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Gain Market Competency With Our White Label Exchange Platform

Awapal Solution is a certified company to develops customized white-label digital currency exchanger development services for exchanges and trading desks. From our platform buyers and sellers can execute over-the-counter deals in a secure way.

Moreover, within our professionally developed crypto trading exchanger, users can trade cryptocurrency directly with the admin. However, user-to-admin trades are securely managed, verified and instant settlements are carried out.

At present, a number of enterprises are accelerating towards capturing market competition within their folds. Therefore, to run bullish in the market share, Awapal White Label Exchange Platform is an ideal approach. Our customized white label exchange software is a ready-to-deploy solution that can be altered according to the client’s preferences and hold enterprise market cap. Moreover, our crypto exchanger platform and software are aligned according to modern-market technology, enterprise-grade security, and a user-friendly interface.

Features of Our OTC Crypto Exchange Platform

At Awapal, the creation of a digital currency trading platform is unique to our caliber. Therefore, our cryptocurrency exchange platform features are industry-specific to build your enterprise digital footprint.

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Traders can create multiple crypto exchange accounts, and trade as per their choice and requirements.

Multi-Language Support

Our developed exchanger allows users to perform their trading in multiple languages, for better understanding.

Automated KYC & AML Verification

To cut short the hacking and scams, our platform is facilitated with KYC & AML verification system.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Users have to verify their identity on multiple factors to prove genuine and trustworthiness while signing in on your platform.

User Interface

On an intuitive interface, transactions are executed efficiently, and trading time is reduced, therefore, we keep it simple, clear, and user-friendly.

Payment Gateway Integration

Our digital currency exchanger facilitates payment gateway integration to enable users to carry out multiple payments on the go.


Our cryptocurrency exchanger allows users to instantly transfer money and store their digital currency to the integrated e-wallets system.

Analytical Tools

Our advanced built crypto exchanger website and app, provide analytics of real-time data and information on concurrent market trends.

Push Notifications

Our platform is integrated with a push notification system to remind users of the ongoing market trends.

How Digital Currency Exchanger Works?

Over-The-Counter Trading (OTC)

Awapal digital currency trading platform is a market-oriented service to perform high-end trading tasks with inclusive features of OTC trading. This service is unique to our DCE development service, hence users can trade their currency hassle-free.

To be concise, our OTC crypto trading development service offers a real-time engagement facility. Hence, your customer will never lose any deal as performed over your platform.

User to Admin

User to admin or admin to user direct dealing is necessary for trading to be successful. Therefore, users can send their digital currency directly to the admin situated over the other side of the network.

For such an open-source service to be immediately available, we benefit digital currency exchangers with enhanced security services, reliability features, and privacy protection.

Mobile Wallet App Combination

We are not the streamlined web application service provider that is no fun to use, rather our professional services also include mobile wallet app development. Awapal is a certified digital currency exchanger development company, whereby, we enhance our customer security and engagement features to boost your business proficiency.

Our mobile wallet apps are developed with the latest payment gateway integration, increased transfer limits, and modern security features. These services are aligned in accordance with the user experience with changing devices and mobile OS.

Generation Plan

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

We have a proficient team to develop extensive exchange platforms. Hence, our professionally trained executives design software with all-inclusive functions, either for centralized or decentralized exchange development.

Centralized Exchange Development

Centralized exchanges are the prior exchange mechanism as implemented among the market investors. Just like a traditional stock exchange system where transactions are approved by a bank. So, our solutions are developed based on similar mechanisms.

Decentralized Exchange Development

Within a decentralized exchange system, the exchanges do not rely on any third party for the control of the customer’s fund. Therefore, our white label crypto exchanger development facilitates exchange directly between network members.

Hybrid Exchange Development

Our hybrid exchange development solution is the best crypto trading exchange in India. The hybrid exchange development service allows the integration of the prime features of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Users get continual liquidity advantage and more.

P2P Exchange Development

Enable direct peer-to-peer transfer of funds without requiring any intermediary, due to our pro-quality P2P cryptocurrency exchange solution. Our platform provides benefits including high-end security, decentralized mechanism, no transaction censorship, trade without geographical barrier, and more.

Advantages of Developing Digital Currency Exchanger Platform from Awapal?

Awapal is a professional crypto trading exchange development company that comes with a cluster of features. These enterprise-grade features can help in your business growth with endless benefits.


Tailored or ready-made platforms with additional features that can be customized according to the client’s preferences.


Achieve higher enterprise goals and receive a faster return on investment with our expandable software and web platforms.


Our platform allows configuring services, business rules, and features as per your requirements.


Our ready-made white-label platform can help you cut costs with centralized and automated processes.

Multi-channel access

Users can easily switch between any screen, device, browser, Android, and iOS platform.


Our platforms are built with the latest and modern technologies that foster business approaches and decrease TTM.

Tools & Technology Used to Develop Digital Currency Exchanger

To create a crypto exchange web portal or software, we inherit extensive tools for multiple designs and development technologies. Explore the best utilities we use for the development of cryptocurrency exchanger services.

  • solidity
  • Node.js
  • Swift
  • Native Script
  • React

Frequently Asked Questions

As per the experience, Awapal has developed a highly secure crypto trading exchange website with robust security architecture. Whereas, we also include major security features include SSL implementation, two-factor authentication, encrypted user access, and other security features.

To develop a digital currency exchanger, the cost is estimated on the features that you would integrate into it. However, custom crypto-exchange software development is relatively less costly than white label crypto exchange software.

A white label crypto trading exchange development is a market-oriented software with an easy-to-customize front-end. The UI/UX can be easily customized as per brand needs and software’s time to market is reduced.

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development company like Awapal Solutions offers the following advantages:

  • Customizability
  • Removes the third party between trader transactions
  • Scalable
  • Marketable
  • Cost-effective
  • Multi-channel access