College Store Management Software

The proceedings related to the buying/selling/managing of different materials of college needs appropriate handling to ensure complete organization and this is made possible by the college store management software. Store of a college includes different inventory items each having its importance. The software is capable of handling the purchase of materials, issue of items, Proper management prevents loss of any items and availability of stock. A complete purchase register and comprehensive reports are also made available by this software.

The systematic work flow followed by Awapal's college store management software includes:

  • Maintaining sale/purchase records in a systematic manner.
  • View reports and print receipts easily.
  • Regulate the stock in the store with items arranged in categories making it easier to get complete records of stock.
  • Search the store from computer for any item and find it easily along with a detailed report of the item.
  • Software takes total responsibility of the college store with its features that are fit for flawless college store management.