State-Of-The-Art Online Lottery Software Development

Awapal Solutions is a well established Lottery Management Software Development Company. Develop robust and online modern Lottery Software capable to uplift your business proficiencies. Lottery Management offers streamlined solutions for an exciting gaming experience. Our Lottery software offers appealing designs, customizable infrastructure, and is feature-loaded. It is developed so well that it can run on all devices and operating systems.

Operated by a team of technically proficient and experienced professionals we make Lottery Software that takes users abilities to a whole new level. Our Lottery Management System is integrated with multiple gateways, like Lottery API integrations or even a number of other games.

Next Drawing : Sat 03/26/22


Winning Numbers : Wed 03/26/22

  • 08
  • 15
  • 21
  • 28
  • 61
  • 06

Next Drawing : Sat 03/26/22


Winning Numbers : Wed 03/26/22

  • 08
  • 15
  • 21
  • 28
  • 61
  • 06

Next Drawing : Sat 03/26/22


Winning Numbers : Wed 03/26/22

  • 08
  • 15
  • 21
  • 28
  • 61
  • 06

Intuitive Features Of Online Lottery Software

lorem ipsum sales on your eCommerce marketplace website development through personalized features to allow users to easily make purchase and sale queries. Our eCommerce marketplace consists of the following modern features :

Random Number Generator

Wallet System

Analytics Report

Customized SMS Alerts

Player Management

Agent Management System

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

Real-Time Updates and Reports

Multiple Payment Gateways

User Account Management

Easy-to-use Log In and Log Out Panel

Player Stats

Multi-Lingual Support

Mobile Responsive

Fully Customized

P2P Referral System

Finance Management

Multiple website skins

Automated Alerts and Push Notifications

Comprehensive & Secure Payment System

Multiple Lottery Pools/Contests

Follows Legal Compliances of respective Lottery Boards

Lottery Tickets - SMS, Email Notifications & Print Out

Benefits Of Online Lottery Software

Being an industry specialist you can avail the benefits of our services by investing in the profitable lottery industry:


Scalable and Flexible

On-Demand Customizations

User-friendly Interface

Interactive Lottery Gaming Application

Multiple Device Compatibility

Transparent and Credible

High-end Security

Software Integrations

Marketing Guidance

Training & Support

Adaptive & Responsive Design

Regulatory Standards Awapal Custom Digital Lottery Software

Awapal's Lottery Management System is integrated with regulatory standards to comply with various gaming regulators through the medium of jurisdiction certificate.

Lottery Kiosk Solutions

Our experts create Lottery Software with Kiosk Solutions that enable accurate Play Slip and QR code reading methodology. Also, the Kiosk system can read and process the barcodes of Lottery and Scratch tickets and can generate receipts.

Lottery Management Software

Our Lottery Management System is built to regulate databases for data transfers. It allows users a number of gaming options such as “play by draw” and “play by number” in automatic and manual drawing capabilities.

Lottery Software Solutions

At Awapal, we offer tailor-made Lottery Development Services in advanced and standard forms. We develop a lottery with a random generation mechanism for the number in the module of manual, smart or automatic.

2D and 3D Lottery Design

Our design teams are capable of designing lotteries using advanced programming languages. Using .NET, JQuery, MVC, HTML5, SQL Server, and Flash. They can develop 3D assets using Unity, Maya, and Flash.

Lottery Mobile App Services

Our Lottery Management Services extends to Mobile Application Development with custom UI/UX designs. Push Notifications are also enabled to provide users with real-time updates of details.

RNG Lottery Solutions

We develop your Lottery Management System with reliable Random Number Generator (RNG) logic. Our Lottery Developers make use of Mersenne Twister and Microsoft RNG Library to develop solutions.

Our Flexible and Easy-to-Understand Ticket Buying System

We help you maximize your ticket sales by ensuring customer satisfaction by playing on an online portal. We integrated the platform with a multi-mode ticketing system to offer freedom of playing with numerous options and expertise solutions.


By this method, users can enter each draw for a week and prevent accidental miss of draws by even not entering regularly.

Single Entry

This process allows new players to either choose between randomized gameplay or manual selection of lucky numbers through a number picker interface.


Through this method, Syndicates ensure a higher level of customer retention by offering them potentially heavy discounts and combined jackpots.


With the subscription method, players can play for a whole year in discounts and generate a regular revenue stream.

What We Do

We foster unique solutions based on industry best practices for the upliftment of your brand reputation. We develop innovative & user-friendly designs that are eye-grabbing and tested for easy gaming. We implement successfully the latest blockchain technology and modern security infrastructure to facilitate future product benefits. Get a range of best suggestions and options to help you understand our development perspective:

Analyze Customer Needs

Our team of developers are well acquainted with the customer needs to build custom solutions.

Result-Oriented Approach

Due to expert experience, we are able to drive customer satisfaction with a result-oriented approach.

