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Board Plan MLM Software

This is one of a kind MLM strategy that works similar to a corporate board. The plan requires a specific number of members for planning and strategy formation. As the number of board members increases, the board is divided and a new board is formed. This process continues in the same way.

MLM Board Plan Features:

  • Organisations have the facility to determine the number of individuals in a board.
  • The clients can select single, two or a three board system.
  • In this arrangement, members are benefitted through the renewals of their services once a board is formed. On the other hand, businesses get the benefit of charging a renewal fee from their clients.

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Important points to remember related to MLM Board Plan:

  • This is a different Multi-Level Marketing plan that allows board members to work together for common objectives.
  • The board is split into multiple boards once the designated number of members is achieved.
  • Active promotion of the top members to a higher level on board completion is a great benefit of this interesting plan.
  • The businesses following this plan can decide the number of promotional boards that can be formed.
  • Recycle entry in the board at lateral stages is an added advantage of this plan which goes in its favour.
  • The plan is also flexible as the businesses can choose the number of boards needed.
  • With regular promotions and unlimited income prospects, the plan supports development at all stages.
  • The freedom given to members allows them to enter again at lateral stages. This is a unique feature that makes the plan stand out from all the available leading compensation plans.
  • Splitting of a board promotes the top members to a higher level along with the other board members.

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