HR Management Case Study

When Awapal Comes Into Picture to Rescue!


The Company -

Our Client is an MNC company providing consulting, development and implementation of software solutions for business process management and even wants the NGOs to be more effective.

The Products:

Being an MNC company, their department was not interconnected to each other; the software was not updated with the latest version. They wanted to have a platform where they can reduce the gap between the teams and the HR department. It was a huge company dealing with multiple products.

The Challenges:

The company wanted us to make software that involved their multiple business needs like:

  • One common platform, where the HR and employees can reach.
  • Proper leave management software
  • Leave and holiday updates of the employee, that can be easily accessed by every employee and they update their leave and the permission from the senior staff can be updated on the same page.
  • Unique Attendance system.
  • Smoother salary process.
  • Employees can reach one another.

They wanted software which should have all these facilities and can be operated by the executive, senior managers, AVP with reliable changes as per their positions.

Integration of the software was the biggest challenge and design of leave calculation

The Solutions -

We provide a complete platform where every level professional working on that premise can have access and can easily operate the functions smoothly.

Employee can set their Attendances

  • Work From Home
  • On-site
  • Leave

Employee Can View

  • Details of another employee
  • Upcoming events
  • List of Holidays

Managers had the rights to approve/reject their applied work status

If having a large team, you can easily check who is on leave or what’s there attendances position

Leaves get calculated and updated automatically

HR can easily update:

The Results-

Now our clients were able to manage their self profile, qualification, personal details and were able to access their HRMS sheet on their cell phones. It turned out to be one of the most flexible and user-friendly software for them. Communication became easier with the colleagues and HR. Leave process turned out to be easier, they were able to update and respond easily and the entire activity can be easily carried through cell phones. This was one of the biggest achievements of team Awapal.

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