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White label DEX Development Solutions

Awapal Solutions is a top-tier decentralized exchange platform development service provider. Our aim is to provide high-end solutions for Cryptocurrency exchange development with our vast experience in development in the industry.

Decentralized Exchange has grown immensely and has crossed its dimensions in recent years because of its huge demand allowing traders to obtain direct trades without the involvement of third parties. With the high technical usage of Decentralized Exchange Development services, users can conveniently fetch market deals without the interference of third parties. The top priority is laid on the security and scalability of the platform to perform extensively. Therefore, the chances of privacy erosion are suspended and high transparency is provided. We develop Decentralized Exchange on various blockchains like pancakeswap, uniswap, sunswap etc with high quality, security, and scalability to reach the client’s digital goal. Our development services help in improving the client’s brand value and customer retention.

Features of Decentralized Exchange Platform

DEX offers unique features and functionality that provides secure, transparent and safe transactions done directly between the network members.

dex swapping


Swapping is a peer-to-peer trade executed on the exchange platform between user’s wallets instantly.

dex no third party

Staking & Minting

There is NO involvement of a third party while trading the currencies between the network members.

dex centralized server

Liquidity Pool

When there is no centralized server in the process all the data will be shared with network members equally.

dex high end security

Farminng & Yielding

An investing tactic in decentralized finance, or DeFi, is yield farming. Your cryptocurrency coins or tokens are lent or staked in exchange for perks like transaction fees or interest.

dex multicurrency

Multi-Currency Wallet

The personal data of any member will be kept confidential within our highly secured platform.

dex ido


The personal data of any member will be kept confidential within our highly secured platform.

How does a Decentralized Exchange Operate ?

Our custom decentralized crypto exchange service is a top-notch solution that helps in the growth of our client’s business.

Maker - creates a new order
dex new order
Maker - with the private keys maker signs the order
dex maker private
Maker - sends the order to the blockchain
dex maker blockchain order
Taker - add their signature to the order
dex taker signature
Smart Contract - validates the order
dex validates
Funds are transferred after verification
dex funds transferred

Decentralized Exchange Development Benefits

At Awapal we develop a variety of exchange platforms that are unique with their services.

High-end Security

Users can also view reports to track trading volumes, investments and profits.

No Third-Party Involvement

The interface provides daily profit and loss reports for measurements. Users can also view previous P & L reports.

Live Market Data

Our AI trading bots respond to live market conditions with a real-time market system. This allows users to see the actual buyers and sellers in the market.

Instant order execution

It provides a pocket exchange for a seamless trading experience. Integrate all-powerful exchange features into one mobile application.

High TPS (transactions per second)

We offer many payment and withdrawal methods for quick transactions. You also use a robust payment system.

Higher level of privacy

We are adding real-time notifications to let you know what is happening in the market right now.

Trade-in just one click

Experience the fastest trading engine ever with the one-click trading option.

Secure and easy login

To prioritize user safety, we use a secure and fast login system to protect your data from third parties.

Types of Exchanges that we offer

At Awapal we develop a variety of exchange platforms that are unique with their services.

cw advanced technologies

Whitelabel Centralized Exchange

Deploying the advanced Technologies are always considered to be of highest priority.

cw secure

P2P Exchange Development

We develop secure code for cryptocurrency to prevent security threats.

otc exchange

OTC Exchange

We have an industry expert team to handle the requirements to meet the best solutions.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped for You

Awapal customized DEX platform and app solutions are built to foster enterprise market value and enhance high-end securities. We are a certified decentralized exchange development company, hence you visualize and we develop.

Awapal Decentralized Exchange Development Company Goal Fulfillment?

At Awapal our highly skilled professionals develop a DEX platform that is equipped with the latest technologies and modernist approaches. With these platform features an enterprise can perform to the fullest in the market and supply customers with their needs:

cw customizable


Our ready-made white-label solutions are easy to customize according to client’s preferences.

dex scalable


Our decentralized exchange development platform is helpful in the overall growth of your market reach and ROI.

dex configurability


Service configuration, business rules, and feature up-gradation are all-inclusive features of our market-oriented platform.

dex cost effective


We develop a centralized and automated process platform targeted to cut costs.

dex multi channel access

Multi-channel access

Our website development is a unique methodology that can access you on multiple channels.

dex marketability


Our DEX platform allows you to spread your market approach by integrating ready-made digital wallet software solutions.

Tools & Technology Used to Develop Decentralized Platform

Our Decentralized exchange development platforms are architectured with the latest technical features, secure methods, and creative designs. Therefore, the following tools are used to develop our websites and applications for a smooth user workflow.

  • solidity
  • Node.js
  • swift
  • native script
    Native Script
  • React

Frequently Asked Questions

To get your Dex platform built asap, you can contact us. We are an apex Decentralized crypto exchange development company. However, building a custom dex platform usually takes 30-45 days depends on the features and level of customizations required.

Awapal Solution develops and deploys a DEX on blockchain network that makes DEX highly secure.

Some features of the dex platform include:

  • Wallets
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Liquidity and fund control management
  • Dominant trading engine
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Performance

Yes, we can provide you a team that is professionally built to work on any project of decentralized exchange development. you can see our development Engagement Models that we offers