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An institute is a substitute of finding qualitative and standard education. They may be large or small but their needs remain same. Every institute owner wants his institute to be run in a managed and systematic way. This is the time when they need the help of the incarnator who would appear and take away all of management issues.

Awapal Solutions, a leading IT solutions, providing organization which manufactures advanced, adequate and accessible education management software. We render a number of softwares as per the requirement of the education industry. Institute management software is one of them. We have put all necessary mechanisms in the software which would help in managing an institute effectively. Running an institute is now easy through our software.

Our trial was to make a software as per the needs of the institutes and we have done it successfully. We employ extensive research in the market and look out for the needs of the education industry, so that we can make a customized product. Our education management software category is one of those exemplary examples of our devoted and committed work procedure.

ACIMS - Awapal's Coaching Institute Management Software helps in managing Batches, Attendances, Exams, Courses, Lectures, Examination, Enquiry Management, Result, Expense Management, Assignments, Fee Management, Student Administration, etc. It helps to keep a backup of your data to recovery in case of data loss. It also keeps your data secure, private with the help of firewall, dual authentication password protection, SSL encryption.


  • Customized view of dashboard can store your valuable information, makes a versatile access
  • Better visualization into remote operation via creating short cuts
  • Instinctive and simple to use, abolish the need for end user training
  • Mechanized Alerts provide email notification of performance-related updates, issues, achievements
  • Employs or student can be conveyed the information, news or any updates through dashboard in most convenient and quicker manner
  • Dashboard can be accessed 24 x 7
  • All the non-technical staff can also utilize this user friendly dash board admin tool
  • Dashboard usage can save your time and boost efficiency

Student ManagementView All

  • Easy and most efficient way of student life cycle management
  • Student's compete information can be stored, filtered, accessible effortlessly
  • When online application of admission is accepted, student data automatically come in our listing
  • Centralize monitoring system for different branches
  • Enhance the efficiency of management system
  • Best possible optimization of resources
  • Enables student retention by providing the complete information with satisfaction

Fee ManagementView All

  • Online fee payment through different methods with highly security standards
  • Daily, weekly, monthly fee collection report course wise summarized in solitary place
  • Accuracy in calculations
  • Details reports of fee deposition and pending fee status with automated filters
  • Alerts on fee payment due dates, simplify everyday collection work
  • Automated system shun delays

Student Admission

  • Convenient handling of registration and enrollment of students
  • Student admission summary (Course/tenure/fee) can be printed and provided at the time of admission with applicable discounts variably
  • Consolidated admissions statistic report with multiple filtration options
  • Students certificates can be scanned and stored in the software'
  • Unique Enrollment Numbers can be automatically generated and allotted to the students
  • A complete solution to the student admission process
  • Student record with documents is captured and can be use in future in readmission

Courses Management

  • A complete information system structured for all the courses in an institute
  • Multiple courses can be predefined for their tenure, fee, eligibly criteria
  • Course starting dates calendar
  • Course can be induced, withdrawn, modify, deleted or split in this module
  • Course covered and pending reports for each subject

Batches Management

  • Bunches of Students are distributed under this module
  • We can list the students under the batch time they prefer
  • Time changes of batch can be easily modified and communicated to the students
  • Assignation of responsibilities for mentoring the batch can be predefined
  • Shifting and rescheduling the batches can be managed

Syllabus Management

  • Faculty can assigned question banks, online study material, video lectured, online notes in a presentable manner
  • Complete syllabus of the respective course can be upload, downloaded and accessed by the students and faculties
  • Any updation according to the study material changes can be easily communication via alerts generated in this section

Student Performance

  • Performance of the students can be visualized and communicated to them
  • A transparent feedback and quick feedback to the students
  • Better results can be obtained on analyzing and rectifying the lacking
  • Help us in taking corrective measure for improvement
  • Parent can visualized the daily performance reports
  • Student can plan their study modification needs
  • Creates equality treatment for all students
  • Motivation factor for student to increase their performance
  • The tactic target can be better communicated and accepted Efforts are aligned in the direction of the attainment of the deliberated goals.

Lectures Management

  • Lectures schedules can be pre-planned in the software
  • Time Table of lectures with description of location are readily available
  • Reports of completed and pending lectures with justifies reasons
  • Strength of students in each lectures
  • Course covered reports subject wise

Faculty Management

  • Maintain complete faculty information including qualifications and expertise sets.
  • Faculty appropriateness for courses is intelligently identified and suggested based on course necessities and faculty credentials
  • If faculty members are occupied in courses superfluous than the number of predetermined courses in a particular term, workload adjustments to balance the same can be made in the subsequent term
  • It can be a channel of recorded communication between parents, student and parents
  • Recruitment process of faculties can become more streamline
  • Managing complete faculty lifecycle
  • Faculty retention can be administered
  • Performance of the faculties can be analyzed after compiling their daily service report
  • Reports generation to enhance efficiency

