Payroll Management

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Payroll Management

Our Payroll Management Software is entirely incorporated & assimilated with financial records, which eases in providing the assistances of abridged Payroll handling and accounting system of an organization. Here and now handling your payroll statistics will be stress-free than eternally earlier. You can upload data at one go as well as export them in prearranged worksheets with our online payroll management software.

Automation system for salary calculations with latest government norms with the ease to handle with this software. It is combined with Pre-defined guidelines & stencils centred on unsurpassed practices wrapped with compensation and compliance will help you to get started swiftly. Compliances generation is no more hassle now, it is beneficial not only for HR chairperson but it also subordinates with the employees for their day to day essential requirements.

Compensation Management System

  • Reports generation such as ESI, PF, Income Tax, VAT deductions
  • Taxation and deductions reports of employees
  • Reports of required tax returns
  • Statutory & Compliance report with application of local employment laws
  • Online employ evaluation for appraisals
  • Appraisals can be done online with auto calculation of % of salary increment
  • Loan and advance management
  • Customization of pay slips formats
  • Mode of salary payment records
  • Various shareholding investment plan for the employees can be pre-defined
  • Tax saving plan can be predefined and can be beneficial
  • Excel import and export options available
  • Roll back facility of any wrong entries

Performance Management

  • Build proficiency based employee progress goals
  • Collective reports of employee overall performance
  • Identify performer of the month employee department wise
  • Task assigning feature with the target limit of completion
  • Project responsibilities distribution within the department
  • Goal management tools for the motivation of the employees
  • Automated notification facilitate administrative action
  • Weighted goal can be created and assigned
  • Performance reviews can be monitor
  • Employee training needs can be identified
  • Hike can be decided accordingly
  • Self-assessment form with multiple interface

Appraisal Centre

  • Online appraisal form filling
  • Evaluation of questions with well-defined appraisal criteria and standards
  • Salary Appraisal can be done and communicated to the employees
  • End to end record maintenance of appraisals
  • Reports of percentile % appraised amount
  • Less time consumptions for appraisal procedure

Hierarchy Hierarchy Management

  • Organization structure help us to meet our business objectives
  • Hierarchy management is the easiest approach to rights and privileges strategies for the employees
  • Reporting order of every employee can be viewed
  • Transparency in office environment makes strong bonding between the employees
  • Rights and responsibilities can be easily analyzed
  • Observation of heavy workload and rectification is straightforward

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