Start your Mobile Recharge Business with us. Checkout the Main Features of Awapal Mobile Recharge Software.

Multi-Level Commission Structure

A multi-level commission structure gives many solutions for ready-made recharge. Our solution frame contains two parts- B2B as well as B2C.

White Labeled and Branding

A white label and branding mobile application is a native that goes directly on the Android operating system which is created by third-party developers but offers under your brand.

Mobile, DTH, Data Card, and Bill Payment

We have the solutions for a mobile recharge app including all recharge options such as bill payments, pre-paid, utility bills.

Classified Website Development

Developing a mobile recharge app solution wants a great deal and the knowledge of the main features that are required to build a platform for mobile recharge.

Classified Software Management

Customers can easily log into their mobile recharge app account and access their subscriptions.

Classified Software Testing

Software testing could be classified according to the purpose for which the test is designed and to the activity measured.

Customized Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment Solution

  • Send personalized update
  • Different user platform
  • Manage multi-level commission
  • Ready-made apps for user
  • Multi-operator configurable
  • Online payments offer available
  • Gives cashback on every transaction
  • Get SMS on cash deduction
  • Include both dealer and distributor

Following are the benefits of Multi Recharge Software Development

Generation Plan
  • Recharge your phone anytime.
  • Recharge all devices be it mobile.
  • It removes the hassle of buying.
  • It maintains multi-mobile phones.
  • It is integrated into any website.
  • It maintains balance from many operators.
  • Reduce costs associated with the purchase.
  • Compatible with multi-mobile recharge API.
  • Do not need to find a local retailer.
  • Recharge your phone in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recharge app is designed to allow customers to spend more money in-store during their lifetime. They do this by allowing customers to frequently subscribe to receive products.
It tells what can get out of your products and services, and differentiates your products from your competitors. Loyal customers must not only provide them with valuable products but also ensure that they can quickly identify the source of the product.
Online Bill Payment is a service that allows customers to pay bills without writing checks and mail them. It is generally associated with a checking account from which funds are withdrawn electronically to pay one-time or recurring bills
At any stage in the software development life cycle, human error can lead to defects or failures. The results are classified as minor or catastrophic, depending on the consequences of the error.
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