Bidding/Penny Auction Software Development

Online bidding is an emerging concept in the business world and has lots of prospects of growth in its core. It is not only useful for bidding players rather for those also who serve these facilities. An online auction software has lots of segments and they are designed with the help of penny auction website development company. Online auction consist mainly two classes, one is classic auction and another is a reverse auction. Both are good square measures of buying wished products.

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Bidding software development

Online bidding is a superb way of buying wished consumer goods for a customer in his or her budget. Consumer goods like LED TVs, mobiles, tabs and fashion and jewellery products or all sorts of costly items which are a dream matter for someone is now accessible through online biddings software sites. These bidding providers keep the rate low on all bidding items so as make bidding players feel cosy and exclusive. As a result, they bid as much as they can. This is system is profitable for bidding providers as well as bidders.

The provider of bidding gains its profit by classic and reverse auction both. Classic auction is profitable in terms of money where reverse auction is profitable in term of sold volume.

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Customization designs icon
Customization designs

The system comes with many inbuilt unique design templates that fill any business requirements. Integration of customized designs is also available suiting the specific desires.

Easy system management icon
Easy system management

Run, manage and update your penny auction site with easy management provided by the system making all these things possible with least technical and computer skills.

User friendly system icon
User friendly system

Add new customers with easy sign-up possible in just minutes. All leading payment options to buy bid packages and keep customers excited with a dashboard for all new and activities.

Stable and secure system icon
Stable and secure system

Proper design and development ensures a secure and stable system with all activities synchronized to the server. Stability also increases with multiple web hosting options present suiting to the traffic of a particular website.

Multilevel admins icon
Multilevel admins

Create Multiple admin users depending on your requirements with the freedom to set permissions for each admin user. Give Create, delete, and run auction report permission to users of your choice.

Coupons and special sales tool icon
Coupons & special sales tool

Promote your business with promotions deals and coupons. Create coupons for free shipping, cash discount and free bids to entice customers.

Sales and members reports icon
Sales and members reports

The software generates business reports for bids sold, auctions sold, profit, loss, and other auction reports.

Watch list auctions icon
Watch list auctions

It is a powerful tool allowing customers to pick any number of items of their choice and track the status of those items regularly. Customer convenience is the key to this option provided by this penny auction software.

Shipping tracking module icon
Shipping tracking module

Penny auction software proves smart with the convenient shipping tracking module for the customer. The unique tracking number provided to customers helps in this purpose.

Auto Bidding icon
Auto Bidding

It enables customers to participate in bidding automatically with the freedom to set the number of bids and amount.

Promotional display banner icon
Promotional display banner

Penny auction software comes with the option to set promotional display banner to enable a quick sale of items. These banners are also to set and useful for a quick sale.

Multiple language support icon
Multiple language support

With support for all popular languages and regular new additions the software is suitable for natives of all languages. These languages become a possibility with plug-in support and customized modules possible in the penny auction software.

Blocking IP address icon
Blocking IP address

For safety of your site and privacy of customers taking part in auctions IP blocking feature is also present, block insecure IP addresses with this feature.

Buy it Now icon
Buy it Now

Buy it now options adds to customer satisfaction by giving them the freedom to buy a product at special discounted price when the auction ends. This feature gives you the chance of additional business and also customers get the option of saving their bid money.

Search engine friendly URLs icon
Search engine friendly URLs

A more visible auction website is possible with search engine friendly URLs. This becomes a possibility with optimized keywords and meta tags option available to the admin.

Friend referrals icon
Friend referrals

More traffic and networking is made possible by the friend referrals option present in the penny auction software. Customers send referrals or invitations for participation to their friends easily.

Data export icon
Data export

All business data and reports are easy to export, data export is possible in excel or CSV file giving an easy option to mail these reports and also use for different purposes.

User management icon
User management

Like user addition, management is also crucial. This management is made simple with customer bidding, purchasing reports just a few click away.

Reserved auction icon
Reserved auction

Creating an auction and reserving it for certain members is also possible, these reserved auctions for special and expensive items encourage customer participation.

"Additional set of features in Penny auction software"

Beginner auctions icon
Beginner auctions

This is an exciting option to engage new customers and build interest in them by arranging beginner auctions.

bidding auction Coupons icon

Easy creation of promotional coupons specifying amount or percentage of discount is also possible. Setting the expiry date of these coupons is also a possibility.

bidding auction Dashboard icon

Quick and complete dashboard of all the activities is also provided showing the number of activity users, the number of bids, bids sold, and complete business overview.

News Section icon
News Section

Provide the latest news updates to your customers with the news section. Controlling and managing this news is easy with CMS enabled in the software.

Multilevel auctions icon
Multilevel auctions

Admin gets the option to set up different levels of auctions depending on the bids purchased. With regular, gold, silver and platinum auctions only member qualify for higher auctions to avoid mismanagement and make auctions available only for certain members.

Reselling tool icon
Reselling tool

Customers also get the freedom to resell the products won by them, this creates a new business possibility with a commission fee charged for this purpose.

auction Winning Limit icon
Winning Limit

System administrators can also set the maximum times a member can win it can be based on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once this limit is reached the account gets locked for sometime this options keeps the winning process fair for customers.

Minimum Price icon
Minimum Price

To avoid huge loss in auctions admin gets the privilege to set minimum price and if the bid is under this price the time for the auction will get increased automatically and if still the minimum price limit is not reached auction will end with no winner.

Expedite Timer icon
Expedite Timer

Once the minimum price limit is crossed expedite timer starts to quicken up the auction process. Admin has complete control to set this timer. The expedite timer makes the penny auctions exciting and indulges the interest of members.

Live Chat icon
Live Chat

To directly connect with customers Live chat can also be added to the website with this software. It encourages customer service with quick support and feedback.

Media Integration icon
Media Integration

Add video tutorial or other media for marketing of your penny auction easily with media integration also supported. Complete control over the media is also enabled.

Affiliate marketing icon
Affiliate marketing

Special software is provided for the purpose to make the promotions easy by dealing with registrations, sales reports, commission reports and much more.

Seated auction icon
Seated auction

In this only a fixed bidders can participate these auctions are held for expensive items. Admin sets the number of seats available, these seats can be purchased to participate in the seated auction. Once the seats are filled auction starts at the set time and with each bid increases the price of the product and the last bidder wins the auction.

Facebook connection icon
Facebook connection

Social media integration adds to the popularity of a site and it will encourage more sharing and active participation of members. Traffic and popularity of the site will increase automatically.

SMS service icon
SMS service

This service can be integrated into your website to send text messages related to important announcements. SMS integration is useful for updating customers of auction timings thus increasing business scope.

Partnership auctions icon
Partnership auctions

It is a very advanced module which encourages business in form of registration fee, sale of bid packages and in addition traffic will also experience a boost by allowing partner auctioneers to put their auctions on your site.

Online support form icon
Online support form

It serves as a complete library of knowledge in articles and discussions from members. It encourages the content present in your website increasing popularity of the website.

E-commerce store icon
E-commerce store

With buy now feature present along with easy cart and payment options your auction portal is almost a complete e-commerce store.

Bid Card icon
Bid Card

It encourages business growth acting as a great tool for people who don't have a credit card to purchase bid points easily from local stores. Bid points will be added to the customer's account once the bid card is redeemed on the website.

Technical support icon
Technical support

With this module customers can submit the technical difficulties faced by them, it encourages better functioning of the site along with customer satisfaction. The operational cost related to the live support is also reduced by a big margin.