Functionalities of NFT Tokens

  • Non-Interchangeable: Because a single NFT cannot be used more than once, it is not possible to exchange it for another one.
  • This coin stands in for all of your digital possessions, both tangible and intangible.
  • NFT tokens have special specifications and cannot be exchanged.
  • NFTs are exchanged in their marketplace rather than being purchased through exchange markets.
NFT Marketplace Development Services
White Label NFT Marketplace Development

Characteristics of NFT Tokens

  • NFT is created on smart contract blockchain with the use of tools and support.
  • ERC 721 is an Ethereum standard protocol, commonly used for NFT creation.
  • Detailed information can be added in an NFT or in their smart contracts.
  • Digital ownership of an asset like shares and real estate is provided in the digital world.

Features of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Non-Interchangeable : A single NFT cannot be used multiple times, that is why they are non-interchangeable and non-interoperable.
  • Indivisible: NFT smart tokens cannot be accommodated in a separate form, due to their unique protocol specification.
  • Recoverable: An NFT is an impregnable smart contract since all data is recorded, tracked, and recoverable from the chain.
  • Verifiable: The ownership of the data is stored on the blockchain, enabling creator verification without third-party authentication.
NFT Marketplace Development Services

Acquire the Power of White Label NFT Marketplace Development

NFT token development services allow artists and creators to tokenize their tangible and intangible collections and sell them to potential markets. Likewise, unique tokenized products like music, art, videos, games, etc, can produce huge traffic in the market.

Our experts can design an NFT that includes all game components, unique characters, and stunning features. Consequently, utilising these NFT development services, our businesses are able to engage users and improve their market success.

Various Usage of NFT Token Platform - NFT Marketplace Development Services

As designed by our experts, our non-fungible token development services provide your audience with the following services that are exclusive to their utility.



Enable your audience to acquire ownership of your digital artwork by tokenizing it with cryptography and blockchain.

trending cards

Trending cards

Our NFT creation service helps to tokenize your trending cards and allows setting the authenticity of the collectible.

music and videos

Music & videos

Artists create unique music and videos, that’s why our developed NFT’s allow them to get ownership by tokenizing their creation.



Create strong NFT tokens for the website domain and trade them with the buyer's complete authorization.

land ownership

Land ownership

On the blockchain, track the land ownership status of digital assets so that they can be bought and sold as non-fungible tokens.



Launch games on blockchain and anchor them with distinguishable and tamper-proof digital assets. Our token developers help to preserve asset rarity and uniqueness.

NFT Marketplace Development


Our skilled developers can create ERC 721 tokens that represent non-fungible digital assets. Moreover, ERC 721 tokens allow the combining of multiple contracts into a single smart contract. Our developed tokens also allow a permission way to transfer these assets.

NFT Smart Contract Developer


At Awapal Solutions, our unique NFT creation service helps in representing a variety of assets rather than any single asset. Additionally, the ERC 1155 token's transferability feature enables users to speed up transactions and numerous smart contracts.

TRC 721 Token

TRC-721 token is a protocol for issuance of NFT token on the Tron Network. By converting your collection to NFT through our token production service, we can ultimately increase its unique worth. Moreover, Tron public chain infrastructure deploys TRC 721 to your unique collectibles.

NFT Smart Contract Use-Case

NFT Development Platform

NFT Development Platform

Tokenize your collectibles to digital assets, including all the unique specifications that are non-exchangeable and non-interoperable.

NFT Art Tokenization

NFT Art Tokenization

Artists can acquire a position in the marketplace by creating their own signature over their digital arts.

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

Get your NFT smart contract developed for unique NFT tokens for collectibles like art, games assets, virtual land, and more.

NFT For Games

NFT For Games

Create a non-fungible token smart contract for token created for rare assets like weapons, tickets, and characters, and more.

NFT For the Fashion Industry

NFT For the Fashion Industry

Get digital ownership of all accessories and items through NFT smart contract development for the fashion industry.

