Customer Support Case Study

When Awapal Comes Into Picture to Rescue!


The Company -

The client deals in travel portal which includes vacation planning, flight booking (National and International), bus booking, hotel booking and other activities that are required by a travel portal. They had a sole purpose of providing all the facilities with proper customer support. Their focal point was to generate leads of customers and provide them with the best journey, with all the conveniences in one click.

The Products:

The client product deals with booking engines, travel deals, flight and hotel booking and their prime focus is to cover the best destination around the world. They believe that travelling is the best way to kill all the stress and problems and enjoy.

The Challenges:

The client had already earned a huge experience in its field and within the coming duration, they were planning to make more than 1000+ customers. Although they were using software, but those were outdated and they had to carry most of their activities manually. Using outdated software delayed their work, which resulted in losing of customers as they were unable to resolve their problems. They fail in maintaining a proper detail of their customers. The Challenges that were faced by us was to set up complete new software with integration of MLM software and travel portal so that they can continue their work. The software required other changes, which help them in maintaining their customer relationship.

The Solutions:

The development team of Awapal provided all the solutions that helped them to maintain their status not only within a particular parameter, but will them to cover the nation, within less time and slowly and gradually. Below are list of solutions provided by them:

  • B2C and B2B Booking engine
  • Flight/Bus/Train Booking engine
  • They can integrate with third party and expand their business.
  • Multiple services under travel package. Users can choose their train/flight/bus and seats as per their choice.
  • They gain grow their business with E-mail and Online Marketing.
  • SMS API integration
  • Live chat support.
  • Even generate ticket and encounter their problems.
  • Hotel chain CRS system API integration
  • Domestic Hotel Reservation API

The Results:

Awapal travel portal and mobility solutions has helped global their client to grow very fast and catch their dreams of becoming one of the famous travel portals. It has improved the 100% adoption of OTA model. Their clients are able to book online travel reservation system, which help their client to search, book and manage travel related things proficiently and accurately.

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