Classified Software Solution

Get your Classified Portal Development Solutions consisting of the latest and most advanced technologies. We develop your classified portals efficiently and with interactive designs to allow people to view, post, share ads with proper information. You will get attached functions that help in a seamless workflow and allow smooth navigation for the visitors.

Due to a boom in IT during the pandemic, Classified Portals have gained popularity as many people are advertising on the platform and are generating a lot of traffic. We offer a complete set of tools to bridge the gap between you and other members. Our developers use smart codes and attach the latest functionality for ease of cataloguing and listing. Within our classified portals you can get CMS integrations, images, banner ads, custom designs, and secure payment structures etc.

Features of Custom Classified Portal Development

Catalogue Management

Take advantage of our dynamix catalogue management system for an effective presentation of your products and services from seller to buyer.

Custom Design and option

We feature more attractive custom designs for clients and modern features to present products and services easily.

Display Ad Management

Within our platform you can add high-quality images and videos that make your ads more manageable and attractive.

Featured Listing

Featured Listing plays a vital role in the classified portal to grab the attention. Get the list of interesting ads and posts automatically through featured listings and much more.

City and State Master

Access the location of both the sellers and the buyers efficiently through our state and city master.

Listings (approve / disapprove)

Set up filters to update listings status on our classified portal through listing settings and specifications for listing approve or disapprove.

Manage Advertisements

Manage advertisements by editing and monitoring the performance of ads that will work as per client’s requirements.

Effective Admin Panel

Get an effective admin panel to serve the needs of your clients and the people who maintain them.

User Management

Get ease of user service management from our developed platform or update and delete user information successfully.

Profile Management

Users can brand their business in our classified portal through logo, company name, slogan, other description, credentials etc.

Simple and advanced search

Leverage simple and advanced search functionality in our classified listing portal for faster and accurate search results.

Sponsored Links

Use sponsored links to make it easy for stakeholders to interact with users and promote products and services indirectly.

Our Classified Portal Development Services

  • Get user-friendly UI/UX designs
  • Smart code algorithms for portal development
  • Top level classified portal migration services
  • Classified website development service
  • Classified Portal Management by our experienced team
  • Portal management from our team
  • Classified Web App Development
  • Fast and easy to use Classified Mobile App Development
  • Quality testing service by our quality assurance team
  • Get 24*7 tech support
  • Generate more traffic by our SEO services
  • Benefit our data entry and back-office services
  • Enterprise class portal solutions
  • White-label classified Ad portal development with modern and latest technologies

Key Features of Added to your Classified Portal

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Classified ads management system
  • User friendly interface
  • User management
  • List premium/non premium
  • Listing report
  • Add company details
  • Ecommerce feature
  • Auction Advertising
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Flexibility search
  • Video tutorial support
  • Manage User Profile
  • Edit & Update location
  • List a product/service for sale
  • Easy and free payment
  • Image upload & optimize
  • Currency setup
  • Translations for classified ads
  • Social media links
  • Favorites and saved searches
  • Monetizing options
  • Category management
  • Instant suggestions
  • Product management
  • Security
  • Blog module setup
  • Add customized banner
  • Paid listing for Classified Ads
  • Promotion options
  • Category suggestions
  • Video and images Upload
  • Automatic messages by email & mobile
  • Location module
  • Responsive interface
  • Google ads Integration
  • Advertising Option for Business
  • Great Features for Sellers
  • Great Features for Buyers
  • Google Map Integration
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Call support
  • User subscription & list
  • Plans as per user subscription
  • Official Email address
  • Login ID & Password
  • Online ticket and email support
  • Receipt generation
  • CRM system
  • Active/inactive listing

We designed two separate panels with customer-focused features

  • Create profile
  • Handle customers
  • Sharing to social media
  • Manage Adds
  • Manage Category
  • Send or receive notifications
  • Create Discounts
  • Offer deals
  • Manage content
  • Report
admin panel
  • Reviews
  • Registration
  • Update adds
  • Find through location
  • Send notifications
  • Order information
  • Product images
  • Post similar products
  • Ratings for product
  • Supportive for all language
customer panel

Engagement and Hiring Model

Hire our experienced and innovative developers consisting of project managers, front-end developers, back-end developers, mobile application developers (iOS & Android), QA testers, digital marketing team, and support team. Our teams work according to your requirements and provide results within the stipulated time. We have teams for fulfilling your every development requirement, as given below :



Get the benefit of our onsite development team that works specifically for fulfilling clients requirements.



We provide remote software developers, who will be responsible for your fully functional development process.



Hire extravagant developers who are experienced in developing hybrid software models within a reasonable timeframe.

fixed price

Fixed Price

Get our development team for a fixed price from us and get your work done without paying more.

dedicated hiring

Dedicated Hiring

Leverage our hiring services that are of high quality, as we only hire experienced candidates who have an innovative mindset.

hourly basis

Hourly Basis

Get our developers on an hourly basis and get your work done within hours of a day.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped for You

We give you the best solution for your e-commerce business that will give you the best results. Our experienced developers and designers make your project according to your requirements.

Why Choose Awapal For

Classified Listing Portal Development?

  • We deploy highly qualified manpower who analyze the client’s requirements and form strategies for portal development.
  • We develop mobile friendly portals
  • Use our services for web portal hosting and maintenance
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate interface
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • 24*7 support & assistance
  • Innovative design and solutions
  • Completion of project within specified time






Frequently Asked Questions

A classified portal is a platform in which people post their advertisements. It has all the features that allow paid classifieds to be submitted. You can charge local businesses through these features and post your classifieds listing to your directory.
Mobile apps are mainly divided into three types, including native apps, web-based mobile apps, and hybrid apps. Native apps include Android and iOS. Hybrid mobile apps combine native and web-based app elements.
Classified portal solutions are necessary because they directly reach the target audience area and increase product sales. It is also useful to create and establish a brand name.
Software testing and quality assurance play an important role in the software development cycle. Both processes complete the entire process and guarantee excellent product quality. Therefore, it also reduces maintenance costs and provides better usability and improved functions.

The online classified portal development process is easy and offers extravagant services to its users. Understand the following classified portal development processes :

  • Choose a domain name & hosting
  • Select the platform for initiating development
  • Personalize through theme selection and design creation
  • Menus pages and links creation
  • Classifieds ads allotment
  • Maintaining the classified web portal

For the development of classified ads portal you can choose Awapal solutions and follow the given procedures:

  • Tell us your hypothetical idea and help us imagine
  • Understand our prototype inherited with fully functional features and state the corrections
  • Inform us about the personalized theme that you want
  • Get your ads added to the web portal
  • Finally, get your services from us on time
  • Enjoy 24*7 technical support from our specialized teams

Yes off-course, our services do not just hold on to the development and delivery of your project. Further, we extend our services for the maintenance of the project by providing 24/7 support by the technical team. You can enjoy free technical assistance for 30 days starting from the day of delivery of your project. If you get bugs while working or any other glitches, we are there to help you.