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Transportation Management Software

Transportation Management Software

While selecting the particular school, the parents no doubt emphasize over the infrastructure, the brand and the elite faculties, but one more aspect that ought to be contemplated is the distance. If the student lives far from the school, that also becomes the main issue for the parents. In this regard, the transportation facilities are provided to the students by the school.

But, when there is the case of transport, it gives rise to several hectic like fee payment of the students, the driver salary, the consumption of the petrol or the diesel – all these are tackled well by the transportation management software. It takes care of all things that deal with the transportation and provides you the appeasement and work stability.

Awapal Solutions Pvt Ltd, offers the services of this software. Basically, Awapal Solutions is IT firm that has been in the business for just three years, but its prudence and hard work has made it more reliable for the others. It offers you the software development, web development and the corporate branding that makes caters its clients so that they reach the zenith.

Advantages & Benefits of transportation Management Software:

  • Emphasis has to be of accuracy, efficiency, and safety when it comes to school transportation and for all these software is the right solution.
  • School bus tracking systems, driver management and more is offered by the software.
  • Get efficient routing and planning with an intuitive interface and automated tools to make the day-to-day bus routing task simple.
  • Get real-time information with integration of GPS tracking system to improve safety by the exact location of the school bus stay informed and aware.
  • Improve communication with parents by giving them access to student transportation information with regular alerts also notify them about delays with bus stoppage details.
  • Gain the confidence of parents with all safety measures like bus tracking, photo capture etc.
  • Maintain detailed reports of all school drivers with driver management feature of this software.
  • Add/remove/ manage bus routes to increase the efficiency of your bus transportation system and increase the reach with proper planning.

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