College Placement Cell Management Software

The college placement management software by Awapal Solutions is a comprehensive web-based tool to manage the most relevant activity for students. A good system in place for placement management of college, creates a strong image of the college and builds a relationship with the senior students. The software enhances the placement percentage/record of the college. It provides easy access to student profiles, including their academic performance and other details. Employer profiles are also made available for students making it easy for students to search and apply for different placement opportunities with ease. Students are also informed about different job and skill events to improve their chances of getting placed with a good employer.

The college placement management software approaches the process in a systematic manner which includes:

  • Providing information to students about placement programs and events.
  • Storing student information and academic records.
  • Presenting employer details and eligibility criteria.
  • Streamlining the whole placement process by handling each activity.
  • Student friendly in approach to make the placement details available and providing due systematic follow-up.