Quality Control & Testing

Our quality control and testing is a quintessential strategy for clients business proficiency to exceed future preferences.


We build platforms that perform cross-functional across various devices to provide stability in work.

Why choose Awapal as your Lottery Management System Provider?

Learn how we profess in developing your technology with the most efficient solutions. We build Lottery Management System with the safest mechanism prevalent in the concurrent global ecosystem. Thus to grab our experience, learn the mechanisms that we efficiently help you with:

Modern Technologies

Our Awapal team works on modern technologies to make innovative solutions with tailor-made solutions.

Improve User-Experience

Our Lottery Management System is built with decent architectures to smoothen the user experience.

Skilled Developers

Comparatively, we are able to develop solutions that are budget-friendly and essential for a user.

Competitive Pricing

Our expert developers profess the ability to deliver the applications as per the modern strategy.

Cross-Browser Functionality

Our solutions are developed aligned with market needs to work in all devices.


We enhance the reliability of our software by updating them regularly with updates.

Smooth Payment Portal

Our futuristic Lottery Solution is acquainted with a secure payment portal that makes things easy for both clients and customers.

Completely Scalable Model

Our scalable Lottery Management Solutions are developed in a way to ensure you stay updated with the latest market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Awapal is the biggest eCommerce marketplaces development company globally that allows you to integrate your eCommerce software with multiple features. We use the latest technologies to automate your product development process online and configure bugs. Furthermore, our QA team re-test the end product on several platforms for removing bugs and checking the quality of responsive functions.

Of course, our largest eCommerce marketplaces development company make mobile-friendly eCommerce products. Our developers use smart codes that enable your eCommerce marketplace on smartphones, with functions that work the same on both platforms.

Being the top online marketplaces development company we provide an SEO package to help you market your eCommerce marketplace successfully. Get our digital marketing package to grow the digital outreach of your eCommerce business. Moreover, our marketing place online SMO helps you to generate a genuine audience using various platforms.

As an online marketplace company, Awapal dedicated developers hold years of experience in the development of your eCommerce online store. Because of which you can add 3rd party extensions and still the website won’t be damaged. Therefore, our capabilities are more upright to help you to get the hassle-free services and best from us.

A multi-vendor marketplace and a regular eCommerce marketplace are two different things, they have separate features, practices and business prospects. Understand them here:

  • In a Multi-vendor marketplace, vendors can sell their products and services on your admin’s platform. Whereas, in an eCommerce store, only business owners can sell their products.
  • An eCommerce marketplace consists of a range of products, high traffic, & a huge number of shoppers, whereby an eCommerce business take time to scale up due to limited inventory and audience.
  • From a marketplace, users can generate trust because of high-quality vendor listings, moreover, using an eCommerce, customer’s trust has to be constructed from scratch.
  • Within a marketplace, the vendor has to look out for order flow, inventory management, payments, logistics and more, but in an eCommerce store, the owner takes the complete charge to constitute the work.
  • Marketplaces can offer fixed sales, auction or mixed sales, whereas regular eCommerce works on fixed sales.

Our highly skilled professionals can develop the following marketplaces:

  • Vertical Marketplace
    A Vertical marketplace is created for a specific industry or a niche market. Here the admin will advertise its business on specific websites, online forums, etc. And make the ads reach a specific and right audience.
  • Horizontal Marketplace
    It is a B2B or B2C marketplace that sells multiple products and services. Admins could list products or services from a range of business options as offered by different sellers. It is known to be the most famous marketplace and attracts a wide range of audiences.
  • Service Aggregation Marketplace
    A Service Aggregation Marketplace invites vendors to list their services on your platform. This is also known as a network model that stores several unorganized service providers in one place. Using the SAM vendors can sell their services under the multi-vendor marketplace brand name.

One thing that you must know - Awapal is a top-notch eCommerce Marketplace development company in India. So, you are making the right choice, subscribe to our services now! Don’t worry, you will be getting the following benefits within your eCommerce marketplace:

  • A wide range of choices that you can offer to your customers and hence generate more traffic.
  • Generate more revenue for your business by incorporating high-quality vendors.
  • Do away with the tension of logistics management, inventory management, product inflow management and more.
  • Enjoy lower capital risks as costs will be covered under vendor commissions.
  • Scale your business anytime.

Driving to the market needs is your responsibility and you need to ensure that your business achieves the highest goal within the speculated time. You need to do effective marketing strategies or either collaborate with vendors or run discounts and offers or promote deals and announce free shipping to attract customers.

If you need the best marketing strategies for your boosting your eCommerce business you can always opt for the following strategies:

  • Lure your existing relationships through personal messages and freemium services
  • Bring out user-generated engagement through selfie contests, testimonials and more.
  • Execute inbound marketing tactics like storytelling, coaching or educating the audience on your business-related topics.
  • Find influencers and promote them to gather traffic.
  • Build your network on social media and online forums.
  • Network on popular online forums
  • Transact your business mission, vision and goal on social media platforms.
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