Digital Wallet Case Study

When Awapal Comes Into Picture to Rescue!


The Company -

Our client work as banking agent that wants to establish a good platform in the market by offering its services to mobile friendly customers. The company is providing a wide range of financial services and facilities to their clients that help them to complete those activities on their fingertips. The main focus of is to provide digital wallet services to their client, where they can bank and shop together and earn payback benefit, with a click of their finger.

The Products:

The client product deals on digital wallet company, they want to provide a mobile based payment system and digital wallet facilities to their client. Their main focus is to reduce the time of their customer and make them avail with the facilities that will help them to reduce their extra like multiple bill payments.

The Challenges:

It’s not that for the first time, we were working on a digital wallet project, but this project was different. Although they have made a good reputation in the market, but the technologies and the software were outdated, they lack in multiple sections like:

  • The initial challenge was to provide a complete makeover to their app.
  • With an increase in banking and financial application our job was to provide them comfort of monitoring expenses at any time from any location.
  • Need to remove all those bugs that are faced in other financial application.
  • We need to understand that with which all devices can use this application can be used and under which circumstances.
  • You can have an iOS user and an Android users.
  • Upgrading technology, Smart ranges from Rupees 5,000 to 40,000 +. The challenge was to provide equal services to both the users.
  • High-tech security, save the details of the users from cyber attack.
  • The services provided to their customers should have an accelerating speed.

The Solutions -

Our Team helped them and brought a unique solution by fixing all their problems and to overcome all the challenges.

  • Delivered premium quality application.
  • Bugs were fixed for any immediate problems that can be easily solved by them.
  • Tested the software on multiple circumstances and made it user-friendly.
  • Customize software was the best option.
  • Unified fintech platform, with all banking solutions.
  • Upgraded the financial features like bill payment, mobile recharge, P2P transfer and other required updates.
  • Provided multiple channels.
  • Provide quality assurance security.
  • Technologies like Android Development tools, Google Maps Android API (Latest version), Bug sense and other technologies to the make the app lively.

The Results-

Our developers helped them in increasing their brand value and customer base. The application was used by the users of Android and iOS with responsive design. Improved quality services led to customer satisfaction and services with better response time with improved efficiency. Their clients were able to receive latest update of their activities and with swift working application, their work became more faster.

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