Classified Software Solution

We are providing many types of classified app development services and classified portal development services to businesses. Also, we have a big team of talented and experienced classified portal developers.

Classified Portal Designing

An illustrated and designed classified portal permit for search suitable and sub-categories for the users. It enables users to find or add checklists from paid and free classified ads.

Classified Portal Development

Classified portal development is access to many types of information. It needs web-development skills to add Client or server site content, rich app development, and more.

Classified Mobile App Development

Classified mobile app development is a platform where you can purchase and sell many things like electronics items, furniture, property, and many more online.

Classified Website Development

Classified portal development website provides a platform for all who don’t want to create their own website but want to improve their online sales.

Classified Software Management

Classified software management is a term that protects computer software including network management, financial management, and customer relationship management software.

Classified Software Testing

Classified software Testing is the process of running software and looking for flaws. Software must be error-free in order to perform well. If the testing is successfully completed, the software will be free from all errors.

To make things easy to use

We created 2 different panels with customer centric features

  • Create profile
  • Handle customers
  • Sharing to social media
  • Manage Adds
  • Manage Category
  • Send or receive notifications
  • Create Discounts
  • Offer deals
  • Manage content
  • Report
  • Reviews
  • Registration
  • Update adds
  • Find through location
  • Send notifications
  • Order information
  • Product images
  • Post similar products
  • Ratings for product
  • Supportive for all language

Engagement and Hiring Model

It becomes really simple and easy when you have six different hiring and engagement models to hire the development team for your project.


This model allows you to bring our highly qualified and experienced categorized app development team to your location to work on your project.


This model is ideal if you don't like to pay for the extra overhead costs associated with your classified portal Development.


This model appreciates the benefits of the above two recruitment models and controls your classified mobile application development process.

Fixed Price

This model is best for those who want to develop classified portals, websites, and apps on a secure and fixed budget.

Dedicated Hiring

This model works for people who have a shortage of time and plan to launch their website or app on the market soon.

Hourly Basis

In this model, the people who only want to pay for the hours of work performed, nothing more.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped for You

We give you the best solution for your e-commerce business that will give you the best results. Our experienced developers and designers make your project according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A classified portal is a platform in which people post their advertisements. It has all the features that allow paid classifieds to be submitted. You can charge local businesses through these features and post your classifieds listing to your directory.
Mobile apps are mainly divided into three types, including native apps, web-based mobile apps, and hybrid apps. Native apps include Android and iOS. Hybrid mobile apps combine native and web-based app elements.
Classified portal solutions are necessary because they directly reach the target audience area and increase product sales. It is also useful to create and establish a brand name.
Software testing and quality assurance play an important role in the software development cycle. Both processes complete the entire process and guarantee excellent product quality. Therefore, it also reduces maintenance costs and provides better usability and improved functions.