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A payment gateway is a financial service that is provided by E-commerce application service provided, that take care of credit card payments for online, for an organization and other stores. Payment gateways help these transactions by importing valid information between payment doorway such as online-enabled mobile devices/websites or IVR technology and the financial institution.

Proficient workers at Awapal Solution Pvt. Ltd have gigantic expertise in amalgamating the APIs, for both on hand and forthcoming websites. We provide you with the most outstanding API integration solutions from dashboards that consolidate data from numerous sources to leveraging third party applications.

How does Payment Gateway Works?

A payment gateway accelerates the transfer of data between a payment portal (such as a website, mobile phone etc.) and the Front End Processor. Below are the steps that will guide you on how Payment Gateways work:

Step 1 Customer places the order by clicking on the submit button or can even enter card details by using an automatic phone answering service.

Step 2 If the order is done through a website, customers web browser decodes the information which is to be sent between the browser and the merchant’s web server.

Step 3 The merchant will forward the transaction details to their payment gateway. After this the payment gateway forwards the transaction information to the payment processor which is used by the merchant acquiring bank.

Step 4 The bank, which issues credit card receives a request and sends back a response code back to the processor. The response is forwarded to the payment gateway.

Step 5 The merchant submit all their approved sanction in a batch, then the acquiring bank deposits the total approved funding in the selected account.

This entire process takes more than a day for completing the entire settlement.

Awapal Payment Gateway Services

  • Protected transactions with our sophisticated hoax avoidance systems.
  • Custom transaction information and figures engender in real time.
  • Secure online credit card and other substitute payments that are carried through online.
  • Recognized combination options including third-party shopping cart.
  • Complete 24/7 customer support

Process of our payment gateway Integration

We furnish to your sole necessities, maintaining the resolution in-sync with customers services or products, final users and the target market. We anticipate our customers to just select their cart and the rest is will be handled by our highly experiences and professional development team. Our versatile developers efficiently assimilate your preferred solution to your business website and help you make profits.

We also go through to all types of technical predicament connected with this type of integrations. Thus, we make sure that you provide smooth, hassle-free web experience to your targeted web users throughout their journey.

Why Choose Us?

At Awapal Solutions we supply an exceptional service, when it comes to payment gateway services. Companies from different industrial hire us for attaining secure, high-quality service at competent price. Some of the key features of the payment gateway resolution that we have till date integrated for clients include:

  • Swift transaction process.
  • User-friendly integration solution.
  • Multiple modes for making payment.
  • Effortless and hassle-free installation.
  • Wide-ranging transaction features.

Types of Integration Provided by Awapal Solutions

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway refers to the technology that interprets payment cards and send information of the customers to the merchant obtaining bank for processing further information. The payment gateway is a significant facet of all electronic payments which are processed.

SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway is a Web site that permits users to send SMS from a Web browser to the public within the cell dole out by that gateway. An SMS gateway can also work as an international gateway for users with wandering potential, allocating SMS communication away from the main network.

Crypto API

The Crypto API has a numerous noteworthy uses within the Enterprise Computing Model. Computing on an Enterprise scale entails an additional worldwide structure for communication between different people, such as interstate catalog management, international product delivery, and so on.

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