Staff Management

  • Staff information with documentation can be stored
  • Filling and documents collection while joining can be done within the software by uploading scanned copies
  • Hierarchy charts can be demonstrate the reporting structure
  • Position grading systems for the entitlement of company benefits
  • Reports of existing, resigned and terminated staff with their respective Date of Joining and Leaving the organization
  • Performance management reports

Attendance Management

  • Financial year calendar with important dates marks-ups
  • Can be connected to the biometric system to record attendance
  • Holiday declaration can be done and communicated to the users
  • Calendar of yearly festival holiday can be predefined and set at the starting of financial year
  • Time tracking report and late count can be optimized
  • Automated calculation of number of present days in a month for salary processing
  • Track records of absence, official outings, business trips, vacations etc

Leave Management

  • Leave can be applied online anytime just by following the simple online process
  • Approval/rejection of leave can be done by just a click without spending time in discussion
  • Reason of leave application is recorded to avoid repetitive reasons
  • Remarks section is available to mentioned any comments to be communicated in reply of approval or rejection of leave
  • Hold multi level management approval system
  • Leave summary reports with multiple filtrations monthly, employee-wise, department wise etc
  • Leave summary in complete employee cycle

Payroll Management

  • Taxation and deductions reports of employees
  • Reports of required tax returns
  • Statutory & Compliance report with application of local employment laws
  • Report of collected amount of ESIC, PF, TDS
  • Online employ evaluation for appraisals
  • Appraisals can be done online with auto calculation of % of salary increment
  • Loan and advance management
  • Customization of pay slips formats
  • Mode of salary payment records
  • Various share holding investment plan for the employees can be pre defined
  • Tax saving plan can be predefined and can be beneficial
  • Excel import and export options available
  • Roll back facility of any wrong entries
  • Defined structure of employees salary breakups with CTC and gross emoluments
  • Cost reduction with highly automated work standards
  • Reports are highly reliable with data management transactions

Feedback Management

  • Notification and alert generation from unhappy staff or students
  • Integrated Helpdesk
  • Clarified reports with choice of colors for user ratings
  • Easiest way to provide response to know the satisfaction level
  • Ranking report from different location
  • Identification of training needs
  • Comparison charts and graphical view of contentment
  • Multiple level hierarchy can be followed
  • Track report for low scoring areas
  • Grievance management
  • Experience management
  • Helps in focusing the right thing for betterment

Online Examination View All

  • Customized Exam patterns according to the user
  • Online examination (Objective and subjective) can be organized in a automated way
  • Access to the examination results Online
  • Declaration of result notification send system
  • Giving marks for online tests is more handy than the conventional way of examination and it save time of the educators
  • Online result of objective question is more accurate and instant
  • It can be done in auto surveillance mode in front of web cam
  • Parent also can get the access of result

Enquiry ManagementView All

  • Management and Distribution of all the enquiries in a simpler way
  • Capture contact information
  • Follow up with customers – Alert Generation
  • Keeping Track of potential sales
  • Increase the rate of conversions
  • Reminder system
  • Let the prospects of deal in the organized mode
  • Admin can control the access limitation (Add/Modify/Delete) to the executives
  • Track closure via source
  • Real time analysis of student pipeline

Examination & ResultsView All

  • Exam patterns can be customized according to the user requirements
  • Each students will get shuffled questions so cannot be cheated
  • Alert send to student and parents on declaration of result
  • Record maintenance and auto calculations of result for throughout the year
  • Parent can get the access to view result to monitor the student activity

Stock Management

  • Stock and inventory can be managed with more accuracy with minimal errors
  • Consumption reports are more clarified and can be customized accordingly
  • Stock availability report is available one single click
  • Complete record sheet can be printout for financial year
  • Can be operated from one place for multiple location
  • It's a online system hence no backup required on PC
  • Data can be secured and can be protected by passwords
  • Monthly cost estimation reports will help you for the monthly order

I-Card Module

  • Automated designing of Professional ID cards with company's logo is ready for printing within few minutes
  • Encoding of the ID cards such as barcodes cab be done
  • Record maintenance of card holder with their complete personal information
  • Card Punch records for door access can be observed in reports
  • Temporary ID cards for visitors can be printed
  • Tracking report of Visitors entries

Faculty Panel

  • Faculties can view their personal information and request for updates as and when required
  • Leaves can be applied through the software with validation of reasons
  • A clear view of attendance with punch time report
  • Leave consumption and balance can be viewed
  • Monthly salary provided with clarified deductions details
  • Performance managements of the faculties
  • Enhance communication with the faculty members

