A service portal is a web and app-based solution for customers, providing a range of services including home service, office service, car service and more. Hence, we extend our service portal development solution for clients, integrated with unique features and custom designs. This portal help users access to required service choice and data hassle-free. Get our services, to bring into play customer-centric service portals, employee service portals, and government service portals.

Awapal service portal development solutions are progressive and inherited with custom features that allow users to take advantage of many unique services. We offer customizable solutions made according to clients’ needs and requirements, these services are scalable, rapid, and hassle-free. Know more about the integrated features of a service portal as mentioned below.

platform strategy

Platform Strategy

Our research-based methodologies & experience in global service portal development help us in formulating platform strategies with required values and ideations.

custom app

Custom Apps

Get your custom-made mobile and web applications developed within the stipulated timeframe as per the required qualities and functionalities.

dedicated security


Our service portals are constructed with heavy security features as customers will include their sensitive information & they will be secured with the integration of 2FA & more.

easy of use

Ease of Use

We make a service portal with more ease to use features and techniques for better customer experience and enhanced with reduced platform load time.

brilliant ux design

User-Centric Design

We have an in-house team of frontend developers who create indulging and attractive UI/UX designs with their creative thinking.

For unmatched user experience

We created 3 different panels with customer centric features

  • Verify the profile
  • Service provider management
  • Manage ads on the portal
  • Give discounts and create deals
  • Review management
  • Payment information
  • Control center
  • Manage service portal
  • Promotion management
  • Notification management
  • Analytics as well as reporting
service admin panel
  • Create a profile
  • Select your language
  • Messaging in-app
  • Real-time tracking
  • Get notifications
  • Registration
  • Plan services
  • Reviews
  • Discounts
  • Fast research
  • Options for payment
  • Different services
service user panel
  • Ease of registration
  • Messaging
  • reject/accept booking
  • Service portal history
  • Detail of service provider
  • Customer review
  • Manage profile
  • Booking management
  • Payment management
  • Reply to feedback
service provider

Engagement and Hiring Model

We offer many hiring services for your growing business as you can use these models according to your business needs.


Onsite Hiring

This model is best for people who want home service app service in front of them or their office.


Offsite Hiring

If you don’t want to bear overhead charges and the difficulty of supervising your project, you can go for this one model.


Hybrid Hiring

This model is useful for people who want to gain the benefit of both onsite hiring as well as offsite hiring for the service portal development.

fixed price

Fixed Hiring

You can go for this model when you are looking for a service app for developing your business on a fixed budget.

dedicated hiring

Dedicated Hiring

This model is good for people who want a speedy app development process when they do not have much time.

hourly basis

Hourly Basis

When you want to pay developers who are working on your project on an hourly basis, you can go for this model.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped For You

We are offering many service portal development services for your project. Our Experienced developers make your project for growing business as per your business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Service portal?

    The self-service portal is a website that provides information to users to find answers and solves problems. Any self-service portal is to help users effectively solve their needs without external help.

  • What are the advantages of a service portal?

    It saves time by consolidating your back-end applications into a single access point and improves security by providing a single sign-on for all business applications. Also, It promotes products to customers and provides branding.

  • Why do businesses use service portals?

    Service Portal is a secure self-service website designed to enable companies to connect with users, share relevant account and product information, while allowing users to search, enter, and view.

  • Which thing makes a good service portal?

    A service portal is a kind of never-sleeping support available 24/7 and provides a consistent experience for users. After all, most people prefer to find questions and answers to questions on their own. Social media users want answers to their queries within fewer hours.