Lead Management

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Peerless Lead Managment

A complete eagle-eye valuation about your intact sales cycle

Through Awapal’s Lead management software, you can monitor and grip potential customers in most functional approach deprived of losing any of probable lead. At times denoted to as customer attainment management or interaction management, Awapal’s lead management software mostly comprehends the following processes:

  • Lead generation: Businesses generate consumer attention and review into products or services via a range of promotional strategies. These repeatedly comprise blog posts, advertisements, white papers, social media, events, and PR campaigns
  • Customer inquiry and capture: Consumers of advertising answer with curiosity and their data is chronicled. This constructs a sales lead.
  • Filtering, classifying, dispersing, and contact: Leads are organized by the rationality of the request, prioritized based on probability of becoming a customer, and then dispersed to sales representative to be communicated. Depending on the size of your marketing program, a lot of work can go into defining how to accurately categorize and sort individual leads.
  • Lead nurturing: Leads are organized by contacted or uncontacted and programmed for follow-up procedures. They may be put into drip-marketing operations, or followed-up with on the phone by a company representative.

What we provide?

  • Our lead management software enables you to have 360° Customer view.
  • The online lead management software gathers and rationalizes enquiries from various online/offline sources to a single cloud-based dashboard.
  • Have a complete overview of a customer sales account – its Leads, Quotation, Sales Order, Payment Term etc.
  • You can associate lead performance versus consigned employee, products, lead or prospect type and customize time periods.
  • This comforts you to visualize and estimate your performance at handling opportunities.

Our Motive

  • Foremost motive behind picking Awapal’s lead management software is to expurgate the sales time and complement to the excellence of customer service.
  • With our well-resourced lead management system, customer relations would nurture and the procedure of customer following is going to be well-organized.
  • Due to this, you will notice that the number of postponements would be fewer and sales prominence would improve distinctly.
  • With all the sectors in India such as travel & tourism, financial, retail and ecommerce consenting for lead management systems, it gets domineering to know about the numerous accessible choices.

Why choose us?

  • Awapal’s amicable software deliberated to satisfy numerous goals like enhancing customer contentment and loyalty, affording your sales, management, marketing and service providing teams with thorough easily accessible information, manage, track and focus performance needles like profitability, customer share, market-share, revenues and cross-market reports.
  • We offer the structures that make it a perfect choice are capacity to add leads online, lead allocation, and lead trailing, reminders through SMS and email and comprehensive reporting.
  • Our lead management software comprises of cloud as well as clients online dedicated servers.
  • This is available in both mobile and web versions

Advantages of Lead management

  • 360° Customer view
  • Lead capturization through different sources at single platform
  • Filtration & sorting on potential leads
  • Stay on agenda
  • Systematize everyday jobs and save supplementary time
  • Enhance performance of Business Development Team
  • Optimization of work
  • Forecasting & according predictions
  • Focus on marketing, rather than following customers
  • High scalability for your business needs

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