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MLM Board Plan: A Basic Concept for Successful Business

This is one kind of MLM strategy that works similar to a corporate board. The plan requires a specific number of members for planning and strategy formation. Often known as Revolving Matrix Plan or Cycle Matrix Plan, here members work in a team that is commonly termed as Board. As the decided number of members in the primary board is completed then the board is splitted into two sub-boards where the top member will move to the secondary board and the direct two members of primary board will form boards.

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Key Points To Remember!

  • This is a different Multi-Level Marketing plan that allows board members to work together for common objective.
  • The board splits into two sub-boards on successful completion of the members in the board. This is decided by the company.
  • Filling pattern in board may vary according to the forced matrix, auto filling or in the binary form.
  • Active promotion of the top members to a higher level on board completion is a great benefit of this interesting plan.
  • The businesses following this plan can decide the number of promotional boards that can be formed.
  • Recycle entry in the board at lateral stages is an added advantage of this plan which goes in its favor.
  • The plan is also flexible as the businesses can choose the number of boards needed.
  • With regular promotions and unlimited income prospects, the plan supports development at all stages.
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  • The freedom given to member allows them to enter again at lateral stages. This is a unique feature that makes the plan stand out from all the available leading compensation plans.
  • Unilevel plan creates a competitive environment and downline members can move ahead on successful completion of the set target, leaving behind other members.
  • Splitting of a board promotes the top members to a higher level.

Types of Compensation Plans

Following types of compensation bonus can be achieved by members of the Board Plan that keeps them motivated:


Referral Bonus

Here, bonus is calculated based on the sales. & commission is provided to the users for all referrals. Such bonus keep members motivated & encouraged. Like this, the team grows and ultimately enhances business’s growth.


Level Commission

Here, the active downline members gets a quality amount as bonus & the commission entirely depends on the sales of downline members of the matrix. Based on the business plan, company sets the compensation level.


Position Bonus

Here, the bonus of sponsors is mainly due to the hard work of the downline members. Also, members can get the benefit of bonus soon after adding new members to the downline. All sponsors will get bonus amount on achieving cut off value.


Completion Bonus

Here when set target by board members are achieved, members gets the bonus amount. All members work together that makes easy for each member to achieve the goal. This is the basic concept involved in Completion Bonus.

What Makes us Unique?

  • The best feature of this plan is that you get a chance to earn unlimited income. Enhance this feature further with reliable software offered by us.
  • Our professional team of experts hold many years of experience in designing the Board Plan that is fit to help and provide suggestion for your network marketing business so that you can earn huge income/profit.
  • With us, you can establish yourself no matter whether you are new to this business or already in. Our offered MLM Software for Board Plan simplifies your work and keeps track record of each and every members in an organized way.
  • Experience of customers who already have availed benefits from software will certainly make you realize that we not just offer good software but also provide best Board MLM plan along with many other plans for your network marketing business.
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MLM Software Features that you can integrate in Board Plan

Awapal Solutions has successfully made its place as one of the creative, pioneering and client-friendly software service providers in the global market. Some of its striking features for Board Plan MLM Software includes:

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