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Timetable Management Software

Timetable Management Software

When it comes to the school the most pertinent aspect that is given priority is the discipline. In some language the discipline is synonymous to the timetable. But managing the timetable is kind of tough job. For this purpose, the Awapal Solutions provide you the timetable software management software, that makes your task more like the piece of cake.

It helps you to maintain the adequate barometer of the timetable that suits the both teachers and the students. As the timetable must be such which imparts relief to both teachers and the students. This software maintains that strategy.

Awapal Solutions Pvt Ltd, is IT firm that was established in the 2012. In the shot period of time, it has carved its niche in the market of the software. It earnestly listens to the grievances of its clients and fully meets all of them.

Benefits & Features of Awapal School Timetable management software:

  • It is a School Scheduling Software for the tedious task of creating and managing timetables easy and fast.
  • It solves the timetable needs instantly with the presence of all requirements.
  • With software, it is simple to plan and create timetable based on availability of teachers, classrooms and the capacity of a class.
  • Create intelligent timetables for the whole school and make these available to students teachers and parents, online and with notifications.
  • Parents/Guardians become more aware of timetable to help their kid in preparation for special lectures and events.
  • Manage the availability of your teachers for timetable creation with alternate option ready in case of any issue.
  • It is the next generation System to automate a school’s diverse operations making easier to manage the calendar of school events.
  • Better timetable management helps in optimizing the use of resources.

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