Custom NFT Marketplace Development Services

To carry out the development of a sophisticated NFT marketplace for NFT tokens, we at Awapal team up with clients to develop a white-label NFT platform. This helps in ensuring each user arrives at our platform and experiences a top-class marketplace working to enable NFT trade. However, our best NFT marketplace development practices offer buyers to digitally purchase the collectibles embedded in non-fungible tokens that are listed by the sellers or the creators. So, here the main point is that on every transaction the marketplace asks for a certain amount from the participating traders. Moreover, our expert developers help you to create an NFT marketplace that works flawlessly well and attracts genuine leads. Therefore, this facilitates our clients with the benefits of earning profit from each transaction.

Moreover, our non-fungible token marketplace development helps creators from around the world to generate huge revenue for their digital non-fungible products. Likewise, we construct our platform safely and reliably so that anyone from a gamer to a musician can trade easily. The buyer is offered a token on each purchase that works as proof of ownership. Hence, we proudly state that our NFT software development services are market-oriented and enhance refinement, reliability, and transparency.

Characteristics Of NFT Marketplace Development


NFT token holders can take advantage of smooth trading, bundling, bidding, app-specific currencies, and more features from our platforms. Therefore, using these features users can trade NFT in multiple digital platforms and marketplaces.


Our developers build NFT tokens with common, reusable, and relevant standards that can be mentioned on public blockchains. With the development of NFT tokens, users can enjoy ownership, transfer, and can control their tokens easily.


NFT tokens trading over our NFT marketplace website generates high liquidity. Moreover, the NFT tokens can be stored as collateral for instant cash or other forms of cryptocurrencies. Whereas, NFTs have the ability to expand the market for unique digital assets.


NFT marketplace development standards allow interaction with multiple digital ecosystems. Wallet providers can view the NFT projects as developed to list them in the NFT marketplace for trading. These open standards help in providing a consistent, clear, and reliable API for data reading and writing.


Just like conventional digital assets, NFTs also have easy programmability. However, a number of NFTs have extremely complex mechanisms that can include abilities like redeeming, crafting, forging, random generation, and more.


Using our smart contracts developers you can place huge capital of NFT and apply proper properties to them. These properties cannot be modified after the issuance of an NFTs. To improve the uniqueness of your creation, developers can enforce these specific properties to them.

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Our Non-Fungible
Token Marketplace Offers


NFT For Art


NFT For Music


NFT For Video


NFT For Games


NFT For Sports


NFT For Fantasy Sports


NFT For Accessories


NFT For Real Estate


NFT For Infrastructure Development


NFT For Domain Name

Features of NFT Marketplace Development


Our white label NFT marketplace portal lists NFT tokens with their volume, price, average, and other top statistics. This allows token owners to record the demand and position of their tokens in the market.


Within our professionally designed marketplace, your audience can view their bundled tokens from the list. Moreover, a user can bundle up to 30 items to sell multiple tokens at a time at an efficient gas fee.


Our custom NFT marketplace development allows users to develop varied types of listings, such as Dutch auction listings, English auction listings, and fixed-price listings. Hence, below-mentioned are explained processes of listing.

Dutch Auction Listing:

To create a Dutch auction listing a seller has to select an initial price, end price, and auction duration of the listing. Here, the seller initiates the auction at a price above the expected demand, and then that price keeps on declining over time.

English Auction Listings:

We have also facilitated our NFT marketplace platform with English auction listing which is mostly associated with speed-talking and hammer-wielding auctioneers. Here, a seller offers a minimum price for an item and then awaits bids for a certain time and then accepts the highest bids.

Filters used for NFT Marketplace Development


Recently Listed:

Our professionally designed NFT marketplace views the details of recently listed items with the platform.


Recently Born:

Our experts constructed the NFT marketplace to display the recent minted items within the platform.


Expiring Soon:

Users of our developed platform can view the expiry time of the auction as listed on the platform.


Lowest Price:

For the advancement of buyer’s interests, the users can check the least expensive items from the list.


Highest Price:

Our NFT marketplace development platform is capable of displaying the most expensive items in which users can develop interest.


Highest Last Sale:

Items with the highest sale and that are sold for a lot of money will appear first.



The items that were minted at an early stage will appear first as they become the oldest.


Most Viewers:

The items that have the highest viewership within the platform will be displayed on the top.

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Forerunners of NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace development is a new concept for entrant entrepreneurs and businesses, but since its inception, there are many NFT marketplaces. Just for your reference, the top shots are listed as Rarible, Sorare, OpenSea, SuperRare, Mintable, Nifty Gateway, Cryptokitties.


Rarible marketplace majorly deals in tokenizing digital arts and painting to NFTs, hence it became a marketplace for collectible tokens and accessories.


Cryptokitties is a game based on blockchain developed on the ethereum network, to allow players to purchase, breed, collect, and sell virtual cats as NFTs


V.cent converts tweets into NFT, and this concept has set a new trend in the NFT marketplace. Moreover, it sells the NFTs for $2.5million.


The Dapper lab’s project - NBA top shots is a marketplace that facilitates tokenization of exclusive video clips and playing cards and other NBA-approved assets.


With Sorare NFT marketplace players can participate in fantasy leagues like dream 11.


Opensea marketplace allows tokenization of various digital arts and other unique products into NFT.

Our professional blockchain developers customize your NFT marketplace with various features of top marketplaces with the latest and modern innovations.

Our Blockchain Tech Expertise

  • Ethereum
  • Polkadot
  • Polygon
  • Hyperledger
  • Multichain
  • Azure Blockchain
  • Corda
  • Open Chain
  • Stellar
  • Neo
  • EOS
  • Startis

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I build my own NFT marketplace?

    Get your marketplace developed by our experts who include the latest and modern features to tokenize your collectibles and enhance your business growth.

  • How can anyone make money with NFT marketplace development?

    Our professionally developed NFT marketplaces collect money on every purchase from buyers. Whereas the audience can bid their NFTs depending on the value and popularity as listed in the marketplace for buyers.

  • How can I get my NFT marketplaces developed by you?

    To get your NFT marketplace developed by our professional team of blockchain developers, you need to convey your idea and we will wireframe the prototype for you.

  • Can I trust you with my NFT marketplace development project?

    Awapal provides top-notch NFT marketplace development services in India, hence you can surely trust our NFT marketplace development service. Moreover, before taking up