Jobs Management

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Jobs Management

As we are utterly aware, that after announcing a job requirement in market, we receive countless job applications round-the-clock that need to be punctually allocated to skilled applicants and tracked to closure. Awapal offers dependable job management software, which accommodates to all procedures related to the field service industry starting from management of proposed requirement, from department head to throughout pre-hiring procedures.

It is one click solution to send offers to proposed candidates in well-organised way. A hire software with a virtuous applicant management system benefits recruiting person to trail applicant communications and employ for the accurate talent at the accurate time. A job management software can benefits you by shaping an influential essential fulcrum of data. Awapal’s consolidated database delivers you convenient gears, to succeed with the management of your candidates suitable platform.

Career Managements

  • Making the KRA's for all existing and new positions and sending the same to the employee at joining time
  • Review and Updation of the job description and communicating to employee
  • Defined eligibility criteria of each position
  • Postings of job in different websites saving their beginning and expiry dates with details of login ID's and password
  • Requirements of new position in the company, approvals according to the hierarchy and forwarding to the HR Department
  • It help in creating the fitment of right job for write employees
  • It increases the quality per hire
  • Reduce portals cost – by providing multiple facility options
  • It ease the work load for recruiters

Applicants Management

  • Automated Distribution of the incoming job applications
  • Categorize and short-listing process management of the CV's according to the eligibility criteria
  • Interview letter can be send to them directly by one click
  • Options of archive, follow up application as per the requirement
  • Data bank maintenance for the future prospects
  • Offer job facility
  • Conversion of applicant to employee, details auto filled
  • Time Save - Repetitive entry are not required while using the software
  • Multiple round feedback at multiple hierarchy level of the candidate can be entered helps is right selection of the candidates
  • MIS preparation for relevant applications

Email Centre

  • Bulk email tool for communication with the employees with any of the urgent or important messages
  • Email sending facility with filtration of employee by departments, job type, designations, locations, levels, or cost centers
  • Send mails to only targeted employees with email already listed

SMS Centre

  • Bulk SMS sending facility
  • Can scheduled the SMS sending on required date and time
  • Standard message or information can be conveyed to numerous people at same point of time
  • Alerts can be send to the students/faculties on each examination activity

Reminders System

  • Generation of scheduled alerts at respective time
  • Setting a priority let you to rank your tasks according to their importance
  • Priority setting according to the respective importance of tasks can be scheduled
  • No chances of forget any essential task
  • Daily work scheduled can be created to enhance productivity

Internal Messenger

  • Easiest connectivity approach between the team members
  • Not on limited to chat but instant file transfer options are also available
  • Facility of voice chat, video chat, text messages, chat room
  • Offline messages can be send for effective communication
  • History of chat is secured and can be administrated anytime

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