NFT Lending Platform

NFT Lending Platform

Secure your borrowed money by creating an NFT token smart contract for keeping the collateral of the borrowed money.

NFT For Exchange

NFT For Exchange

Our developed NFT exchange platform provides a wide range of NFT tokens available in the market.

NFT For Sports

NFT For Sports

Our experts create smart NFT contracts for sports collectibles to attract audiences towards the platform increasing the purchase rate.

NFT For Fantasy Sports

NFT For Fantasy Sports

You are able to create your own fantasy sports NFT contract where you may bid on players, create teams, and use fiat currency to play.

NFT For Real Estate

NFT For Real Estate

Tokenize your digital land and list the token in the market to enable interested buyers to acquire your token.

NFT For Infrastructure Development

NFT For Infrastructure Development

Create an NFT smart contract for your infrastructure token for real estate using inside and outside architecture, sculpture, and more.

P2P Exchange For NFT’s

P2P Exchange For NFT’s

Our P2P exchange platform allows trading of NFT beneficially and feasibly because of NFT smart contract development.

NFT For Music

NFT For Music

Musicians can tokenize their creations and list them in the markets, to increase subscriptions of unique NFT followers.

NFT For Domains

NFT For Domains

Our expert-made decentralized domain name service allows businesses to exchange their address using tokens.

NFT For Videos

NFT For Videos

Tokenize your videos by creating NFT smart contracts and gain popularity of your creation to earn profits.

NFT For Content Subscriptions

NFT For Content Subscriptions

Our NFT smart contracts development platform enables public figures and celebrities to tokenize their content to earn profits from viewers.

Initial Poster Offering (IPO) Development

Initial Poster Offering (IPO) Development

Awapal NFT IPO developers attach an NFC sticker or a QR Code to link the NFT posters for fundraising purposes.

Cross-Chain NFT Development

Cross-Chain NFT Development

Develop your NFT marketplace including the cross-chain capability for absolute NFT trade across different blockchain networks.

Decentralized Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens

Decentralized finance enhances the liquidity of NFT’s and makes it more tradable than being an expensive proposition. Moreover, it also helps in the expansion of NFT collaterals for exchanges. Even in insurance, each contract is converted into an NFT smart contract for secure trading on a secondary market. Altogether, our NFT smart contract development solution assists you in the upliftment of future growth.

Decentralized finance
NFT Platform Development Service

Awapal Solutions NFT Platform Development Service

Awapal is a leading NFT smart contract development company that focuses on the growth of your NFT tokens by our professionals. Moreover, we create NFT tokens that drive artists’ and developers’ profits to higher levels. Also, creators and holders can use NFT to trade their collectibles by listing their tokens in the exchanger platforms. Therefore, we enhance your NFT market value by providing end-to-end NFT creation and then NFT smart contract development services.

Check out the significant properties of NFT tokens.



The non-fungible token's indivisibility property is one of its most impressive features. They are so tailored specifically that they cannot be separated. An NFT cannot be purchased and then divided or shared with others. The only person who owns the non-fungible token is you. Indivisibility indicates that these non-fungible tokens cannot be divided into smaller ones.



We all understand that since the fungible tokens stand in for actual assets, having authentic NFTs is crucial. The NFT's authenticity is a crucial component that also contributes to the non-fungible tokens' uniqueness. When using blockchain technology, it is quite simple to obtain the details of an NFT in a highly efficient manner.



Interoperability is the ability for data to flow freely between different blockchains. When different blockchains can communicate with one another, they are interoperable. As a result, NFT interoperability entails the easy sharing and trading of NFTs across various blockchain networks and applications.



NFTs can be exchanged on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result, its owners can profit from these cutting-edge trading techniques. For owners of NFTs, the possibilities are unlimited thanks to bundling, bidding, and the potential for market sales.

