Best White-label Crypto Wallet Development

Evolve your enterprise value with our ready-made white-label cryptocurrency wallet development. Our skilled crypto wallet developers construct the best crypto wallet in India, with the use of the latest and modern features.

Benefits of Crypto Wallet Development by Awapal

Our highly skilled experts develop crypto wallets to store cryptocurrency with an extra level of security. Our extensive crypto wallets are capable of securely storing crypto wallets and exchange them easily and securely. Following are the advantages of using our cryptocurrency wallets:

Faster and Cost-effective Transaction
Decentralized Operation
2-Factor Authentication
Recurrent Payments
Multisig Wallet for Enhanced Security
QR Code Scanner
Merchant Services
Whitelisting/Blacklisting Addresses
Address Regeneration for Enhanced Security
Zero-Knowledge Proof
Multi-currency Wallets
Payment Gateway Integration

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Our cryptocurrency wallet apps are built to safeguard your coins against fraudulent access and non-authorized transactions. We empower your peer-to-peer transactions with efficient crypto wallet development. Our crypto-wallet creation service includes a spectrum of features like:

Bill Payment

We develop crypto wallets that enable users to secure their digital assets and provide safer and cheaper utility payment options.

Biometric Authentication

Our premium crypto wallet service includes biometric authentication to enable a higher level of security.

Data Masking

We apply blockchain technology for the development of cryptocurrency wallet security including data masking for privacy and data protection.

Cold Wallet Development

Manage and trade your crypto coins and private keys securely and efficiently with our cold wallet supports.

Seamless Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Transfer funds from one network member to another using our safe and secure wallet mobile app devices.

Multi-Currency Support

Awapal crypto wallet development supports a multi-currency wallet that can store currencies and enables free transactions like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Multisig Wallet

We design a multisignature wallet requiring two or more private keys to sign and execute a transaction.

Desktop, Mobile and Web Wallets

Efficiently create crypto wallets that are compatible with various blockchain devices, platforms, and mobile OS.

Merchant/Point of Sale Development Services

Construct your white-label cryptocurrency wallet solutions that involve end-to-end payment solutions for seamless crypto and fiat transactions. We develop a cryptocurrency-based merchant/POS solution that dispenses global payment solutions and cost-effective exchange.

Invoicing and Billing

Get a cryptocurrency wallet that integrates with multiple modules of accounting operations for the management of POS data.

Minimal Service Charges

Deploy your system on a sole blockchain platform to enable low-cost transactions of POS operations.

Quick Settlement

With the help of our crypto wallet development, you can get rid of intermediaries and third-party authenticators for faster payments.

Seamless Fiat-crypto Conversion

Users can do away with price volatility and facilitate the options of crypto payments to fiat transactions.

Easy Transaction Tracking and Reconciliation

With our expert-designed crypto wallet, you can implement cryptography methodologies, keep records of transactions and manage financial activities.

Debit/Credit Card Enabled Crypto Payment

Our wallets are integrated with card payments options for customer-friendly merchant POS systems.

Multi-Crypto Payments and Cross-Border Usage

We can develop distributed merchant PoS system that provides storage flexibility, allow us to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Security Aspects of Awapal Crypto Wallets

Our crypto-wallet developers make crypto-wallets that offer safe management and secure transfer of cryptocurrency assets. The following security measures are enclosed in our wallets:

  • Mitigation via DDoS
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Encrypted Database
  • Safe software for Anti-Phishing
  • Multisig Vaults
  • Security of Cold Wallets
  • Integration through SSL
  • Security over working on Browser
  • Analysis and Tracking of Logs
  • End-to-End encryption of Transactions
  • Protect Basic Security Vulnerabilities
  • Implementation of HSM and KMS
  • Authentication via Biometrics
  • Encrypted crypto wallets

Frequently Asked Questions

The sender sends the cryptocurrency to another person who will receive the crypto assets and also give up his ownership. For, such a transaction to be possible, our crypto wallet will transfer the assets efficiently and securely. Whereas to execute the transaction from a crypto wallet a private key of the sender and public address of the receiver must match.

To transfer your cryptocurrency from Tron wallet, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Open your Tron crypto wallet
  • Then click receive button from the homepage, and copy the wallet address
  • Select the tokens to be withdrawn and tap on the withdraw option
  • Here, paste the wallet address, enter the amount, and select continue
  • Now, enter the six-digit verification code and confirm the withdrawal amount
  • Go to your registered email address linked with Tron and confirm the withdrawal process in the email

Among many crypto wallet app development companies, we provide extensive features to offer a smooth workflow of your wallet. Therefore we offer a white-label crypto wallet with customizable features, or you can develop your own custom wallet from scratch. However, a custom wallet development costs much more than a white-label crypto wallet development.

We provide the best crypto wallet in USA and globally, therefore before taking up the crypto wallet creation process we duly sign an NDA with you. We also comply with the set rules otherwise, we take full responsibility for the in-convenience caused.