Cooperative society and Chit Fund MLM Software

Chit funds and cooperative society schemes have emerged as great investment options for people who want to invest a fixed amount every month in a group, these groups are referred as chits or co-operative societies. These schemes offer lucrative advantages in addition to the return on investment. From the group, members who are in need of money for different purposes, are eligible of getting easy loans depending on certain conditions set and followed by the group. These investment schemes seem simple and profitable, but there are many things attached that need management and, for this reason, a proper system is required for regulation. This system is available in the shape of the specially designed software solutions, the chit fund software and co-operative society software. Every company dealing with these schemes feels the need to make things simpler to increase the efficiency. For this chit fund and co-operative society software seems as the excellent development. These schemes are in some terms related to each other considering investments are made in groups.

These online web-based software of Awapal Solutions come with multiple core banking features that give following advantages:

  • The time saved is considerable with an effortless option for preparing reports.
  • These software presents an advantage by making sure that all the reports and accounts are maintained accurately.
  • There has always been a level of uncertainty associated with the chit fund and co-operative society scheme operations and these uncertainties are removed completely with the use technology.
  • The dealing companies have the option to make a better use of resources and increase productivity.
  • The systematic options presented prove the ideal solution for all the activities related to these investment schemes.
  • Additionally possibilities of growth are presented for these micro-finance companies offering such investments.
  • Organizations working with these schemes at small or large levels have a great option to implement software and remove all irregularities.
  • With software, it is easy to manage an already functioning group or start a new one.
  • Communities who were thinking of dealing with these schemes and were holding back just because they were worried about the management process have a perfect solution with Chit fund and co-operative society software of Awapal Solutions.

Important points to remember about Cooperative Society and Chit Fund Scheme:

  • These are simple saving scheme that continue for a set period of time, each member depositing or investing a fixed amount every amount for a set duration of time depending on the policies of a group.
  • The group members are also eligible to bid or apply for loan depending on the money collected by the group. Each month a fair and equal opportunity is provided for this purpose in a very legal manner.
  • The least formalities and little loss loan option is attractive and gives an edge to the members.
  • The loans offered prove beneficial for members and small business owners who get quick financial help.
  • To make the working simple the number of members in the group is always equal to the duration of chit in months for chit fund schemes.
  • To keep up with the technology and offer flexibility, all major payment modes are accepted that include online payment, Cash, Cheques, and Demand drafts.
  • To regulate these schemes by avoiding any error the use of software becomes critical, all calculations relating to the scheme are also eased.
  • Easy investment with good returns and an additional chance to get a loan at just a small chit loss, all things raise the value of these special schemes.
  • Regulating these schemes to gain the trust of masses is also made possible with the presence of software.

Centralized processing, branch management, reporting, customer log-in, message board, and data security are some additional features given by Awapal Solutions in this software.