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Awapal Solutions is the one stop solution for getting hands on your white labeled Cryptocurrency exchange software.

A crypto exchange is a secure online platform where users can exchange a cryptocurrency for fiat currency or another cryptocurrency. These crypto exchanges generally set the rates of the listed currencies. These rates majorly depend upon the activities of both the buyers and sellers. Our company is a leading crypto exchange development company that pioneers in developing a complete cryptocurrency exchange software to facilitate secure and fast transactions.

With our team of highly experienced blockchain developers, your scalable and customizable cryptocurrency exchange software will be developed with utmost security, confidentiality and efficiency. Multiple latest programming technologies have enabled us to provide reliable solutions for developing a crypto exchange marketplace as well.

Consider These Factors Before Getting Your Crypto Exchange Developed

Updated Information

Updated Information

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and it is crucial to stay updated regarding the market news. The cryptocurrency exchange must be able to predict unusual contingencies in the crypto market to prevent losses.

Perfect Platform

Perfect Platform

The cryptocurrency exchange software must be able to handle more transactions every second and should handle higher volumes. The crypto trading platform must prevent system crashes and recurring server issues that might lead to reputation issues.

Secure Banking

Secure Banking

Secured banking is a major component and this requires an agreement with a leading bank. If you are considering a cryptocurrency exchange software, make sure that it gives utmost security for safer and faster transactions.

Incorporation and Regulation

Incorporation and Regulation

An important aspect of developing a crypto exchange involves incorporating your company in crypto-friendly countries. Regulations like KYC, GDPR and AML must be followed as per the jurisdiction.

Initiating the Launch of Your Crypto Exchange


Gathering all the critical information and preparing the Exchange.


Installation of the match engine as per your technical requirements.


Revamping all of its security features for safer transactions.


Product installations with all the required jurisdictional changes.


Integrating different blockchains into the Crypto exchange.


Listing the ICO coins/tokens on to the crypto exchange and handing it over.

Types of Order Available In Crypto Exchange Platform

Market Order

Market Order

A Market Order allows the user to trade the cryptocurrencies at an existing price. The user will further be able to set a market sell or market buy to protect themselves from any slippage in this extremely volatile market.

Limit Order

Limit Order

A Limit Order allows users to trade the cryptocurrencies by placing order believing that it will be fulfilled by some other person’s market order. These orders are not exclusively limited to any slippage due to the crypto market volatility.

Stop Order

Stop Order

Stop Order can be defined as a conditional market order wherein the user would the order after it reaches a specified price. A user will be able to set a Stop Sell/Loss or Stop Buy thereby taking required precautionary actions.

Buy Stop Order

Buy Stop Order

In this order, Stop Loss order or Buy Stop order is placed whenever the stop price is either about or below the market price. This may be used to either limit the loss or protect the profits on a cryptocurrency in the crypto exchange.

Copy Order

Copy Order

Copy Order is an order wherein a user receives updates on the leading crypto-traders and then copy their trades. This may help the beginners in this crypto-trading industry. The leading order would eventually receive a commission as per the earnings of their copy trader.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Trading

Peer to Peer (P2P) Trading

Peer to Peer Trading allows the buyers and sellers to negotiate upon a price before a coin or token is transferred. The cryptocurrency is safely stored on escrow to ensure the safety of the coin. Only when both the buyer and seller agree, the transaction is completed.

Features To Expect In A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

A cryptocurrency exchange platform will simplify the following tasks

Leverage Trading

Effective risk management helps in reducing the stop loss and eventually, increase the number of trades.

Margin Trading

This allows borrowing coins for trade to make a significant profit and then return to the lender at a pre defined rate.

Order Sharing

An efficient Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform will allow to mirror orders optionally and thereby increasing liquidity.

Referral Program

This helps users get referral commission and direct commissions, after the trade of the referral has been completed.

Matching Engine

The matching engine will support multitude of orders every second and also different types of orders.

Multicurrency Wallet

Multicurrency Wallet supports fiat currency and cryptocurrency along with multiple payment and withdrawal options.

Mobile Application

A responsive mobile app allows on the move trading and live tracking of market information on your Android devices.

Payment Gateway

This feature allows users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency through Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfers and all other payment methods.

SEO Friendly System

Our system is a SEO friendly system that can in turn help you rank in Google search. Indeed, SEO can really bring in lots of genuine buyers.

Multi-language Support

The cryptocurrency exchange can support multiple languages including Korean, Mandarin, French Russian and various others.

Admin Backend Panel

This feature allows the admin to view all the current functions, including tickets issued, KYC, referrals and all the transactions.

Why Choose Awapal For Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Here is why we provide the most reliable and quality cryptocurrency exchange service.

  • Protection From Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF): Protection against the state-changing requests and all other unwanted actions from a user's side.
  • Anti- Distributed Denial of Service (DdoS): Protecting your crypto exchange from an overwhelming traffic that is originating from various sources.
  • Protection from Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF): Protection of the internal systems from an malicious attack sent from a number of vulnerable web applications.
  • Anti-Denial of Service (AdoS): Defending the crypto exchange against a multitude of requests made to the server.
  • https Parameter Pollution Protection: Prevention of any web attack due to any https request protecting hidden information.
  • Escrow System: The coin or token is only exchanged between the buyers and sellers by using a reliable third party or smart contract.

All of the above reasons reiterate that Awapal is among the leading cryptocurrency exchange service providers. Trust us for your blockchain exchange development and we will give you a one stop solution for all your crypto exchange requirements.

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