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NBFC Software Solution is complete and user-friendly software. With one common database and configurable user security profiles.


Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) have been there for quite a long time in our country. Previously, NBFCs have been facilitating credit to the semi-rural and rural areas where public sector banks were not able to establish a strong presence. However, NBFCs gained a significant amount of popularity and recognition over the recent years. A major reason for that is the increased interest of investment institutions in NBFCs.

NBFCs are registered under the Company Act, 1956 as companies that are engaged in financial activities such as facilitating loans, advances, acquisition of securities issued by a government or local authority, marketable securities of similar nature, leasing, hire/purchase, insurances, and chit businesses. Considering all these businesses, NBFCs cannot involve in certain facets of the economy as well. Those aspects include agricultural activity, industrial activity, sale/purchase of goods, services, and sale/purchase/construction of an immovable property.

In addition to above mentioned regulations, an NBFC must also be registered with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under Section 45-IA of the RBI Act, 1934.

The Need for an NBFC Software

Considering the responsibilities of an NBFC, they need to manage and maintain huge amounts of financial data on a daily basis. The database includes information of investors and business associates along with millions of financial transactions. The companies are required to maintain the information for future references. In such a scenario, companies need a best NBFC software that can handle sizable data. In addition, a software capable of performing additional tasks is a plus.

An NBFC loan software is a web-based system that comes with customisable integrations that can satisfy specific client requirements. Features such as SMS/email and/or support for multiple users make it versatile.

NBFC Software from Awapal

An NBFC loan management software has to be efficient so that it can manage cumbersome tasks of managing multiple users and big data. The online NBFC loan software provided by Awapal Solutions is loaded with features that are designed to benefit companies in its maximum capacity.

Loan Closure

  • NOC Certificate
  • Closure of loan

Loan Management

  • Collection of Payment
  • Bounces and Presentation of EMI

Loan Origination

  • Proposal Submission
  • Follow up
  • Verification


  • Post Dated Cheques Intake
  • Disbursement

Credit Assessment Memo (CAM)

  • KYC
  • Loan Approval
  • Approval and Deviation
  • CIBIL credit score
  • Documents Upload


  • Custom Reports
  • Module Report
  • Easy Export of Data
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Top Management Report

Customer Services

  • Foreclosure
  • Waivers
  • Write-off
  • Part Payment

Benefits of NBFC Software from Awapal

Some of the benefits of our NBFC accounting Software are given here

Voice Command

Our NBFC software is equipped with smart voice command feature that acts on your specific commands. This is an easy way to reduce manual involvement as he software can perform on its won by a few simple voice commands.

Robust Data Structure

Our Software follows 3rd NF (Normalised Format) data structure that reduces redundancy. This allows the system to work efficiently and eliminates repetition which in turn puts less burden on the system as well.

Fast and Easy KYC

Documentation is a key procedure in any investment into NBFCs. Even the slightest mistakes while inserting the information can cause ruckus in the procedures. Our NBFC loan software allows the administration to upload the data electronically so that they do not have to enter it manually. An electronic scanning ensures that there is no scope for human errors in the processes.

Big Data Handling

Our NBFC loan management software is highly optimised in ways that it can manage and maintain huge amounts of data with ease. It ensures a smooth flow of data so that users do not have to depend on additional utilities. If that is not enough, our software can effortlessly handle 80,000 to 90,000 users at once.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated mail servers and system servers allow seamless system perofrmance and better management. You can depend on our state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with the best possible equipment for an improved work flow.

Easy Tracking

Data and activity tracking is important, thus, we have equipped our NBFC software with top-notch tracking algorithms that can track user activities to its minute dtails. The system keeps records of each and every activity including both online/offiline activities and file usage. This helps you build a database for future reference as well.

Highly Customised Approach

We understand the needs of modern businesses and therefore we believe in delivering bespoke IT solutions. Our experts have put their best efforts to evaluate the possible scenarios that your business might face regarding data and user management. Therefore, we follow a highly customised approach where we customise the final product as per your niche requirements. This includes pretty basic utilities such as personalised emails/SMS as well.

Comprehensive User Interface

The appealing and thorough user-interface of our best NBFC software provides you with an overview of the whole situation on dashboard itself. It gives a complete overview of incoming/outgoing traffic on opening the software so that you do not have to delve deep into the system. In addition, graphical reports for account details, payments, summarised reports and other miscellaneous activities is a plus.

Features of NBFC Software from Awapal

Awapal Solutions understands the significance of an online NBFC loan Software and we have come up with the most feature-packed solution that is developed according to the needs of both large and micro-finance companies. With Best Non Banking Financial Software, you can maximise the productivity and efficiency.

Talking about the basic features such as intelligent accounting module, member module, admin module, e-wallet support, various payment gateways, export of reports, check printing, and web hosting are a few notable mentines. However, NBFC software from Awapal offers more than that.

  • API Integration: Our API integration allow our client to check CIBIL scores, PAN and aadhar verification etc can be easily integrated to get real time access.
  • Reduce TAT: Our software enhances overall operation of the organization by reducing turn around time (TAT) of the system.
  • Data and System Security: Multiple security features can be avail through our NBFC loan software such as lock facilty, system can be accesed through permission, easy data backup etc.
  • Multi User System: with the help of best software for NBFC provided by Awapal, our client can set user right. Particular access can be provided to the admin.
  • Single Click Deposit: The software provide a platform to their client where their users can deposit instalment with one click.
  • Policy Allotment: Our dedicated software, helps the client in providing easy policy allotment to their customer.
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence(AI) give power to the client to check frauds, fake prediction etc of the data provided by their customer.
  • Penalty Fee Calculation: Our software grants you a platform, where the client can check and impose total penalty fees.
  • MIS: Get customized MIS reports. All the reports of the agents/investors such as their details, growth and maturity report of customers etc. are visibile in real-time basis.
  • POS Machine Collection: Easy card collection system is integrated to the software. So as you can go cashless with your customers.
  • Verification Process: Easy to verify all the documents of the customers such as aadahar, PAN card and other documents according to your terms and condition
  • Easy KYC:Our software permits the admin to upload data electronically. With help electronic scanning there no scope of manuall error.
  • Easy Tracking:The integrated software permits the clients to have an easy track of the customer records. Even their customer can track their weekly changes in their account.
  • Payment Posting:Our software will improve the productivity by payment posting automatically. You can post insurance payment or checks, payments of patient etc.
  • SMS & Email Integration:Easily integrate with the system to provide real time information. It also ensure that the member complete their pending activities.

Our company is well aware that business value cannot be achieved with a simple technology. It start when a dedicated team and experts work together for an individual business and develop the most adapt solutions. One of our core team is completed dedicated in developing NBFC software and they are capable enough to design tailored software as per the requirement. Get the best software for NBFC at an affordable price.

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