Expense Management

  • Improvement of financial control by managing the complete record of each expenditure
  • Planning and Budgeting can be optimized for future prospects
  • Claims for travel management expenses can be predefined and sanctioned instantly
  • This makes the claim of expense speedily and simply
  • Monthly reports generation with filtrations can be categorized according to the requirement
  • Receipt management options
  • Information can be viewed and entered round the clock to avoid overlook work
  • Expenses claim can be easily done through the portal
  • Supervision of the entire process from beginning to finish assembling the retrievals process much more well-organized.
  • Can track that what the clients projects actually billed them
  • Reimbursement process is well organized

Email Centre

  • Bulk email tool for communication with the employees with any of the urgent or important messages
  • Email sending facility with filtration of employee by departments, job type, designations, locations, levels, or cost centers
  • Send mails to only targeted employees with email already listed

SMS Centre

  • Bulk SMS sending facility
  • Can scheduled the SMS sending on required date and time
  • Standard message or information can be conveyed to numerous people at same point of time
  • Alerts can be send to the students/faculties on each examination activity

Branch Panel

  • Entire functionalities of branches can be managed under one place and can be accessed anywhere at anytime
  • Implementation of certain policies in particular area can be done by admin
  • Different promotions activity can be prepared and conveyed by the master branch administrator
  • Reports of each branch can be viewed
  • Comparison can be done between multiple branches for the inputs and outputs

Student Panel

  • Students can login by just entering the provided user ID and Password
  • Students can verify their stored personal information
  • Rectification requests for change in postal address or communication number can be send
  • Students can monitor their class attendance
  • Online submission of their medical reports
  • Grievance handling procedure can be handled

User Management

  • Unlimited user can be created
  • Rights to each user can be pre defined
  • Modification of access control of users can be done
  • Observation of user rights as per requirements
  • Add/Edit/Delete user as per the requirement

Branch Management

  • The records, reports of various branches can be handled with full fledged transparency
  • Payment collection report for each branch can be viewed and collaborated
  • Complete view of activities occurring In each department can be monitored
  • Documentation control for each branch at head quarters
  • Performance improvement reports can be visualized

Franchise Management

  • Parameters of applicable regulations for franchises can be predefined
  • Transparency with their Bill generation reports
  • Moniteration of the work flow with the standards maintained
  • Online list of authorizes franchises with their complete contact information and documentation
  • One click communication with franchises to enable transparency

Master Settings

  • Administrator can decide the eligibility of software access rights for each department
  • Usage rights can be provided according to the department requirements
  • Login security can be trigged by One Time Password (OTP)
  • Unlimited users can be created
  • Usage rights can be restricted or withdraw any point of time
  • Temporary user ID and password can be created for guest user
  • Customized view can be provided to each department
  • Centralize control of complete software

Master Reporting

  • Enquiry reports with conversion graphical structure and source filtrations
  • Admission report
  • Fee collection and pending fee report
  • Fines collection reports mentioning the reasons
  • Activity report login and logout timings with task performed
  • Performance report for each user w.r.t. task assigned
  • Various reports of login timing of the user
  • Complete activity moniteration report can be analyzed

Backup Manager

  • Auto backup facility in regular time frame
  • It acts a most important tool in the software analyzation
  • Anything erased by mistake can be viewed in master file
  • Secured back up copy of your work is kept safe on server
  • Data retention execution
  • Automated backup scheduling, encryption
  • Multiple storage backups facility

Payment Gateway

  • Assurance of secured transactions of the payments gateway service
  • Electronic fee receipt formats availability
  • Offer zone for advance payments and customized features
  • Eliminate the requirements of waiting for so long to make payments
  • Fraud preventions solutions
  • Customization of structured fee plans
  • Processing quicker transactions
  • Working 24 x 7 for comfort zone
  • Daily settlement reports

Coaching Institute Software Packages

    • Dashboard
    • Enquiry Management
    • Student Admission
    • Student Management
    • Fee Management
    • Courses Management
    • Email Center
    • SMS Center
    • Branch Panel
    • Branch Management
    • Master Settings
    • Backup Manager
    • Master Reporting
    Basic Pack
    • Batches Management
    • Syllabus Management
    • Examination & Results
    • Student Performance
    • Payment Gateway
    • Feedback Management
    • Student Login
    • Notice Board
    Basic Pack
    Standard Pack
    • Enquiry Distribution System
    • Lectures Management
    • Attendance Management
    • Faculty Management
    • Staff Management
    • Leave Management
    • Holiday Management
    • Payroll
    • Stock Management
    • I-Card Module
    • Faculty Panel
    • Expense Management
    • Library Management
    • Service tax will be charged @14.5%
    • Student Login via (Android APP)
    • For offline application contact sales at or call us at +91-9911886563
    • 30% discount on multi branches subscriptions
    • One time setup and activation cost 2,000/-
    • On yearly payment no setup fee will be charged
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