • Copyrights
  • Legal industry
  • Commodity trading
  • Fintech
  • Supply chain management
  • Enterprise resource management
  • Digital asset exchange
  • CRM
  • Accounting for remittances
  • Interorganizational record
  • Retail industry
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Identity management
  • Energy sector
  • Cryptocurrency exchange

Why Choose Us

We are developing secure Smart Contracts over the latest blockchain technology, whereby you can trust us for the following benefits.


Experts on software and business

At Awapal, we have been delivering customized solutions for our global clients with the help of experts who not just code but also understand business.


Deep development skill base

Awapal Solutions delivers the best-in-class solutions across global libraries and codebases with their team of professionals who implement relevant techniques.


Focus on you

As a top-notch Smart Contract development company, we focus on maintaining relations with our clients. This is why we start the development process by understanding your requirements, identifying the right tools. We will officially call you at meetings and share the task sheet with you and get your essential feedback.


We’re still learning, too

We understand that your business does not stand still and neither do we, and this is why we are constantly improving our skills and providing you with on-time solutions and top-notch services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Awapal Solutions provide essential services combined with the inclusion of top-class Smart Contract Development platforms, as mentioned below:

  • Hyperledger Smart Contract development
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Waves
  • Tron
  • Binance
  • Polygone

Being a reputed Smart Contract Development company, we enhance the development process using the following techniques:

  • Requirement gathering
  • Technical designing
  • Detailing development on Ethereum or EOS Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract upgradation

Traditionally, business contracts have rounds of negotiations with a single party or multiple parties. In the end, the negotiations result in the process of verifying and signing the long-drawn documents. Whereas a Smart Contract is a comparingly adhesive document that executes the business objectives without the requirement of any intermediary. Thus offering secure and tamper-proof Smart Contracts that are powered by blockchain’s immutability feature. Our smart contract development costs are nominal with extensive advantages.

You need to understand this at first, that a blockchain is an immutable digital ledger of transactions that are programmed to store every transaction that has value. A blockchain operates in a trustless environment in which multiple party members have clear access to each and every piece of information that is open to all. With the implementation of blockchain, the network employs distributed networks, hash codes, and cryptographic keys that help in the creation of encrypted databases in which data prevention and manipulation detection become easy. And this is how blockchain Smart Contracts work accurately in a trustless environment.