Stable Coin Development Company

Get your custom stable coin development platform built by our high-skilled developers. We facilitate stablecoin development services in India to peg your assets and stabilize your crypto assets. Moreover, with our professional stable development service, you can protect yourself against volatility.

Stablecoins are digital currencies that have a fixed rate and are resistant to constant fluctuations. Moreover, this cryptocurrency has low volatility of exchange rates and is not connected to any central bank. However, stablecoins are backed by other stable assets, like precious metals, fiat currency, gold currency, and more.

Here at Awapal, we assist your stablecoin development services with strategic designs as developed by our professional team of developers. Furthermore, our worldwide services include the creation of white paper, consulting, and marketing of stablecoin. Our goal is to provide you guidance on stablecoin development and foster measurable business results.

Stable Cryptocurrency

100% Backed by Assets

Fully Transparent

High Secure

Stable Coin Development Services

Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Our premium cryptocurrency services include the development of Gold-backed stable coin development that is stable and secure. Here, 1 gram of gold signifies 1 crypto coin.

Fiat - Backed Cryptocurrency

We develop fiat-backed stablecoins, that can peg your cash reserves to create a stable currency backed by assets. Every issued token represents 1 USD or 1 Yen or 1 Euro.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency

Our stablecoin development offer, creation of stable currencies backed by diamond, ruby, or other precious stones. Here, 1 cryptocurrency represents a 1-carat diamond.

Stable Tokens

We create tradeable tokens that represent basic stablecoin and retain the value close to the pegged asset.

Bond Tokens

Get your tradeable bond token developed by our skilled developers to stake bonds in the system and store them in any wallet.

Share Tokens

Develop your share token to represent fixed basic shares, and curb the token price if it continues to rise.

Stable Coin Features

Awapal creates stable coins that are market-oriented and fosters business growth. Therefore, the developed stable coins offer the following benefits:

No Volatility

Stablecoins offer low volatility in exchange rates because they are backed by a stable and secure monetary value.

Financial Inclusion

Financial services are not only pocketed within elites, but now everyone can assess these services using blockchain technology.

Resilient Stablecoin

Our stablecoin development designs are in accordance with providing a stable value across jurisdictions without a change in value.


Raise funds using liquid assets in a secure and stable form and maintain stability when price increases.

Increased Exposure

The underlying assets are exposed due to the margin trading as a result of collateralized debt obligation (CDO).

Governance Token

Governance tokens are decentralized and use distributed powers and rights whereby, using them one can vote on governance proposals.

User-friendly Mining

Using cloud-based mining techniques miners can carry out the mining of gold-backed or currency-backed cryptocurrencies.

Energy Efficient

With stablecoin development, users can execute consensus at a faster speed, whereas energy consumption is decreased.

Widespread Integration

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are accepted all over the worldly exchanges, therefore, these can be traded at several exchanges.

Preferred Stable Coin Development Solutions

We not only create stablecoin that offers world-class services, but we also offer other services that come in handy with it. The following services will navigate your stablecoin journey towards success:

White Paper Creation

At Awapal, we extend our services to writing a clear, crisp, and concise white paper that depicts real-world business problems. Moreover, we can write white papers that show how your business problems are solved. So, our whitepaper creation solution is a result of appropriate research, market knowledge, and insight inclusion techniques. In the end, we finalize the content by proper designs, so that your customers are attracted.

Stablecoin Counsulting

Get independent advice and support from our industry experts for strengthening your stablecoin development strategic decisions and achieving exceptional results. We create a successful roadmap by including market analytics, proper technical research, and a forward-thinking approach. So, achieve high business outcomes and build business growth.

Stablecoin Marketing

Leverage our widespread marketing approach to deliver your brand mission, vision, and goal on various platforms. The process of Stablecoin marketing includes SEO, SMO, paid marketing, and personalized video creation. Moreover, we have aligned all our activities with your business goal development and enhance customer engagement.

Get Your Custom Solution Shaped for You

Get customize stable coin development services from Awapal for enhancing your business growth. We develop gold-backed, precious stone-backed, and fiat currency-backed stable coins that remain stable and offer low volatility.

What can you achieve with Awapal?

Awapal stablecoin development offers a unique service for the development of cryptocurrency, whereby, the following features are included with every product:


We develop stablecoin platforms that are easy to customize and utilize exclusive features for better integration.


Our every platform is integrated with extensive features that help enterprises to expand their services.


Get your platform developed with configured services, extensive business rules, and required features.


Acquire our ready-made white-label stablecoin platform that uses automated processes and reduces costs.

Multi-channel access

Your users can easily switch working between any screen, browser, device, or operating system for better performance.


Our developed services are better built with the latest and modern technologies that increase your business efficiency.

Tools & Technology Used to Develop P2P Crypto Exchange

Our expert-made Peer-to-Peer exchange platform is created with the latest technical codes, highly secure mechanisms, and creative designs. Hence, the following tools will allow you to understand our P2P crypto exchange development.

  • HTMl
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular js

Frequently Asked Questions

Stable coin’s market value is buffing up at an unprecedented rate. In fact, as per the Statistica report, in just some months of 2021, the stablecoin surpassed the 100 billion dollar market cap. Likewise, you can estimate the future prospects of Stablecoin development.
There are several stablecoins in the market and we offer the best Stable coin development in India. Hence, you can enjoy exclusive services like Customizability, Scalability, Configurability, Cost-effectivity, Multi-channel accessing, and Marketability. Moreover, you can get a white-label stable coin or build a stablecoin from scratch.
We are a top-notch stable coin development company in India therefore, we sign an NDA before taking up the project from you. Whereas, if we ever fail to work as per the set rules then, we take up the full responsibility of your project.
Stable coin offers the following benefits:
  • Stable against fluctuating prices.
  • Increased liquidity in the platform.
  • Increased global customers.
  • Efficient risk management.