Multiple Ecosystem

Interaction with multiple ecosystems

A multi-chain NFT interaction allows users to mint their NFT on a single chain and move it to a more popular network for sale. There are a variety of ways for users to lower fees, but none of them are practical without a strong multi-chain platform.

High Liquidity

High Liquidity

Like any other digital asset, non-fungible tokens can be fully programmed. Modern NFTs are frequently linked to complicated mechanics, such as random generation, forging, and crafting. There are countless options in the design world.

Complicated Programmed

Complicated Programmed

Non-fungible tokens' liquidity is increased by the simplicity with which they can be quickly exchanged. The target market on various NFT platforms might range from newcomers to experienced traders. It indicates that a wider range of buyers are exposed to digital assets.



Developers are now able to impose strict limits on the production of NFTs thanks to smart contracts. Specific properties can be enforced by programmers so they cannot be changed after they are released.

Awapal Solutions NFT Marketing Services

Awapal NFT business solution provides remarkable marketing service. Our engaging marketing strategies will enhance the success and diminish the failure of your product.

NFT Promotion Developing Idea and Implementation

Developing Idea and Implementation

For our client’s growth, we will develop ideas and implement the latest and most innovative approach.

NFT social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our digital marketing team will help you to build the best social outreach and enhance your NFT digital footprint.

building community

Builiding Community

Awapal marketing services will help you to build a network with peer members to buy and sell your NFT tokens digitally.

Our Blockchain Tech Expertise

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do NFT smart contract development work?

    A smart contract consists of an NFT token that can be exchanged with a user or any network member. These contracts are based on the rules and events as described in the smart contract. Therefore, these smart contracts are embedded within NFT to access assets an NFT token.

  • How can I tokenize my collectibles through NFT smart contract development?

    To get your NFT smart contracts developed, Awapal deploys a skilled team of NFT smart contracts developers. Here, our professionals create a solution that is suitable for a business or a person's need for NFT tokens. Moreover, we can embed your collectibles within NFT token to help your trading practices.

  • Can NFT tokens be traded?

    Non-Fungible Tokens are designed especially to trade in the marketplaces built for them. On well-known trading platforms, these tokens cannot be converted and exchanged.

  • How can I distinguish between NFT tokens and crypto tokens?

    Unlike crypto tokens, non-fungible tokens are non-exchangeable, so they cannot be traded in mainstream markets. Every token holds a unique value as fixed to it.

  • How can I build my own NFT marketplace?

    Get your marketplace developed by our experts who include the latest and modern features to tokenize your collectibles and enhance your business growth.

  • How can anyone make money with NFT marketplace development?

    Our professionally developed NFT marketplaces collect money on every purchase from buyers. Whereas the audience can bid their NFTs depending on the value and popularity as listed in the marketplace for buyers.

  • How much does an NFT smart contract development cost?

    To get your custom NFT built, the three factors are required, namely, assets, platform wealth, and the gas fee.

  • How can I make sure that my project to develop NFT smart contracts with you is secure?

    Before developing your NFT smart contracts, we duly sign a Non-disclosure agreement, that provides trust and security to your project.

  • What is the estimated cost for creating an NFT token?

    To create the best non-fungible tokens the estimated cost is dependent on a number of factors. The token creation mechanism depends on the type of product and scale. In comparison to the leading NFT token development providers, Awapal charges less for the generation of NFT tokens.

  • How can I start my own collection of NFT tokens?

    Creating a collection of your NFT token is simple, just follow the given steps: Drop your digital asset into an NFT marketplace, Then add a title, description, and price of the asset, Check your asset listed in auction sale or fixed-price sale, At last, your NFT is successfully created.

  • How can I hire you to create my NFT marketplaces?

    To get your NFT marketplace developed by our professional team of blockchain developers, you need to convey your idea and we will wireframe the prototype for you.

  • Can I trust you with my NFT marketplace development project?

    Awapal provides top-notch NFT marketplace development services, hence you can surely trust our NFT marketplace development service. Moreover, before taking up