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Need for an RD/FD/MIS/MLM Software

Companies/NBFCs who offer any of the above explained services need a robust management system that is capable of managing sizable information along with maintaining records for future references. Organisations need a RD FD software development company that can perform complex calculations and generate transitional reports, maturity reports, customer lists, dues' reports, etc. All of this not feasible with manual human efforts.

RD (Recurring Deposit)

As the name suggests, this is a deposit scheme in which an individual can deposit a fixed amount on regular intervals. Investors get interest on the deposited amount. As per the scheme, the accumulated principal amount along with the interest is returned to the investor at the time of maturity. This scheme is best suited to the investors who do not have a big amount in hand.

The maturity/tenure of RD can range from a few days to a maximum duration of 10 years depending on the agreement of both the investor and organisation. RD is a good investment option for low income individuals as they can save small amounts of money at regular intervals that can help cover their future expenses. Most nationalised banks and post offices facilitate RD schemes, nonetheless, there are Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) that offer RD facility as well. To reduce their problem RD FD software are also available in the market.

FD (Fixed Deposit)

Investors who wish to accumulate a fixed sum of money can opt for a fixed deposit account. However, investor must also have a lump sum amount in their hand for investment as well. FDs quite different from RDs as they do not allow investments at regular intervals. The amount is locked for a specific tenure and the investor gets the principal amount along with the interest after maturity. The minimum duration for an FD is 6 months that can be extended up to a period of 10 years.

This is a good investment option for investors who have a considerable amount of disposable money in their hands and they want to save it for future purposes. FD accounts are offered by banks, post offices and NBFCs. Awapal deliver best RD FD Software for their clients at an affordable cost.

MIS (Monthly Income Scheme)

MIS, also known as Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) is a fixed income plan that offers individuals a fixed sum of money on a monthly basis. Investors have to deposit a fixed sum of money in the post office that attracts interest. The interest is then distributed in the form of a fixed amount throughout the tenure on a monthly basis. Use RD FD MIS software for accurate calculation and easy deposition of money.

Savings Accounts

As the term suggest, it is a store in which an individual can keep their cash securely and earn interest on your money. It is an interest holding deposit account provided by bank or other financial community that provides certain interest rate. The amount of withdrawals will be limited from your account each month. Even you need maintain certain balance in your account according to the norms of financial community.
Below are types of saving accounts:

  • Regular saving accounts:
    These accounts the regular accounts that are open in any financial institute. Here you need to maintain higher minimum balances. Awapal provides RD FD software for easy and quick transaction of your money.
  • Certificates of Deposit:
    It is even called as CDs. In this saving account you have to save your money for a specific period. It differs from bank to bank and community to community. In case you withdraw the amount before the specific tenure, you will certainly have to pay certain penalty.
  • Automatic Savings Plans:
    This is the best plan for those whose tendency is to spend more than saving. Awapal provide a unique feature where the client’s customer will automatically transfer certain amount in their savings.

RD/FD/MIS Software Module

Scheme Module

  • Penalty Provision
  • Advisory Management
  • Member management
  • Penalty provision
  • Payout Details Master
  • RD FD MIS daily plans completion
  • Activate and deactivate schemes

Master Module

  • Plan Master
  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Commission Master
  • Manage Branches
  • Pre-Maturity
  • Manage Staff and Agents

Member and Agent Management

  • Member/Agent Registration
  • Member/Agent Complete Report
  • Member/Agent Report


  • Fixed Deposits (FD)
  • Bond Policy
  • MIP Policy
  • Approve policy/Instalment Receipt


  • Fund Transfer Report
  • Reward Voucher
  • Salary Receipt
  • MIS Voucher

Manage Agent

  • Add Agent
  • Transfer Agent
  • Agent Designation
  • Agent Commission Slab

Branch Master

  • Create Branch
  • All Branches
  • Fund Transfer
  • Manage Branch Users
  • Branch Collection
  • Various Reports

Manage Customer

  • All Investor List
  • Blocked Customer List
  • Customer Bank Details
  • PAN Card Details
  • All Saving Accounts
  • Activate and Deactivate Customers

Payout Manager

  • Payout Report
  • Member payout List
  • DateWise Instalments
  • Branch payout Report
  • Agent Wise Instalment

Manage Investment

  • Running Instalments
  • Deposit Instalments
  • Completed Instalments
  • Total Business

SMS Integration

  • Policy updation SMS
  • Custom SMS Integration
  • SMS sent Summary

Why Financial Companies need RD FD MIS Management Software?

