DevOps as a Service

We have numerous DevOps processes that are beneficial in delivering high-end modern solutions post identification of business challenges. Our enterprise solutions have tightened the bonds by flexibility, collaboration, and automation.

DevOps Assessment

With a comprehensive technique, we assess the functional areas and put together key recommendations for improvement. Hence, the identification of enterprise pain points helps in the better constitution of an appropriate solution.

DevOps Automation

DevOps consulting provides the use of automation tools to manage and deploy processes smoothly. Thread-processes in continuation offer seamless movement with fewer delays and reduced costs.

DevOps Management

Our agile practices circle throughout the project lifecycle helping in delivering objectives effortlessly. We regularly automate and monitor various stages of the project to cut off development time and launch a final product.

End-to-End DevOps Implementation

Our DevOps services will enhance your application’s automated and connected experience. Moreover, our stages of app development, testing, and deployment are assisted by:

  • Employing Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) approach.
  • App module containerization.
  • Building Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Automated testing techniques.
  • Automated monitoring of Apps.

DevOps Launch Consulting

Our strategically designed DevOps development services are launched in the following pattern:

  • Defining strategic plans.
  • Designing a detailed roadmap for DevOps implementation.
  • Guiding team for DevOps tools and working
  • Setting DevOps solutions.

Sole Industry-Expert for DevOps Consulting


Service Virtualization

Our DevOps company in India has professionals catered to mastery in component simulation. With such wisdom, we are able to integrate testings in the early stage of development.


Operational Analytics

Our DevOps development methods rely majorly on the insight analysis of operations for detecting and fixing problems. We deploy automatic processes for extraction, analysis, and reporting.


Test Tool Automation

For high-speed software delivery, we leverage robust automation testing tools. Hence, we are able to monitor the performance, load, accessibility, security, and production of the software.


Release Planning & Monitoring

Our DevOps development company initiates the deployment process through a well-structured pattern for best results. We plan accordingly, schedule perfectly, and optimize the software for cross-platform functionality.

Tools Used for DevOps Consulting

Containerization Tools

Infrastructure automation tools

CI/CD tools

Test automation tools

Monitoring tools

Coding & Scripting

Databases/data storages


Awapal DevOps Consulting End-to-End Implementation Plan


Things we do:

  • Analyzing the software development cycle, available resources, and clients’ IT infrastructure.
  • Defining business expectations, IT capability, and constraints.
  • Implementing DevOps strategy.

Create Roadmap

Things we do:

  • Map the containerization approach.
  • Design, define and configure CI/CD tools.
  • Advise on the test automation approach and execute continuous CI/CD pipeline testing.
  • IaaC integration and configure management tools based on CI/CD.
  • Developing an automated monitoring solution. Locate and elaborate on the DevOps-related challenges and solutions.


Things we do:

  • Instructing the IT system administration, software test engineers, project managers, delivery managers, program managers, developers, and other DevOps practitioners in the required DevOps tools and processes.
  • Implement the IaaC approach
  • Assisting the deployment, configuring the CI/CD, and testing automation utilities.


Things we do:

  • Mentoring DevOps practitioners on set DevOps implementation objectives.
  • Maintaining operability of software infrastructure, implementing changes, ensuring proper load of distribution within IT administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps consulting is the process by which we at Awapal enhance the collaboration between the development, and operations teams. These practices shorten the product life cycle and ensure development continuity. The standard procedure includes breaking the services into small portions for high productivity.

The following industries serve the need of DevOps services in India:

Tailored software development is chosen by enterprises to adapt to changing needs of businesses. Moreover, they are made scalable inclusive of customizable tools and processes. Altogether, this pattern will fasten your business growth, with the least challenges faced.

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Banking

Agile methods and DevOps consulting are parallel services for implementation and management. However, in DevOps, developers form a small team to work on a particular project. Whereas, Agile developers focus on a single task, yet managed by the entire team.

DevOps is the modernist method of implementation and management. Most companies are opting for DevOps teams in the present scenario.