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When Awapal Comes Into Picture to Rescue!


The Company -

The client deals in non-banking services which includes loan, shares, stock, and asset management. They had a sole purpose of changing the livelihood of underprivileged people and helping them set up an environment where they could flourish. Their focal point was to provide credit to those who lacks banking facilities or was unable to access them, but had small dreams which could be turned into opportunities.

The Products:

The client product deals with retail finance and their prime focus is to help those who are unable to have bank access. They need to build a proper stander of living so that they can maintain their status in the market and full fill the dream of owning a home.

The Challenges:

Before reaching us, they had already been using software that was designed by a local vendor. And it was just like any other common software, which did not have any integrated module, they had to maintain most of the financial either in excel sheets or with other software. All we can say they had different software for financial activities. The process of maintaining the multi-set of records was time consuming as it increased the manual interventions, more errors, and many other activities which lead to slow down the process of their financial activities. All these created a huge problem or hindered the activities in the growth of the company. Clearing the above hindrances was alone a great challenge for the team of Awapal Solutions.

The Solutions -

Our Team helped them and brought a unique solution by providing a single platform where their all the activities, were combined on a single page:

  • We had integrated home loan software with business loan and education so that they can build a long term relationship with their clients.
  • We designed and developed exclusive software for the loans.
  • The software was based on providing real-time solutions for multiple branches, state and loan companies.
  • The software was based on providing real-time solutions for multiple branches, state and loan companies.
  • We provided data security functions like captcha, OTP; separate transaction pin brought major advantage to the software.
  • Tailored software
  • Auto calculation of loan amount.
  • EMI collection was made easy by providing multiple options like: Cheque/cash, EMI collection through PDC.
  • And many other solutions that can help them in the long run.

The Results-

Software of Awapal Solutions reduces the time frame of the client in managing the entire work. With the help of our software, they are able to achieve high standards by reducing manual intervention more than 80% and improve the efficiency of their staff and speeding up their turn around. Their performances increased in the market. Even after the completion of the project we are in touch with the client, to solve their bugs or problems that they face while working on the software.

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