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Student Attendance Management Software

Student Attendance Management software

The bigger and more reputed the school may be, the more students will enroll in it. And if the more students enroll in it, this will make the task of the student management much tough. In this case, the requirement of some exceptional software emerges. This is called the student administration software.

Awapal Solutions Pvt Ltd, imparts the services in the student administration software. This molds the tedious task into piece of cake. It maintains the uniformity by reducing the haphazard. It helps to carry the operations in the better way. The management of the fees of the students, the grades of the students – all is administered with the assistance of this software.

Awapal Solutions Pvt Ltd is IT firm that delivers the services in this software development, web designing, corporate branding. It helps the clients at all times of the crisis. It provides them the eternal support for their better proliferation.

Advantages & Benefits of Awapal Attendance Management Software:

  • It is a fully featured system suitable for schools of all sizes and types for attendance planning, review and control for the efficient management of time.
  • Faster and easier to use than the traditional pen, register or spreadsheet methods, it comes with all the tools for efficient management of student attendance.
  • Ensure better control over school time with a centralized attendance management system.
  • Track attendance of as many classes and students as you want all in the place with records safely stored for future use.
  • Easy to view a complete history of individual student attendance with detailed reports.
  • Simplify the Leave process, students can apply from the online self-service attendance portal and administrators can easily grant or reject the leave.
  • Parents/Guardians get a better view of attendance with absent alerts and monthly reports.

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