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Online ExaminationSoftware

Online Examination Software Solution is complete and user-friendly software. With one common database and configurable user security profiles.

Online Examination Management Software

Modern coaching institutes are in need of a system to remain with the current trends and provide a platform for students aspiring to appear in the competitive exams. This platform is possible with regular exams matching the highest standards, online exam system is ideal for this purpose. The emergence of web-based software makes it easy for coaching institutes to adopt this system.

Online exam system is a trend that brings multiple benefits, it is an efficient system that accelerates the process and also provides exam management. By switching to this system, educational institutes enable a competitive atmosphere in their premise to help students prepare for the future. There are a variety of reasons that make it necessary for coaching institutes to use this system. In order to conduct exam, there is need to arrange a venue and supervisors, both these constraints are not part of the online system. The exam process is also delayed with evaluation process which is time-consuming and often a reason that holds institutes back from conducting regular practice tests. With automatic evaluation, results are displayed instantly after completion of the test.

How Online Examination Software works?

Open the software from a web browser, select a topic for the test, add questions to the paper, select students, and publish the exam. Students open the exam from their end on the allocated time to appear in the test. Countdown timer displays the duration set for the exam, the paper gets locked soon after end of the allotted time and students grades are displayed instantly. During the exam duration, an activity monitor works in the background to track cheating attempts made by students. Performance analysis is possible with the graphical reports that help in identifying weak areas.

Advantages & Benefits of Online examination software

  • Create online test in a few clicks, add students and publish it.
  • Countdown timer to provide accurate begin and end time.
  • Provides run time exam analysis keeping track of things as and when they happen.
  • Complete performance analysis with questions answered, wrong entries, and other entities.
  • Real-time exam results automatic evaluation saves time.
  • No need of venue students appear online from anywhere.

Our Expertise

Our online examination software is a flexible system for coaching institutes who wish to be competent and switch to this latest trend. We provide this software as a service means no need of any hardware or manual installation. Besides all the latest features, we also offer customization to make it work as per your requirements. To educate you about the use and benefits of this software, we are always ready to provide an online demo.

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