Payment Gateway

The plus point of Payment Gateway is that you can pay check swiftly

Payment Gateway

With rapid varying world, the way of our working techniques is also changing significantly, we crave every work to be done with super speed, be it in the field of medical, technology, finances or any other field we want the activities to be carried out with a great pace. The best way to reduce your desire is to switch to the new method of payment through payment gateway. It is one of the most widely used method Which help you to roam cardless.

Awapal Payment Gateway

If you are planning to use our online payment gateway, all you have to do is pick our payment gateway from integration services. Awapal Solutions have been working on e-portals for a long time and this has given us the power to understand how e-commerce payment methods are to be integrated. This option is the best integration of our users, who are planning to start their E-commerce services or are planning to have their own startup business in MLM. Our only aim is provide to them a sophisticated platform for the entire online transaction which is being carried on their sites.

Our development team will effectively and efficiently integrate all payment gateways that are required to accomplish your journey smoothly. Our make focal point is to make sure that the transactions end up being secure and this trait makes us achieve the trust and confidences of our and help us to withstand in the competition. We are going to build up a gateway in such a way that doling out payments and facilitating trade is going to get frisky. Our coders are well aware as to how to deal well with the responsive information and would make sure that the coding which take place is done safely and with high end technology, so that it becomes uncomplicated to crack.

Dynamic Features offered to make a secured solution

  • Reassurance for Superiority websites
  • Supports is instantaneous through manual credit card processing
  • Practical cost configuration
  • Exchange of information is safe and sound
  • Easily activate or deactivate the account
  • This portal can be used by a hefty number of people simultaneously
  • Payment gateway solution is effortlessly attuned for any platform
  • Tailor application is made available
  • Multiple Cards acceptances
  • The payment process is made secure
  • Hassle free currency conversion
  • Utterly integrated application software that runs through transactions/ databases/ protocols.
  • Receive complete technical support through professionals.

Advantages Payment Gateway

Rapid Processing

A payment gateway is quite swifter than physical processing, and consumers can continue their shopping without any nuisance which they face while waiting in long queue.

Increase Customer

With the help of Payment gateways bargain hunter from around the world will have an easy access to your store which will robotically enlarge your customer support.

Impregnable transactions

Payment gateways operate industry-standard encryption and successfully guard susceptible data, shielding mutually to merchant and consumers from swindle.

Integrate with E-commerce

This service can easily get bundled with E-commerce services as this software allows your customer to select products through click and make further payment.

Easy Shopping

Having the services of payment gateway means, that your store is open around the clock, and your customers can shop at their comfort zone and time.

Controlling Expense

With the help of this service consumer can easily have a look at their transaction history, with this you can have the knowledge about the amount that is totally spent.

Why Choose Awapal Solutions

Awapal Solutions is a software development company, that provides customized technology solutions worldwide. Awapal provides ground-breaking and resourceful top-notch software development service solutions, to recover the effectiveness of their clients. It is one of the most steadfast names in the diligence for payment gateway development. The teams of Awapal are highly energetic, professional with years of experiences that help them to provide premium solutions with robust security that meets the requirement of the customer expectation.

Reach our software solutions specialist to known more about our development services that will help you to remove the stagnant of your software and redeem your work with speed pace.

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