Any recognized company can start RD FD business and easily manage multiple transaction of deposits. While managing these tasks, there are few tasks which cannot be managed manually such as instalment of RD, maturity date and the entire managerial task. To reduce the above mention task there is need for online RD FD MIS software. RD FD MIS software can be easily used in different kind of investment and marketing plan. Hence the companies who ask for the deposition of loan use similar software to deposit money.

Features of RD/FD/MIS/MLM Software Offered by Awapal

Multiple Branches

Our dedicated software helps our client to easily control and create multiple branches for their corporation.

Secured Architecture

With the help of best RD FD software you will get secured security such as transaction pin, highly encrypted code and multiple securities, to keep your client safe.

API, Email & SMS Integration

Our API, Email and SMS Integration tool provides real time information and even integrate with PAN and aadhar for security verification.

Policy Registration

With the help of online RD FD MIS software our clients can make unlimited policies registration and have every detail such as Date of joining, amount and tenure.

Easy Login

The software allows not only the admin but members and staff to have a user-friendly login access.

MIS Report

Multiple reports can be easily generated with single click such as member’s reports, audit reports, ORC reports and other relevant reports.

Unlimited Operators Ids

Admin can create enormous operators Ids and provide them separate login access as per their allotted role.

Branchless Banking

Using our responsive software, allows the user to branchless banking. With single click on their mobile phone they can enjoy their banking facility.

Easy Calculation

With the help of software human errors get reduced automatically as complicated calculation becomes simple.


The powerful software permits their user to have maximum entries at a single time. The client’s customers can easily make multiple processes.

Easy to Registration

With online RD FD software, user’s can have an easy registration process to their account. You can easily become the member of the company by following the registration policies.

Multiple Printing

Easy to print receipt, bonds, checks and passbook for FD. Multiple customers printing can be done.

Benefits of RD/FD/MIS/MLM Software Offered by Awapal

Comprehensive in Nature

RD/FD/MIS/MLM software plans offered by Awapal Solutions are comprehensive in nature. The plans aim to cover all the aspects of respective financial and marketing services offered by the companies.


We understand the significance of security in finance and therefore, our experts equip the software with URL encryption, password encryption, Google authentication, etc.

Versatile & Flexible

Our software plans are flexible in nature as we can create a customised plan as per your demands that will certainly benefit your organisation to the fullest.

Robust Structure

RD/FD/MIS/MLM Software Offered by Awapal are built on a solid foundation designed by industry experts that can facilitate numerous users single-handedly. And our state-of-the-art facility.

Referral/Affiliate/MLM Integration

Multi-Level Marketing is a form of marketing where organisations promote their product through various marketing channels. Another name for MLM marketing is Pyramid Marketing. In RD MLM integration the members who refers the scheme of RD, he/she gets certain amount of commission. When a NBFC gets integrated with MLM there is increase in number of distributors by creating genealogy treeview. Awapal provides an agent panel for their clients to maintain the below distribution smoothly.

Manage Distributer

It’s a self explanatory term, managing the distributors under your plan in a systematic profession.

Genealogy Treeview

Easy to view the entire tree of your plan and maintain healthy relation with your downline.

Commission Report

With the help of this module, clients can maintain an entire commission report on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Policies List

You can view the entire policies of your downline in a single page.

For us, each client is equally important regardless of the size of their organisation. We aim to develop a tradition where clients can rely on us in every situation.

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