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Forced Matrix Plan At A Glance

Awapal Solutions has achieved a marvelous place as one of the best forced matrix plan software companies in the global market. This is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that develops software using the latest technologies such as JavaScript, XML, etc., to name a few. With an aim to stay ahead from competitors, it is accredited among clients for its user-friendly and customized Forced Matrix Plan.

This plan has defined depth and width that is company specific that permits you to construct a constrained width association. Case in point, a 2 X 3 group means two individuals on your first level, and paying 3 levels profound. This Forced Matrix plan is very easy to understand and implement.

Most Forced matrix systems are exceptionally straightforward, simple and understand for any new user joining this plan. It is easy to extend the tree depending upon the requirements of the business.

forced matrix mlm plan

Understand the Working of Forced Matrix Plan

Forced Matrix Plan limits the number of distributors that sponsors can add on the first level. It motivates the members to recruit more members for the downline. This works on the basic principle of m*n where 'm' represents width and 'n' is depth of the tree. Here the defined number of members are added to the first level. Once this level is completed, new member introduced by the parent member, if any, will spillover to the next level in the downline and like this, the depth of the plan is built by addition of new members.


Lets Understand Forced Matrix MLM Plan with an example that is based on 2*3 concept. According to this, 2 represents the number of members in the downline that a sponsor can add in its downline whereas 3 indicates the depth of the genealogical tree. This is not fixed and is decided by individual companies depending upon the requirements.

Level Member Direct Member Income (Rs)
1 2 1 500
2 4 1 800
3 8 1 1600

In 2*3 Forced Matrix Plan, you can add only 2 distributors on the 1st level and the tree can go up to 3rd level in its depth with 4 members in the 2nd level and 8 members in the 3rd level. Like this, it will continue till 3rd level.

A recruits only two direct members on its downline as B and C and qualifies for Rs. 500. Now B adds two members as D and E where B will get 500 only when it recruits at least 1 direct member, similarly C adds F and G. Now, A will get Rs. 800 because its 2nd level of 4 members is complete and B and C will get Rs 500 each as they complete its 1st level of 2 members. Like this, the process continues as per above-mentioned table.

Forced matrix plan

Important Points To Remember!

  • In simple terms, a limited unilevel MLM plan is referred as forced matrix plan, meaning the depth and width, both will be limited.
  • Network marketers usually consider this plan when they want to limit the growth of the organization for easy management purposes.
  • The limited growth of network doesn't lower the scope of earning. It sometimes brings more regulations in the system by giving it a more controlled structure.
  • This plan is controlled by two important elements, distributors and levels, in a 3*6 plan, there will be 3 distributors and 6 will be the level to which compensations are paid. It also means that width of the matrix is 3 and depth is 6.
  • Spillovers are an important part of this compensation plan as any additional recruitment made by a member is placed in the available open spaces in the network.
  • The right selection becomes important as any plan with more width can be a challenge where each member have to recruit more members to start the proceedings.
  • MLM Matrix Plan Calculator will help to decide a particular commissions rate for MLM marketing. The calculator will help you to find out monthly MLM income depending on your sales volume, recruitment, etc.

Compensation Bonus offered at Forced Matrix Plan

Leveraging upon several years of experience, our company offers different compensation plans to direct selling companies. Check out the below-mentioned compensation plans of Forced Matrix Plan:


Sponsor Bonus

Here bonus is given when any new member joins the team. This type of bonus is introduced to motivate the downline members that keeps them encouraged.

Bonus can be earned after filling up the 1st level. The amount is company specific and vary from company to company.


Level Commission Bonus

Here, the commission is given to the member after adding new members i.e. once the 1st 3 members add new member then sponsor gains bonus.

Next level members when adds three new members/users so that they can earn some other bonus. The compensation plan that can be extended to the nth level.


Rewards Bonus

Once the defined number of members are added in the genealogical tree, the sponsors get reward bonus due completing the assigned work within the predefined time.

This motivates the members to work and earn more and attains new height of success in business.



After achieving the set cut-off within the notified time and company gets the profit in its business,

then certain percentage of the set package is distributed between sponsors as well as distributors. This percentage is decided by the company based on their business's growth.



This is a short term rewards that company gives to members on achieving the set target within the predefined time duration.

The rewards can be in the form of fixed amount or it can be some tour packages (this package is not fixed and varies according to the company's preference).


Return on Investment (ROI)

Here the member get some percentage of bonus amount on daily basis. The time frame and amount is decided by the individual company as per their profit and rules.

The percentage amount received by members encourages them to take their business to a new level.

Why choose us?

Following the international standards, we have also built a strong trust in the international market. Check the below-mentioned points that sets us apart from other network marketing companies

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  • We make use of latest technologies such as AJAX, MVC, MS SQL Server 2012, ASP.net, jQuery, XML and many others.
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Forced matrix mlm plan

Forced Matrix Software Features

Our trained team of developers and other professionals have an impressive record of developing software that meets client's exact needs. Some of the impeccable features present in Forced Matrix Software are:

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