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You can indubitably have your own cryptocurrency coin for your business and the best part is- you don't even need to be a humongous organization in order to get your cryptocoin. Awapal Solutions provides seamless Altcoin and Token Creation Services to organizations and gives relevant solutions in the arena of cryptocurrencies implementing blockchain technology.

Are you looking out for your own Altcoins or ERC tokens that are custom-tailor to meet your specifications? Let's connect. Whatever industry you are in, we have the experience and proficiency to develop your token or altcoin. From developing a Smart Contract and altcoins to Auditing all processed before they are live on an unaltered system, we help start-ups raise an ICO. We excel at the blockchain development services owing to our highly experienced and skilled developers.

What are Altcoins?

Altcoins can be defined as the alternative cryptocurrency that are launched after the Bitcoin's paramount success. 'Altcoins' literally means all the cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin. Most of the altcoins are built up on the basic programming framework of the Bitcoin. That makes most of the altcoins are peer-to-peer and involve an intricate mining process through which users solve difficult problems for unlocking blocks. Indeed, altcoins offer efficient and cost effective ways to perform secured transactions over the Internet. It makes cryptocurrency trading a lot more easier.

Our Altcoins Offerings

  • Secured Wallets for web, android, ios and windows.
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • Altcoin (Smart Contract)
  • Mining setup or network

Advantages of Getting Your Own Altcoin

  • Independent of the preset technological and protocol standards.
  • Offers improved and more features than Bitcoin.
  • Configured to meet your functional requirements.
  • Faster transctional computing
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What are ERC 20 Tokens?

Ethereum is an extremely popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system, that allows tokens to be sold, bought or traded. The programming language used here is called Solidity. An important token for Ethereum is known as ERC 20 wherein ERC stands for “Ethereum Request For Comments” and 20 signifies a unique ID number. Tokens are digital assets that may have different values attached and are actually smart contracts using the Ethereum blockchain. Interestingly, all you need is a smart contract and all other major components (wallet, explorer and mining network) are provided by Ethereum.

Our ERC 20 Offerings

  • Token (Smart Contract).

Advantages of Getting Your Own ERC 20 Token

  • Uniformity of technological and protocol standards.
  • Lesser complexity in understanding various types of token implementation.
  • Enhanced liquidity through the ERC20 tokens.
  • Reduced risk of breaking or breaching contracts.

Altcoin/ERC Token Development: An Insight

Developing an Altcoin or ERC20 token requires very sound knowledge of Solidity, the programming language in which Ethereum is coded, and our token developers are excellent in it. Our Altcoin or ERC Token development process includes the below mentioned steps.

Project Discussion
Idea Evaluation
Planning the execution
Platform development
Crypto Exchange Listing
Whitepaper development
Token or Altcoin Distribution
Token or Altcoin Creation

What Are The Altcoin/ERC Token Creation Services Offered By Us?

There are various altcoins and token creation services we offer at Awapal. Take a look!

  • Ideation Process
  • Technology Setup
  • Secured Wallet Creation
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Ethereum App Development
  • Customized Altcoins Development
  • Crypto Development Services
  • Altcoin/ERC 20 Token Listing
  • Altcoin/ERC 20 Token Marketing

Why Choose Awapal For Your Altcoin/ERC Tokens

We have outlined several amazing reasons for choosing us for your own altcoin/ERC Tokens.

Customized Blockchain Solutions

We offer myriad of efficient Blockchain solutions that can easily integrate in mobile apps, thereby making them proficient dApps.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Admist our Blockchain Development Services, we also provide Cryptocurrency wallet development that may deal in lots of cryptocurrencies.

Hyperledger Based Services

Using hyperledger algorithm, we develop excellent Blockchain Applications that are immutable, scalable, trusted, secured, and can support different plug-ins.

Cryptocurrency Listing Services

For trading with your cryptocurrencies, you can get your altcoin listed on all the exchanges of your choice.

Swift Response Time

We value the importance of time. Our skilled and experienced blockchain professionals will be there to handle all the technical issues, if any.

Extraordinary Technical Expertise

With a brigade cryptocurrency developers, we will guide you through each step of cryptocurrency development right from its inception to the eventual launch.

Reliable, Secured, and Transparent Solutions

We develop an overall secure code for your Cryptocurrency that is extremely reliable, immutable and transparent.

Implementing Cutting Edge Technology

It is crucial to improve upon the emerging blockchain technology in this domain. Our team will help in reaching your business objectives.

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