Case Study

When Awapal Comes Into Picture to Rescue!


The Company -

The client is a leading supplier of online products which includes, daily wears for men and women, cosmetics and regular accessories that were used by both the genders. This company was in need of software that can help them to maintain and run their department smoothly, which includes warehouse management, logistics management, inventory managements, retail management with the integration of MLM software.

The Products:

The client products are usually used in homes, shops and other retail industries. Their main focus of their software was to process the entire activity by maintaining the loop within all the departments.

The Challenges:

With over more than thousands software development companies working on supply chain management were one of the biggest challenges that were faced by our company. The main discussion that arouses was how to provide a unique platform to our clients with multiple facilities so that they can make stand different in the market and can help their client in getting better result. Our team has to face several challenges and problems while working on the software.

  • There were several tools available in the market, but none of them provides a complete solution according to the requirement of the client.
  • Even the licensed ones can prove to be quite expensive and they bound you in their specific architecture and scripting languages.
  • We did not have time to learn a new language to present something different
  • And there were many more challenges or restrictions which were facing during the first phase of the project.
  • The biggest challenge was the cost. Clients were not ready to loosen their pockets. And we cannot spend our time more on learning a new language as time was limited.

The Solutions -

Along with client Awapal decides the best option was to follow the best approach and select multiple tools with a custom framework that allows us to present unique software.

  • We provided our clients with asset tracking (barcode reader)
  • GPS asset tracking
  • We provided them with entire solutions that help them to manage their order.
  • Integrated Order Management Solutions for E-commerce’s and POS to increase the sales order.
  • We performed EDI that helps them to the logistics.
  • Software’s were programmed for scanner hardware to validate order items through serial numbers
  • Order processing and return solutions were added so that if there is any cancellation, return management software will help in refund and cancellation activities
  • Custom OMS shipping software (for tracking the third party shippers)
  • EDI software solutions which include integration and implementation of the software.
  • MRP software solutions to improve and enhances the quality of work
  • Warehouse software development solution, through which they can keep track of incoming and out-going inventory

The Results-

Software of Awapal Solutions reduces the time frame of the client in managing the entire work. With the help of our software there manual work was reduced by more than 80% and required less manpower to complete the work. Their performances increased in the market and the entire journey of the client is carried smoothly. Even after the completion of the project our team is in touch with the client, to solve their bugs or problems that face while working on our customized software.

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