Live Chat

“Chatting cannot mute you or hold you”

Live Chat

Maintain an improved customer relationship by providing them complete satisfaction is the job of the support team. Live chat is a powerful tool through which you can reach the customers, and chat on time where they are facing the problem. For any business to sustain today in the market, it’s extremely important that they pay attention to the requirements of their customers and try to deliver maximum support satisfaction. In this competitive market, every company has more than one rival, who is waiting for an opportunity to woo your customers. It’s your job to make one time visitor a regular and permanent customer and you have to make sure that they remain in your funnel as the top priority.

Gone are those day’s when people used to drop mails for their problems and wait for your response. Now calling on the toll-free number can be the last option or it can be a frustrated customer. Live chat is the latest trend to solve the problems of the users and you should not lag behind in providing this solution to your customer. The best way to solve the immediate problem is providing live chat support to the customers where you can instantly solve the problem of the customer through live chat.

Fastest Way to Dole out your customer

  • Resolves the problem as it appears, during the chat (Maximum problem)
  • Provide an immediate solution for your problems.
  • Result oriented
  • Work faster than calls and mails.
  • Through live chat support software, you can reach more than one customer.

Advantages of Live chat Software

Awapal Solution provides one stop solution for its clients. This is amalgamating of all the features that are requisite by the customer from their clients. We make sure that are customer receives all the latest features that are mandatory for them to make their customers well satisfied.

Easy To Use

Live chat software is easy to use, all you have to do is as simple as writing a text or replying to the messages that are asked by your customers. New to this software, don’t worry, it will hardly take a week to learn and work on the software.


Whenever you login to a website, you will find a live chat option, mostly located at the right beneath the corner of your system. They would automatically pop-up with greetings, which help them building a bond with a customer.

Reduces Expenses

With the help of live chat, or I can say just with the installation of a single software you can reduce your expenses. As the customer will recognize that your company has started live chat support, their first choice to reach you will be through this medium.

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