IT Staff Augmentation

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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing policy which is used to provide an outsourced project to their available staff and take reliable action to enhance their business objectives.The method consists of examining the existing staff and then calculating and analyzing about the additional requirement of the skills. Awapal IT staff augmentation services facilitate you to bridge the gap with altering staffing requirements and necessities of specialized skills for a short period. Our resources work with you on-site or remotely and are qualified and proficient on a number of technology skill sets.

Partner with Awapal, an industry-leading IT Staffing Company. We focus on your staffing needs, using proven recruitment processes that match qualified candidates to your job requirements and work culture.

From traditional staffing, to virtual or remote recruiting, to on-site recruiting at your facility, Awapal experts have a staffing solution for your unique business needs and challenges. With access to a diverse pool of skilled, qualified IT consultants, Awapal can provide staff on an on-demand and permanent basis.

Temporary Staffing

Whether there is an IT staffing requirements based on multiple project scope, augmentation of software application, or any other requirement, Awapal technical specialist are all set to help no matter what will be the project size or the number of developers you require. We support our clientele by providing and delivering flexible software for their long term business.

Direct Hire

The software designed by our expert, will provide highly qualified contract support and even provide services that will help you find the perfect direct hire employees. The software will help you in selecting the candidates through multiple industries like telecommunication, retails, MLM, education and many other industries accordingly.

Technical Competencies

Increase in competition in the market, has difficult to get the right technical person. We will provide proper training and  technical skills that are required to to exercise effective control of the software. We understand that neither one person, nor any single company, can credibly claim expertise across the ever-evolving technologies.

Recruiting Process

We have built a strong reputation for our ability to identify and place skilled IT professionals nationwide, including markets where we do not have physical office locations. To make the recruiting process easy for our clients, we have come with tailored software, that can be changed according to the requirement of the clients.

Other Services of IT Augmentation

  • There is no requirement of special setup needed to start operations
  • No office equipment needed
  • Time efficient
  • Help organizations achieve multiple business goals.
  • Accelerate quality and speed of development.
  • Lower your costs and allows your clients to take global advantage.
  • Allow access to leading IT Skills without an investment in training.
  • Give you the support of a fully developed knowledge base and infrastructure.

Benefits of IT Augmentation?


IT Staff Augmentation provider can be considerably more cost effective. Those service providers that are able to influence offshore development resources can present a higher level of cost benefit.

Technology will bring Experts

A high-end IT Staff Augmentation service contributor will bring a wealth of technology expertise to bear on any project or engagement. The provided expertises will be superior and cost effective.

Diminution in
IT burden

Engagement with the right IT Staff Augmentation service provider will enhance some of the IT management burden from an organization, providing more available bandwidth to focus.


What’s the point of paying for additional employees round the year, if you only need them for a very short duration? With IT staff augmentation, you will only for the required work.

Our Staffing Capabilities

Awapal engineering and technical staffing experts are able to draw from an unmatched pool of technical candidates with a database of around 2 million until now. We have over 80+ experienced, well-trained technical recruiters who are passionate about identifying great people for our clients. Our recruiters are experts in conducting technical screens and evaluating intangible skills. This ensures that our clients receive resources that are competent and a perfect culture match Industries.

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