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Opt for Awapal Decentralized Exchange Platform

With the high technical usage of Decentralized Exchange Development services, users can conveniently fetch market deals without the interference of third parties. The top priority is laid on the security and scalability of the platform to perform extensively. Therefore, the chances of privacy erosion are suspended and high transparency is provided.

We develop a portal with high quality, security, and scalability to reach the client’s digital goal. Moreover, our platform helps in improving the client’s brand value and customer relationship management.

That is why, at Awapal Solutions, we hire experts holding high experience in mobile software and website development services. Therefore, we can easily deploy a mindset where we let our clients ideate, so we develop to their preferences.

Ways to Trade in a DEX Platform

Decentralized exchange development services are secure transactions that are done directly between the network members. There are two major ways in which trading is constituted in a decentralized exchange platform:


Swapping is a peer-to-peer trade executed on the exchange platform between user’s wallets instantly.

Yield Farming

Liquidity providers (LP) can stake up their crypto assets in a smart contract-based liquidity pool.

Liquidity Pools

Investors can earn returns on their locked token smart contracts for efficient asset trading.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Traders can choose from many cryptocurrencies to execute their trading practices on our developed platform.

Multi-language Support

With years of maintaining user experience, we provide customer satisfaction, by enabling multi-language support.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication services are available on our platforms so that users can synergize their ID with the portal for safe working.

Advantages of Developing a Decentralized Exchange Platform

Compelling reasons to choose Awapal decentralized exchange platform development services:

Absence of a middleman

Due to the elimination of third parties, there is no obstruction while trading the currencies between the network members. Moreover, this has benefitted in providing higher efficiency and transparency than a centralized platform.

Lack of Central Authority

When there is no centralized server in the process all the data will be shared with network members equally. This is an easy method of striking deals by buying and selling cryptocurrencies to other platform participants.

Higher level of privacy

The personal data of any member will be kept confidential within our highly secured platform. Their identity will reveal to anyone other than the party to whom you are dealing cryptocurrency exchange.

Faster Trading

Users can trade at a faster rate on our automated platform, and save money for both buyers and sellers in a decentralized exchange development solution. The crypto exchange is executed fastest at the best market rate.

Get Control Over Crypto Assets

With our uniquely developed decentralized exchange platform, your potential users can get full authority over their purchased crypto assets. They can either store the cryptocurrency in their e-wallets or they can trade them with potential buyers.

Minimal Fees is Charged

Getting your own white-label tailored DEX platform can be cheaper than developing a platform with all functions inherited from scratch.

No Registration Required on DEX

Our decentralized exchange platforms are autonomously working platforms with all features easy to access. Users need not register themselves on the platform to perform their trading tasks.

Execute Order in Minutes

Our decentralized exchange websites are perfectly tuned in order to execute order purchases within minutes. We can achieve your user satisfaction through our professionally skilled workforce.

Crypto Exchange Development Services

At Awapal we develop a variety of exchange platforms that are unique with their services.

Centralized Exchange Development

We all know how the banks work, based on traditional exchange mechanisms where transactions are approved and monitored by the bank. The traders are un-secure as ledgers are maintained and remain open to all. So, centralized exchange development is based on the same characteristics.

Decentralized Exchange Development

In a decentralized exchange crypto development platform the exchanges are not monitored by any third party, thereby, no records are maintained or tracked. Moreover, our ready-made white-label crypto exchange software is secure for transferring funds among network members.

Hybrid Exchange Development

Awapal hybrid DEX development platform consists of both centralized and decentralized exchange mechanisms. In this system, the primary features of both exchanges are integrated, whereas, customers enjoy features like continual liquidity and many more.

P2P Exchange Development

With the P2P crypto exchange development platform, users can transfer funds among peer members without the need for an intermediary. Our P2P crypto exchange platform benefits users with high-end security, no transaction censorship, no geographical barrier, and more.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped for You

Awapal customized DEX platform and app solutions are built to foster enterprise market value and enhance high-end securities. We are a certified decentralized exchange development company, hence you visualize and we develop.

Awapal Software Goal Fulfillment?

At Awapal our highly skilled professionals develop a DEX platform that is equipped with the latest technologies and modernist approaches. With these platform features an enterprise can perform to the fullest in the market and supply customers with their needs:


Our ready-made white-label solutions are easy to customize according to client’s preferences.


Our decentralized exchange development platform is helpful in the overall growth of your market reach and ROI.


Service configuration, business rules, and feature up-gradation are all-inclusive features of our market-oriented platform.


We develop a centralized and automated process platform targeted to cut costs.

Multi-channel access

Our website development is a unique methodology that can access you on multiple channels.


Our DEX platform allows you to spread your market approach by integrating ready-made digital wallet software solutions.

Tools & Technology Used to Develop Decentralized Platform

Our Decentralized exchange development platforms are architectured with the latest technical features, secure methods, and creative designs. Therefore, the following tools are used to develop our websites and applications for a smooth user workflow.






Native Script



Binance Chain

Frequently Asked Questions

To get your Dex platform built asap, you can contact us. We are an apex Decentralized crypto exchange development company in India. However, building a custom dex platform usually takes much more time than white-label software development.

Awapal Solution develops and deploys a high-security dex platform integrated with top-notch security features. The features include SSL implementation, user access encryption, 2FA, fund withdrawal limits, and other security features.

Some features of the dex platform include:

  • Wallets
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Liquidity and fund control management
  • Dominant trading engine
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Performance

Yes, we will provide you a team that is professionally built to work on any project of decentralized exchange development. The team will help you to complete the project and we won’t take responsibility for your project.